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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Kibeth50

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kibeth50

Mundo es Mundo

Kibeth50 Last updated on October 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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TLDR Summery.

If you dont like reading then why are you looking at guides and builds that require you to read?

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Mundo es Mundo, I mean lets face it, he's an offtank, he's a DPS Mage, He's just a DPS, Mundo can do it all. Now, I know that Dominion, is primarily a game for champions that can get around maps quickly and still be effective, but who says Mundo can't be that champ? Sure he has slow move speed at the beginning and thats okay! Really it is and this can all be explained soon. After all, once you're done reading this guide, hopefully you all will be out there as Mundo, capping and fragging. Most of this inspiration for a dominion build actually came because of Adonikam's Mundo build that the community here loves so much.

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With Mundo I went with an all AD page minus the fact that the quints are health per level. I go with these AD pages to give you some early game damage with auto attacks, because there will be times you run into champs that get in your face, you're mundo and they dont care. I personally love AD runes but thats me and I love AD champs.
Now the health quints are because health is Mundos best friend EVER. He casts all his abilites from his health pool. So that being said, the Health per level quints are always nice to have because you get % health every level, equalling out to be 48.6 per quint, giving you total of 142.8 health at level 18, and since you start off at level 3, you're already ahead of the gang!
Another reason for the Health per level quints is simply because they're just really nice runes in my opinion for Mundo. You prefer flat HP runes, or no HP runes at all. Again, this is an opinion.

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My masteries are 9/21/0. I chose these masteries because the little offense you get from it is good enough for what you want anyways, the 21 in defense gives you that added defensive bonus that is always nice on offtank characters. I make sure I get the mastery for Exhaust, as Exhaust will become your friend in more than one way.

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I start off with buying three items with my money, since you start off with additional money in Dominion, i start of with a Kindlegem, Null-Magic Mantle, and basic tier 1 boots. My first bully build item is the Spirit Visage, because it gives you Magic resist, and health, awesome bonus for Mundo. I then build into my Randuin's Omen, how you build into it depends on the situation given. Usually if you can, go for the health items, they're always better for Mundo. More health + more tanking = LOTS OF CLEAVERS. I stick with the tier 1 boots until I am done building into Ionic Spark. I build an Ionic Spark because it gives health, some AD, and then as a bonus, every 4th hit creates a chain lighting effect, damaging up to four enemies close by. So its a real good bonus for when you run in and start whacking people. I then build into a Soul Shroud, reasons for this are because you will end up with teammates who use mana, theres no doubt about that. So soul shrouds passive to give teammates mana regen is well worth the benefit. Plus you get health from it! After the Soul Shroud, build into a Sunfire Cape. Fire, plus a magic DOT, always nice. Besides, this gives you enough damage during fights to deal enough damage to force a retreat, or cleaver them in the back and swing once or twice and POOF! "You have slain an enemy!"

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Skill Sequence

truly, the skill sequence is personal prefrence, but here's how I do it.

Priority = Sadism. Always always rank this up when you can. ALWAYS. Massive amounts of Health regen plus movement speed increase, of course I'd love it! Gets me around fast, and helps me last much longer in team fights.
Secondary = Infected Cleaver. Why? Because they'll be your main source of damage, plus they slow enemies, so very handy in a fight when they're running, plus, cleavers will halt the enemy from capturing a post and you can still run if you think you can't win a fight, or spam them until help arrives. Simple yeah?
Tertiary = Masochism. Why? Well you do the math. Increases attack speed and damage for a time. Hey, I don't know about you, but I'll jump on that any time.
And last = Burning Agony. I like leveling this last, because the only time you'll really use it, is when you're about to rush in with a team. Its another Magic DOT. So that, plus your sunfire cape make a pretty fierce team, but you dont want it too early. I usually wait until level 8 to grab the first rank and then only rank it up once its the only choice I have.

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Summoner Spells

I bring with me Exhaust and Ghost.

Exhaust, because with the mastery, makes your enemnies lose 10 armor and Magic resist, and increases its duration. So since Exhaust slows enemies, that plus cleavers is a HUGE slow down. And its nice for when you have someone whos a good chaser on your tail and beating you senseless, because it will also lessen their attack damage! So throw that on them and a cleaver, EAT THAT BADDIE!, hit Sadism and you're home free.
Ghost, because well, lets face it, Mundo is slow, even with his tier 2 boots. Ghost is a nice boost and it helps him get around better. Also, great for if you decide to chase, or run. Mundo is very much Fight or Flight.

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Over all, this build has helped me place at least in the top 3 on my team almost every single time. The other times are because I decided to skew off the line. My best score with this build on Dominion, was a 20/14/37 score. All I did, was throw cleavers around, and when I knew I could take someone, dove right in. With this build, I suggest you play a defensive roamer. Throw cleavers as often as possible, and use a combo for diving in. Use Cleaver, Sadism, Machism, and then throw your Burning agony. This should all be done within 1.5-2 seconds before diving. The cleaver ensures they're slowed, Sadism ensures your health should stay pretty high, Masochism will give you damage on your auto attacks, and burning agony will deal damage the entire fight.

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Team Work

I suggest you stick with a teammate in the begnning minutes of the fight. once you build your Ionic spark, go to town with roaming around the Crystal Scar. Mundo isnt the best at ganking, but if the enemy doesnt see you coming, they're in for a party that involves cleavers and their blood spilling. So just be aware of the fun things you can do, and remember to never play to seriously. Teammates love winning, you just love to play Mundo, thats why you picked him right?

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Farming is optional on Dominion. Minions can be nice if you need that extra little bit of cash, but over all, I avoid farming as often as I can because Im usually at a cap point anyways cleavering it up.

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Creeping / Jungling

There is no Jungling in Dominion other than the Storm Shield buffs. Its funny on Mundo, but usually is better on other champs. If you're doing the best on your team however, go for it, a Giant mundo was never more fun! This build is meant to give you the maximum ammount of health, while retaning damage. It works out perfectly in my opinion.