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Varus Build Guide by Royu622

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Royu622

Monster Hunter Varus (Jungle Varus)

Royu622 Last updated on April 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to Monster Hunter Varus. This is a build I made for the hell of it as a joke which actly ended up doing very well. I decided upon its name due to is fast clear time in mid to late game. I personaly chose Ap because the big burst is very advantageous due to that fact that you already have an adc, and more often then not, most teams a little bit of Ap damage.

All you need to pull this off is a team that's willing to leash, be familiar with Ap varus, and learn hope to properly gank.
Now ganking with varus needs one two thinks. movement speed in order to chase and get close to land your slow, or to land your ult.

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Now for runes the choice is simple. Varus Ap scaling is bad, so by taking Ap scaling of flat runes, your not missing out on a whole lot of damage. Scaleing armor is also more useful due to the fact you are in the jungle most the time, and with the recent rune changes, I feel like scaling runes are much better then flat runes. The only runes in question are your quints. Flat ap is still good, I would again prefer scaling but that's up to choice. another great option would be movement speed quits for easier escapes, chases and ganks.

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I chose 30/0/0 because it is ideally a highbred build. the extra damage will help you clear until your set up, which honestly doesn't take very long. 21/9/0 works just as good, its all on personal choice.

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I take the jungle item first because it speed up your clear time like no buddies business. the extra wards can also help prevent ganks from the enemy. This item goes hand in hand with hurricane because the extra damage is an on hit effect, giving your bolts sting they need to clear each camp fast. some where in-between those items you need boots, I took mobility because of how slow varus is and how important movement speed is to him.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: High late game damage, great carry, Shreds tanks, Fast jungle clearing, fun new build, hard to get counter picked since most will think you adc. Great pushing power and bragging rights for winning as a jungle varus.
Cons: No one will take you seriously (even my girl friend thought I was trolling), slow start, weak early ganks, high difficulty to play, teamwork required for ganks below lv 6. slow movement speed, and constant harassment about playing a Non-Meta build.

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Ranked Play

Ranked play with this build should only be done after plenty of practice, Monster hunter varus only fits in with a team that has a tanky top, you can play him without a tank but you might get killed before you can set off charges on the enemy team. This build is great however at carrying team fights, and can easily carry a game provided you have decent peal.

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To sum of this build, its a high damage, very mobile apc jungle build. it uses a lot of on hit effects (w,tooth,Flare) to deal damage equal to that of an adc a lot with the high Ap Varus burst. An Ad build is a lot less complex and can be done, though I personally find ap to be better at least in the jungle. Varus is one of my favorite champs because he can be build many different ways. I hope you to find the enjoyment I do in playing with this champ in any such lane. Now I can finally bring varus to the jungle, thanks for reading <3
~Minamoto Shezona
P.S you can add me on the NA server if you wish to do so