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Nasus Build Guide by bryanfarmer10

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bryanfarmer10

Nasus - The Curator of the Sands

bryanfarmer10 Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone, thank you for looking at my guild to Nasus - The Curator of the Sands. First off I'm not the best player in the world, but i have found a way to win about 87% of my games with Nasus (the other 13% is when i have a group of feeders and makes it real tough to carry as the tank.) By The Way this is my first Build so if things seem weird or out of place im sry kinda new to this thing....

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Pros / Cons


[*]you have an overpowered slow
[*]You do amazing amounts of damage if farmed correctly
[*]You have a passive and an ability where u can life steal (meaning u dont have to buy life steal items)
[*]Lanning is easy
[*]Late game (the longer the game the stronger you get)
[*]You can destroy turrets as fast as anyone if not faster


[*]needs to farm to do good damage
[*]can get shut down from ranged champs

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greater mark of desolation
I take armor pen Marks for the extra damage u WILL do.
Greater Seal of Armor
I take flat armor Seals because it gives u an advantage early game to start farming your Q.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
I take flat Cooldown Glyphs well, because it lessens the Cooldown on my Siphoning Strike so i can get more farm with it.
Greater Quintessence of Experience
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Then there is a choice between movement speed Quint's and Exp Quint's. the reason for these is most the time ur solo top and the movement speed helps for 1. getting away, 2. getting in to Q a minion, or 3. just having that boost of speed to chase down that enemy before he reaches his/her turret. But for the exp runes, again ur mostly solo top and u already have the exp advantage but y not level faster than everyone else.

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Well most the time i start with the Doran's Shield for the extra health and health regen. After that i normally rush a Sheen (cause im a baddie) it helps farming ur Siphoning Strike so u dont have to time anything, plus it does amazing damage early game. Then I go for Boots of Lucidity, well for Cooldown for his Siphoning Strike.
Then finish off the Trinity Force.
After that you can branch off two maybe 3 ways.

Tank Nasus

First, you could go tank, by getting a Guardian Angel. after that item i would see which one of there players are good, good rather it being by farming or getting kills and build ur next item against him. and so and so forth, till u have a full build of course.

Damage Per Second Nasus

second, you can go directly for Attack Damage, by getting an Infinity Edge and a Blood Thirster.

Off-Tank/damage Per second Nasus

Then the third way, would build more off-tank, like building a Frozen Mallet, Warmog's Armor, and an Atma's Impaler.

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Skill Sequence

Siphoning Strike
This is your "Bread and Butter" for all the damage you will do with Nasus. You should always last hit with your Siphoning Strike. DON'T EVER JUST HIT MINIONS WITH IT TO HEAL. That's what u have Soul Eater for. :D
This is your Crowd Control, one of the most annoying slows in the game. makes chasing alot easier. Also if u get ganked, you can slow one of the several enemy champs with this for a more percentage of escaping without a death. which could cause some rage with the other team. XD
Spirit Fire
With this ability u always want to try to fight on top of it for the fact that it decreases their armor, which means u can do more damage.
Fury of the Sands
This is wear your tanky-ness comes in at. not only does it give you more health, it makes u stronger with more enemies around you.

I start out with the Siphoning Strike because, to me that is your valuable ability. I level it 3 times before hitting level 6. but after level 6 i max out Wither. By the time you are level 6 you should have already farmed your Siphoning Strike enough to where you dont need to level any more. The reason why i max out Wither first and not Spirit Fire, it's simple. no one ever wants to fight a nasus after he has farmed his Siphoning Strike for so long. So the Spirit Fire is only on one spot, but while Wither slows an extreme amount makes them easier to catch and kill. After Wither is maxed i finish off my Siphoning Strike, then Spirit Fire, but of course i level my Fury of the Sands when ever i get a chance (6, 11, 16.)

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Ok, Farming your Siphoning Strike is the most important thing for his damage. In order to do the massive damage late game like we all want. when ever you are lanning while using Nasus, dont push. try to only last hit with ur Siphoning Strike only. the only time its ok to not last hit a minion without it, is if it is on cooldown. other than that Siphoning Strike every minion. i normally have around 250 damage on Siphoning Strike around 20 min. into the game.

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Well thats how i play Nasus, knowing that your Siphoning Strike is most of ur damage, that u can do almost anything with Nasus, and that Nasus if fun to play. I really hope that this has helped people in order to play a nice and destructive Nasus. Enjoy! :D

P.S. if there is anyting i missed plz feel free to comment and let me add it, Thanks