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Morgana Build Guide by Pet Me Turret

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pet Me Turret

Morgana- Aggressive Support for this Fallen Angel

Pet Me Turret Last updated on July 10, 2014
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Hey there folks. This is my first guide so PLEASE give me all the tips and advice you can. I'm still looking into how to format it and make it look pretty but I'm just not their yet.

This is a Morgana Support guide for those who prefer to be a bit more aggressive. A disclaimer is in order. This guide is not for everyone. It works for me and I have been playing her for years. I have at least 300+ games with her all time. THIS IS A RISKY SETUP. Very heavy AP and not necessarily many "support" items. However, when used correctly, this build WILL WIN YOU YOUR LANE. I promise.

Morgana is a fantastic support, perhaps the best in the game. She provides a lot of utility to help your ADC and also hinder the enemy ADC...the exact reason I build her so AP heavy. In other words, the more AP you have, the more you can hurt the enemy ADC and help your own ADC (via Shield etc.)

Here goes nothing. All and any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks guys!

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Always start with the Items Spelltheif's Edge, a vision ward, and two biscuits. Spelltheif's edge main purpose will serve in the form of gold income, but also provides Mana regen and boost to your base AP. Vision ward...because you're a support and should provide vision in the River or tri-bush for max laning potential. Biscuits because you can and you will need to regen health for max lane sustain.

First Back:
Worst Case scenario: gain enough gold for sightstone.
Most Likely scenario: Have enough gold for sightstone and frost fang. (1300 together)
Best case Scenario: you have enough gold for both frost fang, sightstone, and boots.

There are two different schools of thought to the first back. Both are reasonable. The first school of thought is "Get the frost fang first" This will give you more gold income earlier in the game, resulting in perhaps an edge over your opponents early on.
The second school of thought is "Get the sightstone first". This is my personal preference. It provides two things: health and vision. Both health and vision should essentially allow you to stay in lane longer and, theoretically, makes it easy for you to accumulate the gold needed for better items.

Once you have your Frost Fang, Sightstone, and tier 1 boots you can start the fun. If you are doing well, I suggest going for Zhonya's ASAP. When I say "doing well" I mean that you feel confident enough with the health that you have to dish out the proper damage and support without dying. Zhonya's is a necessary item for Morgana...PERIOD. The utilization of its active and Morg's Ultimate almost make it seem like the item was made for her! Do not miss out on its awesomeness and learn how to use this combo effectively. If you choose this option, I also recommend keeping your eyes on Frost Queen's Claim. This item will prove useful for engaging and landing easy Qs.

If you are dying or constantly engaging and retreating, you may want to build some health and/or CDR. You can get your CDR through Ionian Boots and completing your Frost Queens Claim. Health from Rylai's and upgraded sightstone. This may provide the "missing link" to turn the tides of the battle.

Regardless of what order you choose, you should have the following items: Frost Queen's Claim, Sightstone(maybe upgraded), Ionian Boots, Zhonya's, and Rylai's.

This leaves you with your final item. If you're wrecking and want to continue, choose Twin Shadows. This will provide you with some extra utility (slows, move speed and CDR) and extra AP. IMPORTANT NOTE: if you choose this item make sure you are truly doing a great job! Sometimes as Morgana you may feel untouchable...if you have this feeling, GREAT you chose the right final item. If not, you may want to rethink what you're doing. I say this because choosing this item will leave you LOW ON HP.

Secondly, if you're getting the assists and doing well in team fights but dying at the last second or narrowly escaping forcing you to go back to base, choose Liandry's for a little extra power + HP to hold you over. It will also give you magic penetration along with other goodies. This is the most common choice. Some people may say "Dude wtf don't build Liandry's on a support, what are you talking about!" But as I have said in the intro, this is an AGGRESSIVE build. If you're using this build you are not in the game to **** around. You are a legit damage presence that needs to be feared not a whimpy support that deserves 0 focus from the enemy team.

Lastly, if you feel that you are having a bad game...maybe you're just not landing your abilities, you're being outplayed, or you really just don't know whats going on; choose Spirit Visage. I personally will choose this under 5% of the time. However, the effects of this item may hold useful to you and your team. Increased health, health regen, MR, and even more CDR. This is almost a last resort item or even a choice against an AP heavy opponent. Do not get me wrong, while it is an item i choose the least, it is not one that is useless. Those two statements are not the same thing.

But yeah that's the build! It is aggressive and if used right, can create almost a "secret weapon" to your team.

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This is by far the most controversial part of my build. "Is all that AP necessary? Why does it look like you're running an AP mid rune page on your support class? WTF?! I wouldn't even run that on my AP mid." Yeah, all things I have heard. I am well aware how unorthodox these runes are.

The thing is....they work. They have always worked for me. Maybe you have something better? I am open to suggestion. However, the extra AP often surprises opponents and is DEADLY early game. My Dark Binding level 1 does 114 damage! There are many ADC where that 114 HP accounts for pretty much 1/4 of their health.

I like having the Mana regen. I wouldn't change that.

If I were to change anything, perhaps you do not need full AP Glyphs. Perhaps something more utility based, like base Mana.

Perhaps the Quints can be changed too. However, as I said this has been working very well for me and I am sure can work well for others.

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Skill Sequence

Let me give a general description of each ability and what it does and explain why the above Skill Sequence appears the way it does.

Dark Binding is a snare. It can trap your opponent from anywhere up to 2-3 seconds and does 80-300 (90% of AP) damage. Range is level dependent. You will want to max this ability first. It is your initiating ability in the early laning phase and in many aspects, the most important ability you have. Your performance with this ability will directly impact how well you do in lane, and how effective this build proves to be. I will say this once here but perhaps many times throughout this guide: This build is not for Morgana amateurs. Not to say that newer Morgana players cannot profit from this guide, but the contents of this guide are supported by the assumption you will land your skill shot more often than not. The build is too aggressive for you to miss your Q frequently. It is important to know this as you can know what to expect.

Tormented soil is an AOE pool that does 12-40 (11% of AP) damage every half second over 5 seconds. Again the range is level dependent. This ability is important to have second, but not maxed until much later in the game. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, don't be confused...this. ability. will. kill. It is a deadly ability when used correctly and efficiently. But you are playing support and you will use this ability for zoning and gold income...not killing. I will explain more in the section called "Gameplay". So save maxing until later in the game

Ahh Black Shield. What an ability to have in your arsenal! The shield can be placed on you or an ally for 5 seconds (or until it is depleted). This shield grants 95-355 (75% of AP) and is makes the beholder spell immune for as long as it is up. The usage of this Shield can make or break your Morgana play. Timing is everything and if your timing is good, you will be one of the most valuable assets to your team. It can be used as an initiating or retreating ability depending on the situation and has perhaps the most versatility out of all your abilities. However, use it wisely! The CD is rather long.

Finally, Morg's ultimate is Soul Shackles. Latches chains onto nearby enemy champions for 3 seconds, dealing initial magic damage 175-325 (70% of AP...range level dependent again) to them after a brief delay of 0.5 seconds and reducing their movement speed by 20% if the target(s) stay within 1050 range. If the target(s) does not break the tether after 3 seconds, they are dealt the same amount of magic damage again and they are also stunned for 1.5 seconds. This ability should be upgraded whenever available. The usage varies and will be explained in the section titled "Gameplay".

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Laning Phase Gameplay

Morgana is, at her core, an easy champion to understand. But she is not necessarily easy to master. There are still ways to use her correctly...and incorrectly. I will go over the way I use her and my general mentality, specific to this build.

I started off playing Morgana as an APC...if you haven't already gathered from my build, I favor a Morg that packs a punch because that is just what I am used to. It took me a while even to make the transition from an AP Mid to a successful support. Understand her strengths in lane and you will work wonders for your ADC. Miss out on her weaknesses and you'll destroy your chances of winning.

Out of the gate you want to get your Q 9/10 times. There are VERY rare scenarios where you will instead get your E first. If your ADC has expressed that this is not his best position and you're up against a Blitz or Thresh, per se; getting your E first may be a choice.

Using your Q in lane is crucial to your success. Land your Q early and often and you will out trade anyone and keep the enemy ADC on the run. Miss your Q often and you are putting yourself and your lane at an early disadvantage.

Start off with spelltheifs, ward, a couple biscuits and a vision trinket. Starting out with a ward allows you to do a couple things and it depends on what your preference is and what you prefer. You may want to hold on to the ward until you find a use for warding river or tri-bush. Maybe you want to ward your Jungler's red to keep an eye on any counter jungling. OR if you're ballsy/quick you can even ward the opposing blue camp and keep an eye on things from that end. Regardless of your decision, DO NOT place your ward in a damn lane bush. Its a waste of gold and if the other team has a sweeping lense you're going to feel like an idiot. If you're going to ward a lane bush, use your trinket instead. They are free and you get one back if its destroyed no matter what. Don't waste gold as a support.

Speaking of gold, your masteries give you lots of it. Poke enemy champs when you can for gold. Be near dying minions for gold. Get +40 gold at the beginning. Get gold every second etc. Gold income is one of the most important things as Morgana support. Because if you're missing your income is all you've got.

So now we are in lane. We've warded and now we are ready to go. Get ready for the enemies to come. Sometimes you'll face somebody who is foolish enough to give you a free Q right from the get-go. Take it and get a quick trade. If not open, don't waste the mana. BE PATIENT. That is SO important as Morg and can be the difference between winning and losing the lane.

Level 2 you're gonna take your W. Now we are really in business. Use the W for Zoning MAINLY. I can't stress that enough. Don't forget you have spelltheifs. Throw a W down on the ADC when it makes sense and you will have +15 gold almost every single time. To zone effectively, do not throw a W down just simply when the CD is over. Throw it down when it makes logical sense...if the enemy ADC is trying to last hit a minion, or the lane is being pushed, or if they are getting really aggressive. It will keep the other team at bay and make farming easier for your ADC. It can also push the enemy ADC from behind their minions and open up a great opportunity to land a Q.

Level 3 take your E. You now should have all of your basic abilities. Your E is super important and do NOT skip it. It makes your lane almost "ungankable" when used correctly. I mean c'mon; exhaust, a snare, and a spell shield? How do you get through that? Use the E on your ADC when you engage and also when you want to disengage. It's a long CD. Make sure when you use it, you really need it.

Until level 6 continue to take your Q UNLESS your ADC is really struggling against some sort of Utility or Spell in which case you can take your E once as well. But to truly be aggressive like this build requires you really should be taking your Q whenever you can. Continue to zone, gaining gold and giving you a good attacking position. If you're struggling and taking lots of damage, you are most likely experiencing one of Morg's weaknesses which is being susceptible to lots of poke damage. Let the enemy team push a little bit and fight at your tower using your W to zone and your Q to poke back. Ask for help from your jungler.

Level 6 take your ultimate. If you haven't had a chance to be aggressive all is a good time. If you and your ADC have good health its time to engage. Get into a lane bush, wait for the other team to push up a bit. Flash in if needed and use your ult...make sure your ADC knows this is coming. The element of surprise can be kinda traumatizing and if executed to perfection, is pretty unstoppable. Focus the ADC and try to keep them in range of your ult. At the end of the duration of your ult it will stun them momentarily. Throw in one AA and then your snare...if you need it; because it may not be needed in all reality. If all goes well that should pretty much do it and you should have at least a kill. Remember you even have you E and exhaust to help you out. The E can be used on yourself for the engage during the ult or on your ADC so they can deal damage without having to worry. Exhaust can be used on either the enemy support to keep them at bay or the ADC to secure a kill. Your W can be used as well to punish the enemy support for trying to protect their ADC. I do recommend trying NOT to use the W on the ADC because there is a high chance of you taking the kill. You may even find it more useful to snare the enemy support to keep them away while you and your ADC finish off the job. LOTS of options which is why Morg is so good.

That's your laning phase. Besides being defensive and knowing to keep vision for ganks, you honestly shouldn't have many issues. Just be aggressive but within reason. The next chapter is more general gameplay. I will make an update but for now...i want to play writing this is making me excited.

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Pros / Cons

- Land your Q early and often, win your lane
- Strong engage abilities and team fight presence with ult/hourglass combo
- Regardless of build, she packs a punch
- Zones very well and gains gold while doing it
- Counters many strong supports with her Shield
- Hard to chase. Spell Shield, ult slows, snares, AOE dmg...nearly "ungankable"
- CC is extremely strong

- Low mobility and virtually no gap closing potential
- often too strong for her own good, easy to take kills early from ADC
- Skill shot reliant, if you can't land a Q...good luck
- Not exactly a tank which can prove a challenge at times.
- weak against poke
-He abilities can be dodged easily and often flash is required to be in the right position for her ult.