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Wukong Build Guide by Tranan

Monkey buisness

Monkey buisness

Updated on August 7, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tranan Build Guide By Tranan 1,640 Views 0 Comments
1,640 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tranan Wukong Build Guide By Tranan Updated on August 7, 2013
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I have seen some Wukong builds and i have tried most of them but this is the one that have served me best. This build makes you an exellent duelist and a survivor in teamfights.
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wukong has some very potent early dmg with crushing blow plus its range makes it easy to land regular blows on you opponent as quickly he fets close to farm. Stay in lane as long as you can wile chewing through health potions. When you return to base its important to get lifesteal since wukong dont have any natural sustain. Keep landing q and some e on your opponent but dont push the lane to far. With wukong its very easy to freeze the lane and still deny farm for the enemy champ wile still doing respectable dmg. When your enemy is low enoough press w and charge him with e and activate ignite to secure the kill. Keep in mind that this is a rather deffensive build so dont overastimate your dmg output.
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roaming/ late game

I love playing as Wukong for his insanly strong lategame and his usefuness in teamfights. its not that hard relly, you are the initiater with your e/r combo plus you can use your decoy to couse extra confusion in the enemy team wile putting that long stick of your to use with q. This build is made to make you survive a teamfight but also to make some nice cleen damage. Basically the enemy team gets to choices target you and get killed by the rest of your team or focus you adc or ap carrie but if they do they will instead get killed by you. If you can master Wukong and get this build you will be a damn juggenout, an unstoppable force;)
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Bad match ups

against heavy counters like lee sin, darius or garen freeze the lane imedietly. You have to outplay them and hit q as many times as possible, dont use nimbus strike to often since it will push the lane. DO NOT DUEL THEM WITH EQUAL AMOUNTS OF HEALTH! You have to wear them down by mostly using q at distans. Only go for it if they are much lower in health and have played as complete ****** that casu use you full combo, land q first if possible since it lowers the targets armour wile folowing up with a e and then use ultimate to earn a second for cds and then cancel the ultimate and use w and then land your q/e combo again. If this donĀ“t kill them they are either fed or you attacked them way to soon.
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I prefer runes with attack damage instead of armour pen becouse if you land crushing blow you simply do more damage with flat attack damage quintessences...atleast in the early game which is all i need to get an advantage and dominate the lane. Of course both works.
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Unique Skills

A little trick i use that makes Wukong an escape artist is simply pressing s wile being chased to make Wukong stop in his tracks. This looks identical to pressing W whick makes my opponents think i have decoyed and they continue to run towards the tower or in the most logical direction and here i stand with all cds ready to either land a killing combo or get some distance to escape. If i have sufficent mana i useally nimbus strike to my opponent and then use my w to get to safty. This neat little trick can also be used offensivly by either get back in the fight or use decoy in a bush or in lane to get close enough to an unsuspecting champion. when the stealth ends i am often close enough to burst down my enemy and can land a devestating combo. this is extreamly usefull against a squishy champ or when i want to finnish someone of in lane. Wile pressing s in lane people think that i am gonna jump them and they back of from the minion farm which can get me to lvl faster then my opponent. So this simply trick can be very effective and confuse you opponent.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tranan
Tranan Wukong Guide
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Monkey buisness

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