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League of Legends Build Guide Author Montageman

Morgana; How to be 1337

Montageman Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, this is my first "official" guide and i have not quite figured out how to make all of these pretty looking guides with glitter and confetti, but ive done what i can. i hope you fill find all of this to be useful in some way and to up your game on Morgana.

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Summoner spells.

I use flash and ignite for the synergy with all your other abilities. ultimately, you want to pick what you are comfortable with and can use properly. ive seen some people use ghost and clarity, which isnt bad, but i personally dont like it. again, its whatever your good at, but learning to use flash is a good plan in the long run if you really want to be good.

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for Runes i use:
typical caster magic pen red.
flat CDR blues
-cant really go wrong with these

and for the yellows, i use Mp5/per lvl
-I thought long and hard over these, and in practice, having the extra 11 Mp5 at lvl 18 is just awesome! your passive gives you all the health you need and blows dodge seals out of the water (in my opinion). it just keeps you going at 100%.

I also like to use 3 Flat health quints. early game survivability is awesome.

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as seen above, this is a typical caster mastery setting. i personally like the 30% extra buff duration and an additional 15 sec's off the flash. having baron longer is great. same for blue. especially for blue... more mana regin means more spells cast which means your passive is being fully abused.

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The Passive

(Passive) Soul siphon: gives you a 15/25/35% spell vamp!! you get the 35% at lvl 13!! this is what makes Morgana so freaking amazing!! allows you to take a lot of harassment all game and get back into the fight every time. (this is also another reason i got the Mp5/per lvl Seals.)

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Other skills

dark binding: deals damage and immobilizes the first target it comes in contact with.

Tormented soil: the AoE. deals damage over an area for 5 seconds and lowering the magic resistance of all those hit by 8 per tick.

Black shield: instant cast shield that absorbs ONLY MAGIC DAMAGE!! however, it is also good against physical champs too. while the shield is active, you are immune to all magical effects including, but not limited to, stuns, immobilizations, silence, knock up, etc.. I usually wont put a point into this until level thirteen if i'm laning against champs with no CC. and even if they have cc, only 1 point is necessary to not be stunned. that's all it takes.

soul shackles (ultimate): deals damage to all enemy champs near her and slowing them by 205%, and if they stay in range for another 4 seconds, they take the same amount of damage + a nasty stun.

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as always, this is how I play Morgana, and it always works for me, but it may not for you, and thats ok.

I start with: x2
i like this over doran's ring since it speeds up your item builds and your going to be gaining the health back from the increased availability of mana combined with your passive.

Now, i always buy wards since they are a great investment all game long. usually 2 is a good number per recall. remember, spending 75-150 gold is better than giving your opponents 300 gold.

when i have 955 gold (plus money for wards), i recall and get and upgrade into prioritizing the boots over the tear if i don't have the gold.

then continue into when i have 750 gold (if i don't have it already) and eventually .

next comes for rather obvious reasons.

pretty much after that is situational items. Typically, the first thing you would want is some health. I like to get a for example. maybe some armor/Hp items. really, after the Deathcap it's situational. if you can sneak in some extra AP with items like or , the better off you'll be, but if the sutation doesnt call for it, DONT GET IT. you have 3 slots to be flexible, so don't waste them.

so, end the end it should look SOMETHING like this (order is in that of completed items)

and yes, i do actually buy . It gives more health, a good helping of HP, and makes the tormented soil slow as well. it also stacks with the 20% slow with your ult making team fights that much more hilarious. feel free not to get it though.

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The Bread and Butter Combo

the basic combo is to immobilize your opponents with dark binding and them throw down the tormented soil and watch them die. that's the theory anyway. the problem is that the skill shot is hard to land around creeps and can easily be dodged, especially against faster opponents.This is why they call it a "Skill Shot." you have to be smart about it and sometimes even use math. yes, math. you just have to watch where they are going and where they are most likely going to be. here are some tricks to help you land it.

1) use THEIR CREEPS to YOUR ADVANTAGE! often times, your opponents will think they are being smart when they stand in the middle of creep waves. "he cant hit me with creeps between you and me." thats true. but, you can shoot between creeps to get the hit. you can also put your tormented soil on him right there and force him to move. Beware of creeps moving. they sometimes like to do that and it can be a real pain. just something to be aware of.

2) use their DYING creeps to YOUR ADVANTAGE! again, they think their safe. but the second those creeps die, there is a clear shot between you and your target. i often end up standing in the middle of the creep wave for this reason and shoot the second they die. and of your really good at this, you can shoot it a few moments right before the creep dies and get a nice clean hit on your enemy.

3) MATH and all its wonders. As you are coming into or away from a MOVING fight or a ward gives you vision on an enemy champ coming to you, you can see how fast he will be in range of your skill shot. add in the time for the travel time of dark binding and he's suddenly hit, and dying. this is the biggest thing on how to be good. when the timing is done right it will almost always hit, since they are running in a straight line... towards you.

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How to get the kill (1v1)

as stated before, the typical combo is dark binding and then AoE. you need this to happen once or twice or until your opponent is at 50% hp or so. this is where flash and ignite become awesome and why i use them.

after the dark binding hits, i use the AoE under them, Flash to them, ult, ignite, and use my auto attacks to beat them into submission while waiting for the second tick for the ult. then when the ult goes off and they still arn't dead, your tormented soil AoE should be off Cd and u can use it on them while they are stunned. granted this is for 1v1, the basics are the same for team fights. your basic attacks actually do some damage and could mean the difference between a kill and a near death experience. remember that.

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How to get the kill (Team Fights)

its basically the same as the 1v1.
run in (preferably not first) and ult everyone!!! stop any runners with dark binding and smack him with your AoE. after 4 seconds and they get stunned, its pretty much good game(assuming your team can actually focus down the damage dealers in the opposing team). And if your being focused, its really important that all you are gaining health from your abilities. like, if there is a bunch of creeps nearby and a champ near him, it might be worth using your AoE on him so u can gain loads of life mid-fight. Don't forget to be using your basic attacks too!

also, don't feel obligated to save your ult to get 2 or 3 targets mixed into your ult. if you can get a single death involved in your ult in a team fight, the rest will follow, similar to a domino effect. Momentum is key to any victory. remember that :)

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Things to remember

1) Wards wards wards.... you freaking need these to stay alive. I bring back 2-5 wards every trip to base. they really do pay for themselves all game every game. i like to put 2 wards out when i'm pushing top or bot, sometimes 3. at bot, 1 in the top-most edge of the bush next to the lane and another in front of dragon. and IF i'm the purple team, i will often put a ward in the bush in the middle of the bush due north of their tower. same thing vice versa. if i'm going the other direction i dont usually worry about it. also wardng the jungle is a good idea if you are facing a jungler.

2) your basic attacks do damage. remember to harass with it early game if you can. but don't endanger yourself. what good is it to do 60 damage and take 300? but adding it on top of everything else your doing will make a difference. guaranteed.