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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Mirkwoodia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mirkwoodia

Miss Fortune Dominion ~ 5.11 ~ Quick Guide

Mirkwoodia Last updated on June 14, 2015
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About Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune's skill is focused around Team Synergy and Zone Control

Team Synergy basically means how well you can hide behind your team and pew pew from safety, or knowing when you cant auto safely so re-positioning to get a better attacking spot.

Zone Control refers to how well you can force enemies to run out of your ult, and how hard you can make it for the enemy team to get into the spot they need to be, and yet out of your crazy ult. It could just be creating a roadblock with E and R to stop other enemies from entering the fight. Against a weaker champ, you may use your body as Zone Control, but as an ADC your probably going to get zoned out by someone else, so know how to deal with that (R has a long range)

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The REAL way to use your Summoners, Summoner!

Flash is an offensive summoner in Dominion. Re-position, flash-in kill secure, do whatever it takes to score a kill. You can try escaping, but those are generally 50/50 and doesn't help win the game.

Heal: Same thing, use offensively to chase and keep the fight going longer. In other words: use the MS to get more speed for more autos, use the heal to keep your HP above the safety zone so you can stay aggressive

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Understanding MF's Skills

These are pretty simple, but Ill be cover my bases just in case

Double Up (Q):

Strongest early, killer animation though. Use as an auto reset at first, but late game, try to decide whether an extra step is more important because the damage is pretty low

Impure Shots (W):

Use with Youmuu's Ghostblade when your ready to commit. The CD is long, so try not to waste it

Explaining passive: The stacks start at 0 for every enemy champion, meaning the only easy way to get max stacks on everyone would be with using R first. Since Q and E are pretty bad in damage, MF becomes an auto attack based champ, and each auto would deal 25-33% magic dmg.

Make it Rain (E):

Use ontop of champions who have used up their dashes, or ontop of a suspicious looking brush to reveal them. Its pretty weak anyways, like a half second slow that people run out of anyways. Choke point slows are good for escaping, and you can combine it ontop of ult if the enemy clumps that bad.

Bullet time (R):

Use to create a "zone of death" where you want whoever is in it to die and make it harder for reinforcements to run in and help. Use it early or mid fight to gain the W stacks onto everybody, once a good ult timing shows up.

In a 1v1, it does more damage than autos so you may want to use it if you need to (earlier preferred)

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Early Game

Lvl 4 Windmill fight: Get used to blowing ALL your summoners just to win this fight. There's nothing as important as this for the next 5 minutes, so even for a little advantage, blow them

Try not to use revive for this, that can have a far better impact later in the game if you save it up.

Remember if you win Windmill, atleast 1-2 people need to defend top for a bit. HP packs are generally safe to grab and going back for an extra 800g item isn't really impactful.

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Mid Game

As long as your team can win teamfights, then keep pushing the enemy for teamfights. If your team is losing teamfights, then you should gank bot lane instead and try to outrotate by outnumbering them. This will start skirmishes instead.

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Late Game

You can just focus on defending 3 turrets if the risks are high. If not, you can keep pressuring their bot and mid turrets.

It's especially important late game to not get caught or mess up, so stick with your team.

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Important Attitude to improving AND having fun

Don't play to win. Play to learn and improve. You can lose 10 games in a row and feel depressed, or you can lose those 10 games, find ways to improve, and start your road to Challenger MMR. Who cares if your not there yet? As long as you never give up, you can never lose. If you have the attitude to get to Challenger, your half-Challenger already. The rest is just playing enough games to get the title. Don't play because you want to win, friends.

List of things people can improve:

  • Reaction Speed: This is not something I gain from League. I choose to play Osu! every now and then to keep me training and refreshed
  • Teamwork: Focusing on your team's targets rather than focusing your own target. Following your team to group rather than telling them to follow you. Etc.
  • Decision Making/Leadership: V-ping everything you suspect is dangerous, like when bot is going to get ganked or you know you can't win a fight until you get the right engage. People generally listen to the V-ping for some reason. Mid-fight, if I want everybody to switch to this 1 target, I'll G-spam ping the hell out of that target. It's sooooooo fun too!

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Introduction and Conclusion

Hi, my name is Mirkwoodia. On normal days im stuck at around 1900 Quickfind MMR on Dominion. Max I reached was 2.2K. I pretty much started Dom so I can just play my favorite characters whenever I want (I also have a Katarina and Rammus Dominion guide).