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League of Legends Build Guide Author foREVer122809

Nasus-Dominating Summoners Rift

foREVer122809 Last updated on April 3, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Hello all, and welcome to my guide! I am foREVer122809 and I am hoping to shed some light on other players on a great way to play one of my favorite champions, Nasus. This is in no way "martial law" on how to play him, and I encourage you to alter and change it in any way :)

I've read through a lot of builds and guides here on Mobafire about Nasus, and none have quite hit the nail with me. Most builds recommend a tanky build focusing on his Q (which mine does as well) but don't emphasize his ability to do insane amounts of damage (or as Phreak would say, Tons of Damage) while tanking a heavy amount of damage.

NOTICE: This is a rather unorthodox build, and is not a "cookie cutter" build in terms of runes, masteries, and items. Don't be afraid to try something out of the ordinary.

Thank you all for choosing my guide, and I hope you find it useful in helping you discover your perfect personal build :) This is my first build here on Mobafire so leave your suggestions below!!

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Now a LOT of people will be wondering about my runes, so here is a quick explanation of my choice:
I am a level 29 LoL player, and of course I am still learning. But one of my biggest issues in the game is IP. You don't get too much per game, and of course we all want to save up for those 6300 IP champions. And with EVERY champion spotlight, EVERY guide, and EVERY build, there is an extremely finite rune selection. Now tier 3 runes are somewhat unrealistically expensive, being from 450 up to 2000 IP EACH. The rune page setup I have here is a all-use type of setup. This is to save that valuable IP while still getting a rune page applicable to most champions.

Full analysis of rune selection:
Mark: Greater Mark of Replenishment This provides that little bit of extra Mana Regen that everyone can use. It never hurts just to have it, and Nasus can really burn through Mana in just a couple of combo's. However, after I get the Mana from Sheen I tend to stop having Mana issues. Occasionally I do run dry on Mana, but I'll usually end up snagging blue when the jungler isn't looking.
Seal: Greater Seal of Endurance This helps absolutely anyone in the League and always will (unless you want to have as little hp as possible). Each gives .5% increased HP. So per every 100 HP with 9 runes, you have another 4.5 HP. That doesn't seem like much, so lets get a little bit deeper. Total HP with a full build is 3298. With the runes, it increases to 3446. That's an extra 200 HP you got there. It may not seem like much, but the smallest things can make a huge difference in team fights/ small skirmishes.
Glyph: Greater Glyph of Vigor This gives some decent health regen, mostly effective during early game. Not much to say here, except for the fact that this matches very well with your life steal.

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I am not going to say much about masteries except that it is all about how you are going to play. If you always end up being in the center of the team fight (which you should, with his ultimate), you should be a little more defensive. If you like to walk in, Q, and walk out unscathed, you may want to emphasize on damage output. My mastery choice is about damage, with 9 points in defense, mainly for the bonus health, and giving yourself a small early game advantage with armor and magic resist.

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Core Item Build:
These items are next to necessary for you to succeed. I find it quite shameful how most people almost never use life steal on Nasus. Because nobody knows that his Q applies lifesteal! I choose wriggles over any other life steal item because of that fact that it gives free wards, armor, damage, AND life steal. That's a LOT of bonuses, and on top of that it boosts his passive. The Trinity Force is what makes Nasus a viable champion, honestly. It gives every bonus the Nasus could ever want! And the Guardian Angel is self explanatory, it adds good tankiness while giving you an extra life.
Less Important Items:
/ Zeke's Herald
The boots are obviously purely situational, grabbing Ninja Tabi if encountering heavy AD, and Mercury's Treads if you're against AP/ heavy CC.