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Nasus Build Guide by mos deadly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mos deadly

nasus the power jungler

mos deadly Last updated on July 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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hello i am mos deadly and this is my first build guide and i wanted to make

remember first of all this will only work on bronze and silver rankings don't try this in gold unless you get extremely skilled with it

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most of the tankiness in the runes are normal and something i shouldn't have to explain however the reason i got 1 armor quint and 2 attack damage quints is because the armor lets you gank bot with more efficiency and the attack damage makes your siphoning strike deal more damage along with your basic attacks making you be able to get in and out of lanes quicker the reason i don't have movement quints is because its not really necessary due to your wither and the attack damage marks is as i said so you can get out of lane quicker

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if you go along the masteries you will notice that i have some weird set with attack damage and utility along with no defense the reason for it is that the offensive runes will help you not only be able to easily jungle it helps alot with the extra minion damage from butcher and gank but also will help you alot in early team fights (if there is some) the reason i got the destruction is that you will be able to gank an ally and kill his enemy turret faster if all your lanes are doing fine and he along with the enemy laner is dead the utility is kinda a weird pick but also probably the most important the extra movement speed from wanderer will help you get from lane to lane quicker and is mostly for if the enemy's are really smart and you need to gank often the mastermind will help you get out your ult fury of the sands really quickly and also will help you so that you can get out your wither and your siphoning strike quicker

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the reason i told you to get a longsword and a pot for the first thing is because the longsword will deal extra damage to minions and work for when your getting creeps and will give you enough healing to get done with your first jungle run which i shall explain after i get done with explaining the spells the next item is vamperic scepter which is a nice item for keeping you sustained in the jungle and help you get the bigger creeps and even the dragon with ease it will also keep your health up for if you need a quick gank asap the next item the ravenous hydra grants extra aoe damage and gives a nice boost to how quickly you can farm jungle creeps the next two boots boots of mobility and boots of swiftness are based upon the enemy intelligence and at times should be bought before the ravenous hydra the boots of mobility are for if you need some extra leverage to get from the bush to the enemy the boots of swiftness are for if you are already getting in the lane and then need to keep near him so if he gets to tower you can siphoning strike him the next item is the bloodthirster its absolutely necessary on this build with the hydra you will now be able to get alot of extra life steal to scale with your siphoning strike the next few items is zephyr because it gives tenacity for when your in teamfights and you get crowd controled to all hell and two tanky items the thornmail and the spirit visage which one you get first is entire up to their team comp if the ap leader is dominateing get a spirit visage if the ad leader is dominating thornmail if nither side is dominateing then just get the spirit visage because of the boost in lifesteal

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Skill Sequence

this build is entirely based upon you getting your siphoning strike up asap so that you will practically half health the enemy as soon as you get into a lane with 1 siphoning strike the reason i got up the spirit fire for the second sill is because you might want to use that to reduce the jungle creeps armor and the laners armor but the reason i said wither for the forth skill is because if you need to gank anytime before that the enemy will be so push that you wont need it also get wither for if you get into mid game and still are in laneing phase then you can go ahead and gank with the enemy barely being able to move then you go to the spirit fire so that you can do aoe damage in team fights and help the adc

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smite for obvious reasons (because your jungleing) and flash because then for early ganks you can flash up to the enemy if the laner cant finish and finish him with a siphoning strike ghost is not too recomended unless the mid laners countered to hell and the odds are in your favor then ghost is a nice item to pop when the enemys almost inside your towers range

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Creeping / Jungling

the magic of it all is how you jungle i wouldn't suggest going and getting the blue buff first but if your allies absolutely consist help them out but what i would suggest is going to the wraiths first and ask the allies not to help you one bit (it will be effecting the game play) then focus the first lesser wraith hit it once with auto attack then once with siphoning strike then hit the greater wraith until your siphoning strike is up again then do that to another lesser wraith then use your siphoning strike to kill the greater wraith it should look like you would have 2 more basic attacks on it with just a little more then a splinter of health maby 70 if you like numbers don't be afraid to press s and allow the wraith to hit you a few times to get up your siphoning strike it is the reason you got two pots then move onto the golems if your low by the wraiths pop a pot in between your walk between the golems and the wraiths then when you get to the golems hit the lesser golem twice with auto attack (it should be half health) then once with siphoning strike if this doesn't work you probably went afk and now the jungle creeps are stronger and pop another pot along with hitting the greater golem before you hit the lesser golem again with siphoning strike to finish it off now onto the greater golem first smite it to get it low now heres the tricky part you have to be careful on how you siphoning strike it and strike it when its on literally a splinter of health without killing it beforehand if you cant kill it with one siphoning strike then don't take chances kill it with basic attacks then go onto the wolves you normally get enough sustain from your passive now that you should just be able to get 2 hits on the lesser wolves and then 1 siphoning strike to kill them then use your siphoning strike once on the greater wolf after you sustained off it while you waited for the cool-down on siphoning strike until the you killed the lesser wolves then just hit it a few more times wait till its a little more then a splinter of health then siphoning strike it then go back to base get the vamperic scepter then if your lanes are doing fine go ahead and go to the blue buff and hit the lizzards twice then siphoning strike bolth of them smite the golem early as you want to get it down to a pretty low amount of helth before siphoning strikeing it then do the same on the red buff you should have a really nice boost on your siphoning strike now and you should either gank or continue farming mostly off wraiths and golems eventually at level 10 start killing the dragon and dont be afraid to pop ult if needed

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Unique Skills & Ganking

nasus is a really nice champ that gets alot of basic damage from his siphoning strike he heals alot at the beginning with the lifesteal on this build he has a great chance of soloing an entire team and winning if you get fed enough (ive done it once) and should be a great pusher with the siphoning strike being able to hit towers then comes the time when you have to gank some lanes you will need to gank asap when the enemy jungler ganks a lane and you have your ult but in order to gank what you want to do is go into the bush wait for the time then go in use your wither and then when your about to siphoning strike her use your spirit fire then your strike this will reduce her armor and make siphoning strike more effective if your highly overpowered and need some extra tankiness to gank its simple pop your ult right before you start fighting this will deal a nice boost of damage and give you alot of helth and i said before that you need to try and feed the laner kills and siphoning strike the enemy if shes about to get away this is not true for such champs as kat jax tristana and other champs that have an excape

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with all of these tricks you should be able to deal massed out damage and even carry the team then later in the game have a nice boost of tankiness to help you out