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Build Guide by Ebbe38

My AD ezreal build!

By Ebbe38 | Updated on January 26, 2011

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In this build will you learn about. Runes,how to play, items,enemys.
(this build is for mid line in 5v5)
- Kill people at lvl 2
- Kite all meele
- Best damage in game
- make people rage/rage quit :D

- die very very fast...
- always get target first.
- hard to learn how to play.
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Im playing with attack damage Quintessenc, but arrmor pen works too.

Red - runes, Armor pen for tanks.

Blue - Magic ressictens for middel line vs an spell burster like ryze that can hit mutch on you.

Yellow - Im going for mana regen per lvl so you aint getting out of mana so easy.
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you guys are like "omg noob" becuse i start with, but early game when you harras or aouto shoting them are you easly getting dmg by creeps or the enemy,the next item i buy is its a great item for ezreal it got life steal, can one hit minons that give you mutch health and wards for junglers or cover your own middel from gankers. my next items is is my next item for mana and its amazing passive/trinity force. keep going and buy before boots. its making pro attack speed and moments speed. is your next item for more momment speed and attack speed. one of my favorite items, good vs vlad and all tanks. is good for all too you get evry enemy down in 2 sec with all your arrmor pen and attack speed / damage. good damage and great arrmor pen. if you get into this long game that not often happen becuse if you play right are they sure surreender at 25, if not sell your first life steal item and buy and then all pots :)
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Some other items
I just talked about your items! But there is somemore like insteed of you buing if your mid are vlad or mundo or a life stealer,

If you get feeded at start buy at fast as you can.

Heros that you wanna meet and they that are hard.

Ashe - free win... exhoust/ingnite is half health too her so just like spamm Q when you try kill her and you succses ;)

Annivia - same like ashe just doge her balls and you win easy

mordakasier - omg mordkasier is too easy with red buff just like harras him with Q and go aout shot kite and **** too easy.

vigar - you aint having any ability power so just stay away from his sky balls and harras him with red buff.

Hard heros in mid

Katarina - Not fair dont even go in mid vs her -.- she hit dubbel that you do with her harras and her backstab thing or wtf it is is too OP.

Vlad - pros can take him but new beginers is it harder for. keep up your on him and harras him with red buff Q till you finish him.

akali - just no....
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How to play, how to kill, how to win.

at start go mid....

Lvl 1 your Q skill lvl 2 your E

i will noy try explain how to kill a target. harras him till 40%-60% its count on your enemy if its vlad or someone with flash / ghost that can escape very easy get him to 40% if is like ashe or one other that cant escape go at 60% health all you need to do is Be a bit away from the enemy then suprice it with your E skill behind her use your exhoust/ingnite and spamm Q / outo hits. this will like take higest 4 sec then your enemy is dead. as fast you get your full life steal item bush the **** out of your enemy to his tower then run to red buff kill it with spamming Q spell and then you start harras him behind your minons so you cant get harrasd by him. just aout shot till he run then teleport to hi exhoust/ingnote spamm Q easy win :) keep going with getting red buff as often you can.

your rotaion "E,Q,W, if he come away with 1 health use your usless ulti
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Any qustions?

Just comment if you got a qustion vs a hero and i will tell you :) or what you want too comment with items please comment rate:)

And im sorry for my bad english but i really hope you guys understand.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ebbe38
Ebbe38 Guide

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My AD ezreal build!
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