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Nasus Build Guide by PHELYP

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PHELYP


PHELYP Last updated on November 25, 2013
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hi guys, im sure we all agree how ap tank nasus is. He's got his massive Q damage endgame, his
op slow and all u have to do is build tank items. What if i were to tell u on top of all this
you could get op AOE damage and a great nuke? And on top of that u would be able to start doing
damage before the usual 20 min farmgrind? Sound intresting? Have a look below!

P.S. I will be using Q W E and R rather than the ability names as not everyone
is familiar with Nasus and thusly will not know the ability names so imo it will make it
easier for those people to comprehend and remember.

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- magic resist glyphs
- armor seals
- magic penetration marcs
- ability power quints

so in short offtanky ap runes

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Sorcery this will help u get more lasthits with your Q which u will want to do as much as
possible to raise this abilities damage.( every time u kill anything with it it does
more damage, this bonus is doubled on large minions, monsters and champions)

Mental Force this will raise your AP and therefor your E's damage which will be your nuke

Arcane Mastery same as above

Double-Edged Sword Mainly to be able to unlock Arcane Mastery

Enchanted Armor armor and magic resistance for obvious reasons

Block mostly to unlock higher masteries and since most mids are ranged it helps a bit.

Unyielding same as above

Veteran Scars more hp

Juggernaut more of an mid/endgame choice where it rlly makes a difference

Oppression works rlly well with your W Wither ability

Hardiness i put 2 points in it just to balance it out wether they have ap or ad mid

Resistance see above

Perseverance great to stay in lane longer

Swiftness helps survive CC ganks

Tenacious same as above + to survive longer in teamfights

Legendary Guardian same as above + to be in control longer during teamfights

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Rod of Ages - great allround item, nice mana, hp and ap
Mercury Threads magic resist and tenacity, to make up for your sluggishness
Iceborn Gauntlets get this quickly if their mid is ad
Abyssal Mask get this quickly if their mid is ap
Sunfire Cape adds AOE on your ult and gives great defences
Zhonia's Hourglass if u want to balance out your magres and armor and be able to bait
Liandry's Torment if they have lots of hp or to have the nice afterburn effect if
they keep getting away with low hp.

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Skill Sequence

Q this will be your main lasthitting tool, get it first max it second

E this will be your main poke, max it first and use it to poke but be carefull about
burning your mana if u havent finished rod of ages.

W get 1 point in this one just to be able to slow potential gankers, max last

R max whenever possible like on all champs

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Ghost get this one and not flash because u want to be able to stick to them as long as
possible when ur ult is activated.

Exhaust for when your W is on cooldown and u need a slow in a
pinch, or just if u want to catch up to a weak target. I advise to
keep it as your ace in the whole though.

POSSIBLE OTHER SPELLS : Ignite just that little extra damage over time and nice healblocker

Barrier surprise them as they move in for the kill. Can be used
to bait a towerdive especially good in combination with Wither
or to do a towerdive yourself!

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Pros / Cons

PROS : - easy to lasthit with even without ad
- very tanky
- good CC
- great pusher and teamfighter

CONS : - slow movespeed
- manahungry early

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Team Work

in teamfights try to use your W on their adc or apc and nuke him with your E
planting E when they cluster is also a great idea especially if one or more are slowed/stunned.
another great thing u can do despite being ap is pushing towers, after 15mins of farming
your damage to the turret is pretty high.

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just wait untill a minion gets low and finish it off with Q do this is much as possible.
Using W on your opponent before moving in often makes them run back in fear ensuring u
dont get poked. U can also use your W to slow them so they miss lasthits but this isnt
advised early as it drains your mana which u need to lasthit with Q

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Just get as many lasthits as u can with Q and poke the enemy with E as he moves in to
lasthit. After uve got rod of ages u can use W E combo to keep them on the circle longer.
however dont do this unless ur sure that the enemy jungler is far away because otherwise u will
need it to stop him and escape.

COMBOS : W- E- R- Q and spam Q
E- autoattack - R- W and spam Q this is for when u've got Frozen Gauntlets
R- Ghost- autoattack - E- W- Q and spam Q