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Wukong Build Guide by acancer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author acancer

Monkey Carry - Rise of the Planet of the Rapists

acancer Last updated on August 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I think that's enough match history to prove to you that you should be using this build guide. Now on to the actual build guide.

I wrote this build because I could not find a decent Wukong build on mobafire and none of the builds I was seeing on this site were really making sense to me as a DPS. I don't like the other builds because they are using tank items and putting stuff in the defense tree.

This build is very effective if you want to carry using Wukong. You can't win them all, but you can deliver lots of kills for your team.

Wukong is really just a DPS that has a little bit of health to go along with it. It is not really an excuse to build him as a tank or get tanking items, he can be very effective if you just build him as a pure DPS champ. The tanking credentials are just a plus of playing this very elusive, hard to hit, and very easy to play champion. Wukong, when played right, can get in and out of fights very well and deliver a very healthy amount of damage to the opposing team.

Follow this guide and you will be able to score a pentakill too:

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I go with Armor Pen runes because they tend to give the most damage boost in the late game, especially since Wukong's Crushing Blow ability reduces armor already, you will be able to take down anyone in just a few hits.

This build tries to utilize Wukong's attack speed along with his attack damage and movement speed, so I go attack speed as well. The other stats are already present in the item build so I do not bother filling runes with those.

If you want cooldown reduction I do not think Wukong needs it because if you stack Attack Speed, Damage, and Movement Speed enough, he will be able to chase down and kill anyone in a straight 1v1 no problem with just his auto attacks.

Crit is also a good stat for Wukong in this build.

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I chose to go


because there are so many good things in the offense tree that will compliment this build and the utility tree also has some useful things too like a little bit of regen and mana.

Having that little bit of regen will allow you to stay in the battleground longer and accumulate experience and gold so you can really get ahead of the enemy team in kills and just brute force them.

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The items are the most important part of this build.

Wukong is a very item centric champion, so picking the right items from the beginning to the end really will decide how well you do with him.

Early Game

Philosopher's Stone
I tend to wait until I get enough for Berserker's Greaves on the first recall, which is around 1.3k-1.4k gold.

If that's a little longer than you'd like to stay out, then feel free to pop back in for that quick Philosopher's Stone and a few Health Potions to finish up your Berserker's Greaves later.

Once you get the boots, you will want a quick Sheen for that burst and then just attack speed and movement speed from there.

Mid/Late Game

You will be surprised at how fast the enemy drops during the midgame when you have your Trinity Force, and your Phantom Dancer.

Once you get the Frozen Mallet, your targets will be slowed so they have nowhere to run.

At that point it's really up to you what you want to build (your sixth item). I go with the Last Whisper because of the damage it delivers, especially to tanky champtions which can be hard to take down otherwise.

After you have that, try going for The Brutalizer (it costs 1337 but if you sell your philo's stone to replace it, you can finish off with Youmuu's Ghostblade for that extra burst of speed when you need it).

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Skill Sequence

Nimbus Strike - E

Open up with E.

The reason you want to max out E is because it scales the fastest. At level 5 it does the most damage out of your attacks and it is really easy to harass with this.

Crushing Blow - Q

Try to get an auto attack in before hitting Q once you've closed in.

Decoy - W

A great way to use W to deal damage is right after your

E->auto attack->Q combo, hit W, and then immediate continue auto attacking the enemy.

This way you will get the most damage out of your skills and if the enemy decides to stay around to take it, they will be taking a lot more damage than they were probably expecting from a Wukong because of your high attack speed on your auto attack damage and the AOE from your decoy.

Cyclone - R

The ideal combo when your ult is up is

E-> auto attack -> Q -> W -> R and chase them down.

The reason you hit W before R is because if they enemy is dumb enough to not move for more than a second and a half, they get another burst of damage from your decoy's AOE. If they sit in that cyclone for too long, they'll almost certainly be close to dead and you can chase them down with ghost and flash if you have to for the kill.

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Summoner Spells

I mentioned Ghost and Flash in the previous chapter.

These are great spells when you are playing Wukong as a carry.

You will be able to get out of any sticky situation as well as chase down any enemy attempting to flee with these summoner spells. With all that movement speed you will not let anyone get away and you will be quick at getting away if you get outnumbered.

Remember when you are using your ult, you can ghost and flash so don't be afraid to do so when you are chasing someone and they are getting away. This will not break your ult.

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To round it out, this build really relies on you being able to have discipline with his skills and continue the relentless auto attack that will eventually drive your enemies to the graveyard.

You will be dishing out a lot of damage in the mid to late game with this build, and you could probably take anyone in a 1v1 given your ult is up with that combo I described up there.

In the end it all comes down to map control, your map awareness, and being in the right places at the right time. If you have a high level understanding of the game, you will be able to control the board with this character.

Please try it out and vote up this guide. Thanks!