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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeadlyXD

My general ad carry's(5v5)

DeadlyXD Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Welcome to my guide on ad carry's

I'm not some ad carry who goes 17/1/9 with an golden elo. No, I'm not even level 20. But apart from runes I believe I know what I'm talking about. Don't rate down beacuse i'm not even level 30 don't rate down beacuse i'm not some god player. Rate down if you want to beacuse you don't like the build or guide but remeber to leave a comment.
Also this is my first guide. EVER!!!!!!! If you play on the Eu west server and have an query's add me on ErrrXD or TrollyXD and you could help me with my build and get a fabulous spot on this and I could even help you with yours.

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So in this guide I will be showing you my builds for various ad carrys. There are some exceptions on what works on some that doesn't work on others such as black clever on vayne is brilliant where as put that on ashe and it might not be as good. Ignore the items section for each of the charcters I couldn't get it to work. I do know a little about my stuff I've seen chaox play and candypanda and i've taken nots on them.

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Runes are down to personal prefance and I really don't have any idea about what should be with these.

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Just standard 21/0/9 21/9/0 Again I'm not level 30. SO I don't really know that much about these

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I couldn't get the items to work
So Ashe I go

Doran's blade Boots 1 Dorans blade boots 2 Vamperic scepter. Bloodthirster Phantom dancer game should end here but if it doesn't: Infinity edge Last whisper and guardian angel.

Ashe is the cc'er of ad carrys imo.

Dorans boots 2 phantom dancer infinty edge game should end here. But if I doesn't banshee's veil bloodthirster guardian angel.

Caitlyn has good range so it's just about attack and damage.

Doran's blade Boots 1 vamperic scepter - wriggles boots 2 black clever. Thats all you really need just build a defensive item like banshee's or gaurdian angel

Wriggles is brilliant on some ad carrys beacuse of its baron and dragon control.

Miss fortune.
Doran's Boots 1 wriggles phantom dancer blood thirster. Game should end with these unless your quite fed if not get an infinity edge and some stuff to stop you from dying.

Finally sivir
Sivir I haven't had that much practice with.
I think I would go Dorans boots dorans vamperic scepter blood thirster phantom dancer Infinity edge. and then some defensive items and maybe a last whisper

The items that are common on ad carry's are
Beserker greaves are the boots most commonly found on an ad this are just plus attack speed.
Phantom dancer Great for attack speed and critical hits.
Infinity edge good damge plus critical hits makes your critical hits do plus 250% damage instead of 200%
Bloodthirster Possible the best item for lifesteal in the game I recommend this on every ad carry. Lifesteal and damage improve with farm.
Last whisper great for damage and armor penatration
Black clever the anwser to last whisper. Attack damage and speed and puts a nerf on the enemy player which reduces their armor for each hit ( stacks 4 times)
Wriggles lantern is a cost effective items commonly found on Junglers and Solo tops.
Now however Chaox I belive as made it popular for ad carrys to get it. I'd recommend it if your winning and want a cheap boost untill you get your expensive items such as an infinity edge or a bloodthirster.
Banshee's veil is health and mana buff. Gives you a temporary sheild which absorbs a spell effect.
Guardian angel. When you die it brings you back to life with some healthvery good defensive item as it also gives Magic resist and Armor.

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Summoner Spells

For the summoner spells the most common one is exhaust and flash as the support heals you.
But recently people have started going heal flash and running exhaust on support as the heal gives you more if you cast it or the timing can be bettter for the carry.

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Farming is last hitting if your support is not experienced tell them to not steal your creep kills. Thats for you you need to last hit the minoins when it comes to reducing an opponant to half health or farming your creeps in lane. Pick the farm. Half health won't make them recall and you lose the farm only go for the kill or put them at 1/4 health and make them recall Wriggles lantern helps with farming. I recommend it for that not late game

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There a few people I'd recommend to you. You can catch Chaox streaming on or I'm not sure which
You can youtube them if you do I recommend a guy called ciderhelm He does don't feeds which are champion spotlights that are very good and he livestreams games.

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Thank you reading my guide and If you every want to speak to me on here about something leave a comment or add me on Eu west sever errrXD or TrollyXD are my main acounts.
Please leave your review and such in the comments section below


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