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Master Yi Build Guide by newbie911

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author newbie911

multyi kill: master yi build

newbie911 Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first build, it is for Master Yi.
this is my way of playing Master Yi, with attack damage and speed
with the element of surprise from bushes >:) they dont really have a chance.

please read the whole build before you rate it down but please rate it up :D thanks

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Pros / Cons

-good at backdooring
-can take almost any other champ 1v1
-almost impossible to kill unless stunned/suppressed
-can escape ganks with Highlander easily
-good chaser
-great ganker
-can get kills early game

-squishy almost the whole game
-targeted first
-sometimes ganked by all 5 champs while backdooring

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Freinds/ Enemys

- Amumu because he has a brutal ulti ( Curse of the Sad Mummy)
- Fiddlesticks he has Terrify and its long... very very long
- Zilean his Chronoshift will save ur life and u will possibly get some more kills

- Amumu your greatest freind is also your greatest enemy
- Janna A good Janna will save her team mates alot
- Blitzcrank ok c'mon now, everybody hates blitzcranks move Rocket Grab

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For runes I tryed to get armor pen, damage, some more Armor Pen and even more attack damage.

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well... my masteries are the usual 21/0/9


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well... first off, yea... i rush the Infinity Edge but thats what master yi does, he rushes, so follow the build and you should be fine end game :D oh, and if you really need it you can sell Berserker's Greaves for another Phantom Dancer

If you dont think you have enough health with only boots get a Doran's Blade for your first item.

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Skill Sequence

im going to make it easy on you, first get Alpha Strike then max out Wuju Style
then get Meditate when you have to and get Highlander at levels 6,11 and 16 :D

i do this because alpha stike is great for farming, therefore i get that first
then Wuju Style (i only use Wuju Style as a passive but you can use it)

Remember your passive! it will get you more kills early game if used right.
your passive is Double Strike which allows you to hit twice on your seventh hit.
it is very effective the whole game.

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Summoner Spells

Rally do you really need to know why you don't need this?
Clarity you are not a caster.
Cleanse you have Highlander
Ghost no, just no.
Heal you dont need this, if you do, just get Meditate

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Early Game

if they attack your laning partner(if you have laning partners like me they will probably die)
help them to not die.

sometimes its better to play passively, but if you do get the chance to get a kill and NOT die, go for it and remember, your Alpha Strike is amazing early game so if your laning partner needs some help, use Alpha Strike and jump in there :D (be careful though because they might just start attacking you).

Dont turret dive to the point where u find yourself stunned behind the enemy turret.
try to minimize deaths because although you have 9 kills and 8 deaths
your team may have 1 kill and 0 deaths... then what level do u think the enemy champ that is 8 kills and 9 deaths...

yea, higher then the guy who is 1 kill and 0 deaths,
it does make it harder for everybody else.

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Mid Game

now is where you can possibly get fed (if you were not fed early game) look at your map to see if mid need some help. if mid is attacking your buddys turret you should have ganked early game :D but anyways, go over there and gank.

for ganking, i usually tell my mid to stun(if he/she has no stun just tell them to attack, remember this is a team game)
then Alpha Strike and kill (use Highlander if needed.

if you are fed and your laning partner is not, wait for the kills, be patient and wait for one to teleport back. (or wait for gank from mid)

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Late game

Now, you shine my friend with your beastly skills and Highlander you can get a multi kill if you have a tank in a team fight.

if you need to push, go backdoor (sometimes you have to ignore kills and take some turrets)
you can take almost everybody 1v1, you are a force that nobody wants to fight, you are feared, you are scary, you are... Master Yi.

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What to do if you get stuck mid

just play like you are laning and hopefully your team will call MIAs,
Remember you can take anyone 1v1
and you have Alpha Strike which does around 100 damage :D
so if they have 2 bars of health and you have 2 bars of health
jump in there with Alpha Strike and if you have Double Strike AND Ignite
im pretty sure you will get the kill.

keep your eye out for possible ganks, if you see one your team mates pinned to his turret
go gank them (you will probably get a kill is executed right.

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If you go against another master yi

All you need to know when facing A master yi is that you are better then him. because the other master yi is probably thinking "oh no!!! its another master yi!!!! why me?!?!?! why do i have to go against a master yi!!!"

but you will be all calm and such, he will panic and die more (hopefully to you) and you will be better then that master yi :D

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well to round that all up. this build is just about attack speed and damage (kinda what Master Yi is all about)

i do admit that he is very easy to use, but if used right he can carry the whole team.
and thats what i do :D
it may get hard when u lane against a caster (such as Ryze Annie Malzahar)
but you will learn if you do get owned by casters :D

good luck!

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If you have any question add me, my name is noobie911

i will try to answer all your question

please vote my build up :D and feel free to correct anything i missed :D thanks