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Miss Fortune Build Guide by DarkKillsYou

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkKillsYou

Miss Fortune

DarkKillsYou Last updated on January 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey! This is my first guide, I decided to make it about Miss Fortune as it's my main champion and I love to share my tactics and build with other people :). Miss Fortune is an adc which can deal tons of damage late game with the right items. If the opponent is taken down early he will most likely be shut down late game and you can dominate late.

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Pros / Cons

Miss Fortune got a few pros and cons, I will write the ones down that I think are really important.

High damage.
Easy early game if enemy champion ignored.
Strong combo with CC team.
Quick Mobilization.

No escape.
(Almost) no CC.
Speed only out of combat.

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For runes I take Greater Quintessence of Life Steal for durability in lane, if you want you can always pick AD Quints for more damage early but I wouldn't. For Seals I take Greater Seal of Armor so the oppenent will deal less damage to you and laning will be easier. For Glyphs I take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for Supports with AP abilities and ADCs who deal magic damage like Corki or Tristana. For Marks I take Greater Mark of Armor Penetration, This is just what I do. On the rune page I've put AD Marks because many people prefere this over armor penetration, I just take armor pen for late game. ^^

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I go 21/9/0 taking Offensive tree I go for AD damage. taking points in increased Attack Damage, increased damage and penetration, I also take extra Attack speed. For the Defense tree I take increased health.

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I like to take The Bloodthirster over Infinity Edge due to the lifesteal on The Bloodthirster. I only take Infinity Edge over The Bloodthirster if I'm very far behind and only have a B. F. Sword at ~10 minutes. You can go for Infinity Edge if you want but that's your choice, I'm not telling you what to do. The rest of the build is pretty much a normal ADC build. I take Last Whisper before Infinity Edge because the Armor Ignorance greatly increases the damage of your auto attacks against tanks and the damage of your Bullet Time. If I'm really fed (15 kills 300 farm) I sell my boots for a Zephyr for just that little bit of Attack damage and Attack Speed, buying it won't harm your movement speed much as you get +10% movement speed.

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Skill Sequence

For my Skill Sequence I max out Double Up first for the great damage it deals. Second I take Impure Shots, it deals more damage the more hits you do to one champion and greatly increases your Attack Speed on higher levels. Last I level Make it Rain as it doesn't deal much more damage on higher levels and the slow doesn't increase on higher levels.

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Laning phase

During the laning, I see many Miss Fortune players spam their abilities. DON'T do this. Your abilities take quite a lot of mana and you will run out of mana very quickly if you try to herr*** with your Q or E multiple times a minute. I only use my abilities situational, for example if you're being chased, slow with your E, damage with Q to scare people off when they are trying to kill you (This won't always work but if you deal enough damage it will in most cases). If you are playing against Tresh, Blitzcrank or another CC champion try to stay as far away from them (behind your minions) and ask your support to ward the bush (or use your trinket). This will get hard if you're versus a Vayne or Caitlyn as Vayne can stun you in the wall and Caitlyn can poke you away. Try to poke enemies that have a lower range than you as much as possible. Graves, Jinx, Quinn, Kog'Maw and Sivir are the ADCs with a shorter range than Miss Fortune, thought Jinx has more range with her Fishbones and Kog'Maw with his W. When your jungler comes you should not go in directly with your Double Up but try to slow them with Make it Rain first. Only use your Bullet Time when you really need it. I always faceslap when I see someone use it to clear 6 minions, the only times I use my ult on minions are when I want to steal Dragon, Baron, Blue or Red.

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Some strong combos are:

Amumu + Miss Fortune (Curse of the sad bullet time). Amumu's ult can stun the whole team and if timed right Miss Fortune can deal great amounts of damage to the whole enemy team with Bullet Time(R).

Zyra + Miss Fortune. Same as Amumu, if the whole team would get knocked up Miss Fortune can deal a great amount of damage.

With these champions it's harder to catch a whole enemy team but possible:

Jarvan IV
Anivia (would be very lucky)
Varus(But he shouldn't be on your team 0_o)

I'm not saying these are good combos, these are just possible combos.

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Miss Fortune gets the most damage in late game from her auto attacks but in the early game this is Double Up. Try use it on the ranged minions when your enemy is hiding behind it and it will deal extra damage on hit. During mid game positioning and using your ult at the right time will be very important. Try not to stand in the front line, you can better stay an auto-attack range from everyone else than standing in front of everyone. Due to your passive you can quickly get into fights and still land your ult perfectly. Try not to randomly shoot your ult towards enemy champions but shoot it when 2 or more people are stunned/slowed etc. Try to hit as many champions as you can when doing this. I'm sure you can find out yourself how to aim the ult c:

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So I hope you learned something from my Miss Fortune guide, I had a lot of fun and thinking while making it. If you have any tips for me or see something that isn't right, please leave a comment below. This was my first guide but you can expect to see more later!