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League of Legends Build Guide Author emaster8

Mundo: The Heavy Carry

emaster8 Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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You might be thinking "Wtf carry Mundo?" But yes, you've heard (read instead) it, carry mundo. Mundo is not only able to tank but also carry since he got his cleavers to CC (Croud Control) and his ult to either chase OR escape. This makes him a powerful carry which at the same time has good survivability.

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Explanation for runes:

We get these because along with your they'll make you slow the enemy more often. Since you won't always be able to use your because for example, the enemy ran through minions and you can't throw it well, you get to slow them with boosted by your attack speed.

Greater Seal of Vitality Since Dr. Mundo's ult: Adrenaline works based on your total HP, we get these runes to get more HP regeneration by using it so that we get full advantage of it.

These work for spamming at early game, so that the enemy has to go back to base more often and get outleveled. They also work for boosting your , since you'll be able to use it more often and do more damage.

The case for these is the same as Greater Seal of Vitality. It boosts up your passive so that you can get healed for more.

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Dr. Mundo in this build isn't played either as a full tank or as a full carry, it's something balanced. More focused into Carrying but it still has a balance. This is why we get both Offense Utility masteries. Why not defensive ones? They aren't as useful and they are not needed.

Why do we get Haste? Just because you will sometimes need to either run away or chase the enemy not only with Ghost but maybe also with . Its Mastery makes longer lasting so that you get the chance to slow them.

We get Auto-attack DPS (Damage Per Second) masteries along with some CDR (Cooldown Reduction) since Dr. Mundo uses both physical attack and spells. For Utility oness: they're there for faster leveling and being able to stay longer in lanes.

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Explanation for items:

Why do you get this one first? Why don't you get boots? Are you mad? You get this one first because you'll be able to spam faster at early game. This will make the enemy stay back and you'll end up outleveling them. It will aswell give you a nice HP boost. Also, we don't need boots if we got our ult. That's early game though, later on we will.

Mercury Treads There's 2 benefits from these: First one is pretty much obvious, they're boots. You need them to run faster. Second one is, along with you'll be able to escape from those annoying stuns pretty quickly. It also gives some magic defense which is good when playing against casters.

This item will make you attack faster and take a greater advantage on since it's "buff time" is pretty short. This is why we need attack speed. More attacks in that time means more damage than having a burst damage item and attacking less with on. It'll also give you and your allies lifesteal, which will be great for assisting.

By now you should be owning but what about those squishy enemies like or that like to run away back to home quickly? will solve this problem. Not only your attacks will slow the enemy now but also its HP boost makes your even better.

Phantom Dancers Ok, you're able to slow now but what if you're facing someone like who keeps on slowing you and you can't even get near her? This is when Phantom Dancer enters in action. Along with and you'll be able to chase champions like her without any kind of problems. Also, it gives attack speed to boost up your even more and take advantage of your 's lifesteal.

This is our last item. By now we should've won already but in case we haven't, we're getting this one to Crit for even more and own the enemy's ***. Some people would rather have a as their last item. I ask, why'd you need that one? You're too quick to die and if you're close to dying all you got to do is turn on your ult and run.

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Skill Sequence

This one is our main focus because it'll make the enemy stay back at early game and also it will be greatly helpful against tanks.

This one isn't too important until late game, when you will be focused and will need to get out of the enemies' ults quickly.

Since in this build our Mundo is strongly focused on AD (Attack Damage) and AS (Attack Speed) and gives a great AD boost, we're getting it as our second spell.

No need to explain, on almost every champion you must get your ultimate at level 6/11/16. Early game we don't need to b unless we're running too low on hp and they got a heavy nuker. When you get your ultimate you won't need to b at all, only to buy your items.

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Summoner Spells

+ Just because you need to either chase or escape by using your Ghstghost and will grant you easy kills while in early game. It'll also protect you when being chased and on low HP.

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Early Game: Grab a and try to gank in your own lane as soon as possible, this way you'll get some gold to start with your savings. If needed use to slow or to either chase/escape. Now spam those cleavers into minions and start doing Infected Cleacer + combos. When you've got enough for , if you're under the right circumstances go get it. Not like it'll make you godly or anything, it will help but if you don't need to go b you can stay farming. When you get there will be no need to go back to base at all unless you need to go buy some items. When there's enough gold for Mercury Treads go get them, those are really useful.

Mid Game: You should have a couple kills by now. Whenever you see someone behind a turret with under half HP use , then throw an , turn on your and and get your free kill. Be careful though, if it's for example a champion like or it might not be worth it. Be careful of ignite too, if you ult to rush into a turret and get ignited start running. Ignite is the worst enemy you could have, since it reduces your 's healing. Grab your . You should have enough to buy it all at once. If not, buy according to what you need. If you're getting hurt too much get first. Instead, if you're owning them feel free to get . When you've got a couple more kills and enough for go get it. Same case as with , you should have enough to buy it all at once but if you don't and are getting hurt too much get , if not get first.

Late Game: Your score should be epic now, you should be really close to winning. That if you haven't won already. However, if you do get to late game, there may be some enemies that are running away because they can slow you but it's not too common that they are able to. Why not? You got and to chase but in case they do, we're getting so that we out-run them and get to slow with . Then we're getting to make our critical strikes stronger and hurt even worse.

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Top Match: Got ks'd so much, else my score would've been way better. Notice the 28 assists?
Bottom Match: 3v3, owned.

Carry Mundo's true power in a 5v5

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This build was completely made by me without copying any other build in mobafire, it's completely new and all done by myself. If you'd like to suggest anything go comment and I'll consider what you said and might or not implement it in the build. Happy Carrying :).