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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by deathwishxvi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deathwishxvi

Mundo: The Purple Hulk

deathwishxvi Last updated on November 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well hello there summoners. I'm Deathwish and this will be my first build guide ever and I'd like to start off with Dr. Mundo. Dr. Mundo is a fairly powerful champion and can be one of the tankiest champions with a decent damage output in the game. Keep in mind that i'm not a professional player or anything, however this is every game and I pretty much faceroll almost every game with him in normals. Now let's get started shall we?

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Pros / Cons


  • Has a good poke.
  • Very mobile champion
  • Hardly ever needs to recall.
  • Very bulky
  • Decent damage
  • Great Initiator

  • Uses health for his moves.
  • Can be countered pretty easy early game
  • Doesn't have much CC.
  • Squishy without items.
  • Doesn't wash his cleavers.

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For using runes on Dr. Mundo, generally you want to be bulky, and be able to regenerate your health on him. So, Let me explain my choices for picking the runes I did.

Greater Quintessence of Vigor Greater Quintessence of Vigor: Now my Reasoning for this is simple, in order to sustain, poke, farm. You're going to want to be able to last hit minions, poke your opponent, and be able to spam cleavers. With mundo not using a resource other than his health, your moves are going to be a bit costly if your using cleavers once they're off CD, or when you W to farm. So getting a bit of regen will help you.

Greater Glyph of Shielding: Pretty standard for a chunk of champions, it helps a bunch if your going against AP's and what not.

Greater Mark of Insight: Your cleavers, your W are both magic damage, and that's what you'll be poking and farming with. Not much else to get that'd be helpful.

Greater Seal of Fortitude/Resilience: Now you can choose either of these based on preference. If you believe that armor will help you more while laning, go for it. Or if you're like me and want more health to spam more moves, go for fortitude.

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Masteries are fairly simple to pick from. 9/21/0 should be your standard tree for mundo. 10% Magic pen, Reduce your opponents MR with exhaust, and on top of that lots of bulkyness along with some CDR and HR.

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For my items that i've chosen, they are pretty standard to mundo in my opinion. Warmog's Armorand Atma's Impaler are a definite must. Warmog's Armor provides you a HUGE chunk of health along with HR. and with Atma's you gain a bit of armor and a bit of AD for a percent of health you have. From there what you build depends on your situation with the enemy team. I do suggest however, that if you are losing your lane after your Boots of Speed that you get a Heart of Gold, then build warmogs.

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Skill Sequence

Adrenaline Rush Infected Cleaver Burning Agony Masochism Sadism

Adrenaline Rush(Passive): It's not the best passive in the world, but helps Mundo regenerate if you're a move spammer.

Infected Cleaver(Q): This is going to be your main poke/harass move. Use it to your advantage if your chasing, it provides a nice slow and takes a good chunk of their health away and it's also great for lasting hitting.

Burning Agony(W): Now there is some debate on whether or not to max out Burning Agony or Masochism first. My preference is W, solely because you are a tank, you get up in the enemy's face a lot of the time, and early game if you're going against a melee this will definitely help you. Remember, don't try to push and chase for a kill unless you're 100% sure you can get, Let them come to you and activate this ability. This move also has great farming utility and also makes mundo the fastest jungler in LoL.

Masochism(E): Very nice for pushing towers down quicker, and when you're engaged in a 1v1 fight, it's very helpful. Do bare in mind though, that you gain more AD for the lower health you have and the CD is a little long compared to your others, so try to use this after you've taken a few hits.

Sadism(R): Quite possibly my favorite ultimate and pretty much makes Mundo invincible and able to stay in lane for a very long period of time. You regenerate almost half your health at level 1 and 60% at level 3. On top of that, you gain a very nice movement speed buff and is great for escaping or catching up to a teamfight. Also has a very low cooldown.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost Flash: Now for your summoner spells, you can honestly use either one. Again, its your preference. I personally like Ghost for being even faster when i have my ultimate active to chase down enemies mid game or getting back to my lane after recalling, but flash is also nice for wall teleports and all that good stuff

Exhaust Ignite: For your second summoner spell, can you guess what i'm going to say? PREFERENCE. When laning with someone its always best to take exhaust unless they already have it or if you're a person that likes to ignite the flesh of things and reduce healing go for that.

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All in all Dr. Mundo is a very fun champion, who has great poke, great chasing, great escaping, and has a good damage output. Once again, this is my first guide and I hope that I helped you guys with your building. GL HF.