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Diana Build Guide by CPHolm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CPHolm

Moonlight Assassin Diana

CPHolm Last updated on December 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone and welcome to my Diana guide. I have to admit that Diana is one of my favourite champs and very enjoyable to play. I don't have much variation with her build so this guide is not too long but i hope you can use it.

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Pros and Cons


- Very high kill potential after level 6
- Not very counter able if played properly
- Very good engage after level 6
- Can out trade very well after level 6 because of her shield
- Not very mana hungry


- Weak pre-6
- Relies heavily on items
- Needs to hit Q for a succesful trade when engaging

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Q: Diana's Q is a range ability that flies in a curve over to the enemy which you have to get used to but is harder for the enemy to dodge. Her Q is one of her main abilities if not the main one. Her Q is her only source of poke and has a medium cooldown early game where she is weakest. After level 6, if her Q is not hit, don't engage. First of all the enemy has taken much less damage, second of all you only have one R stack. And third of all you need to wait around 20 seconds for your ult.

W: Diana's W is a an ability with three charges. When used, three balls hover around Diana and when 'popped' they give a shield. Her W is very important pre-6 because she is so weak. She needs the shield to sustain in lane against heavy poking mid laners. Always use W when you engage because it does decent damage

E: Diana's E is good to use at the end of your burst when engaging so you can follow up and do damage by basic attacks and with your passive since it knocks up and slows the enemy. Diana's E is especially good against Katarina because it cancels her ult and so doesn't have much left to do.

R: Diana's R is a dash to and enemy target that doesn't deal too much damage but can get a cooldown reset if the enemy was hit by her Q right before. When Diana gets her R, she hits and insane power spike because of her strong out trading ability. There is around a 20 second cooldown if used without hitting her Q. If first hitting her Q, and then using R, Diana's R's cooldown gets reset. Beware that only use the second R if you are hundred 100% sure of killing your enemy in a 1v1 situation, otherwise wait for your Q and do it again. This is why having DFG and Zhonyas is good because DFG gives an extra source of damage and Zhonyas so you can wait for Q cooldown.

Passive: Dianas passive is an 'ability' that activates every third basic attack that deals extra magic damage according to how much AP you. This is especially good to proc right before and engage to deal an extra amount of damage and together with lich bane it will do crazy amounts of damage.

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To sum up, Diana is an assassin that is weak pre-6 because of her lack of damage like e.g. Akali. But when Diana hits level 6 she hits an insane power spike and so she can out trade very easily. When Diana gets her Zhonyas and DFG she can easily 1v2 if played properly. But all in all i hope you have fun playing Diana and my guide helped you a bit on your way of mastering Diana.