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Team Guide by Fabiansju

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fabiansju

my builds

Fabiansju Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

this is not a team build only a guide for my favorite champions and it is only how i play them
please don't comment my spelling am actually a dyslexic.

the build for janna mid it works really good vs champions such as annie, vladimir and Brand but not vs vayne and akali because you will be extremely vulnerable. If it goes really good get
mejai`s soulstealer and if the enemy get to you often get leviathan or warmong depending on how many kills and assists you get. you will have clarity so you can stay longer on the lain you are on. now with the new mastery's you can bay Dorians ring and a health pot witch is really useful.

the galio build if for an agresiv galio player.
dont folow the item build completely because if ther is no ad players dont buy thornmail
in if ther is no ap get ninja tabi, Warmong, thormail raylais cristal sceptor. if you get a lot of gold buy a Rod of Ages in early game. and use clarity when needed so you always can use your spells. Get quicksilver sash vs stunners and dont take any items that give you manna you dont need them.

Shen is my personal favorite in ranked games my stats is normally about 5 3 15
or with warmong leviathan ninja Tabi and Atma`s Impaler and thorn mail 9 2 17
start with dorians shield or Ruby crystal then get mercury`s Treads or ninja tabi.
you can also start by getting Cloth armor and health potions and go jungle build ap and your ult will give a shield that gives a friend between 1000 and 4000 life for a short time. and this can change a battle from 1v1 to 1vs2 or 2v1 2vs2.
when you fight focus on keeping your friend alive not you self.

Tryndamere`s ulyi is op so this build fokusing on that it will keep you alive.
spinning slash will help you run from and to enemies. blood lust makes so you can restore health and give you more at when you get low health. that works really good with your ulti cos you will be a lot stronger when your about to keeps you from dying and fills up your fury. when you only have one second left off your ulti use spinning slash and Flash to get away from the battle. When you are out of range activate blood lust. Then you will get more health. Then you can either go jungle or recall to get more health.

Warwick has ridiculously easy to regen health. ones i attacked 3 enemies and had full health when i had killed them all. your passive makes him a really good jungler that don't need smite. You only 2 pots with a cloth armor. If you would have smite go for dragon at lvl 5.
you could build him so his ulti and Hungering Strike become really strong. or focus on high at and low manna cost.
if you want to go jungle Start of with buying Cloth Armor and two Health Potion.
You start on golem camp
then go Straight for Wraiths.
Go to the other side and kill wolves. Target the big one do a Hunters Call between 1st and 2nd melee swing and kill off the wolves. DO NOT USE Hungering Strike on wolves you will need the manna. Move to big blue buff golem.
Move to Golems again.
recall and You should complete your Madred's Razors and get 2 pots so you can take on the dragon with red buff and if necessary take help of a friend


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