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Nautilus Build Guide by SawyerTHEBEST

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SawyerTHEBEST

Nautilus Guide - Control Support

SawyerTHEBEST Last updated on July 10, 2018
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Nautilus Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Bone Plating
Bone Plating
LoL Rune: Second Wind
Second Wind
LoL Rune: Unflinching

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Hextech Flashtraption
Hextech Flashtraption
LoL Rune: Biscuit Delivery
Biscuit Delivery

+30-270 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Support Role
Ranked #24 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Ability Sequence

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Threats to Nautilus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Blitzcrank When he hooks you, Q to a wall, and nothing happens. After level 6 just ULT him and he dies.
Kalista Don't die level 2 and win the game. Press R on her and she dies.
Draven Press R , Good bye.
Ezreal Kill his entire team while you laugh at the 0 damage he does.
Ashe Press R, where's your dash lucian?
Corki Flash Auto as he valkyrie's away Hook him then Press R, Trinity power spike? nah son.
Jinx No Escape, Press R walk around chompers, Q > Auto > E > k thx bai
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About Me

My name is Sawyer Nelson and I'm a Challenger League of Legends player & Stream on

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Welcome to my Support Nautilus Guide! My name is Sawyer and I'm probably in Masters or Challenger right now, and currently main Support. For the 2nd half of Season 5 I have played Nautilus about every other game, making him easily one of my most played, and through this I have learned what it takes to get the most out of his kit and Truely Dominate my Opponents!

  • Good Front Line, and Hook Threat
  • On Click Ult (Can't Miss)
  • Lots of CC
  • Shield Scales with Health
  • Easily Ganked
  • Hook can't go through Walls or Minions
  • Invisibilty Cancels his ULT
  • Hook can be canceled by Buffered Commands (Ex: Vayne's Condem)

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Season 7

After the Nerfs to Nautilus since he was being abused in the Top lane, the nerfs hit Support Nautilus pretty hard in subsequentially, look he's not your best tank / hook option, but he's really simple, and not the worst **** you can play. He's strengths now are more of control since he doesn't have the stupid damage on his E anymore, and with the buff to his ult you have a lot of room to try to control fights, and with your tankiness you can be an effective front line.

Look to teamfight with your ULT up more than anything it is the strongest part of your kit if used correctly, 2v2's and 3v3's aren't that great for nautilus.

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00000+ Control Nautilus has a lot of CC, and with running Exhaust you can practically take a carry out of the fight all togeather, it helps you get on targets easier without having to hook, and gives you some better peel for your own carries since you don't have any heals / shields. 00000+Pretty much Required for Flash Engages, and your only Gap closer needs to hit a wall for you to escape, which if you don't have Flash can easily be Blocked

Why not Ignite ? in Version 1 of this guide the goal was to kill in lane as Nautilus, but the Champion has been nerfed as a top lane carry, which affected his playstyle as support ALOT, making so is early game damage is not as insane as it once was, so now it is much more reliable and just better to play for control rather than to dominate a laning phase through a lucky kill levels 1 - 3.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Armor


+ 9x Greater Mark of Attack Speed Pretty much the only way to get Attack Speed on Nautilus is through rune. Attack Speed helps with Appling your Passive Staggering Blow, Procing Relic Stacks, and killing Wards.


+ 4x Greater Seal of Armor best slot in runes for some Armor
+ 5x Greater Seal of Health Min-Maxing with Armor in Runes and all in combination with Masteries.


+x3 Greater Glyph of Armor Best use for the last 3 Glyph spots.
+ x6 +5% CDR Level 1 is required for your E Riptide & ULT Depth Charge


+ +12.79 Armor for just Quints is pretty much a Cloth Armor level 1 for Free. PREEEEEEEEEEETY Valuable.

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Reason for Picking:



  • Wanderer 5/5 - Small Movement Speed helps with roaming and general movement.
  • Secret Stash 1/1 - Gives you more Value from the 3 Health pots you start with, and gives you small amount of Mana which really Helps Nautilus.
  • Merciless 2/5 - Nautilus brings a lot of Burst, so getting extra damage when a target is below 40% is really nice, and you don't lose out on any crucial mana regen from not taking the 2 points in Meditation
  • Meditation 3/5 - Since we pretty much only cast E - Riptide in lane this is all the Mana regen we need.
  • Bandit 1/1 - So you have extra gold income while in lane, and gives you 10 Gold on a very low Cooldown when you hit an enemy ( which you should be doing often!)

  • Recovery 5/5 - Free Health Regen is nice for levels 1-5 , and you get almost no value out of Unyielding
  • Explorer and Tough Skin are both good options. Think you will be roaming more? Get Explorer . Are you against a double Auto Attack bot lane matchup - Janna, Cait run Tough Skin
  • Runic Armor 5/5 - This works nice in combination with Titan's Wrath, Relic Shield stacks, base health regen, and Courage of the Colossus .
  • Insight 1/1 - Reduced Cooldown on Exhaust and Flash more Pressure & Control Faster!
  • [Swiftness]] 4/5 - You need to be able to run along side enemies when chaseing them down, and be able to get away when the enemy is blowing CC on you, also helps with positioning in crazy team fights when CC and slows are going everywere.
  • Legendary Guardian 1/5 - Get value from level 1 being in a DUO Lane, and since you build mostly health it's nice to get even this super small amount of stats.
  • Courage of the Colossus 1/1 - Really good shield for unfair trading in lane every 45 Seconds, you can proc it with your Auto Attack Passive, or with ULT, or Q.

Changing Masterys

Other than alternating Explorer & Tough Skin don't touch anything.

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As Nautilus a pretty relvant goal of yours should be to become tanky enough to be an Effective Front line Mid-Late game. This how ever requires you to get more gold than a Support normally would. So how what are a Supports options to get more Gold?

  1. Steal CS - Isn't that effective since you deny the gold to another carry on your team.(Isn't that bad to take 1 CS every now and then though :^)
  2. Get Kills or Assist - Is pretty easy to do as Nautilus, but some times your team won't be in the position to fight.
  3. Farm Jungle Camps, as Support this pretty much takes your entire mana pool, but is 100% viable if you are doing it while no objectives are up and your lanes are pushed out and your team / the enemy team isn't grouped.
  4. Upgrade Relic Shield to Targon's Brace first back. This is like getting an Avarice blade for Support. It gives your ADC a lot more Sustain, the only thing you have to worry about is buy at least 1 ward (ideally 2) on the same back you get Targons since you are buying it instead of a Sightstone.
  5. Farming / Pushing an Empty Lane, now this one is all up to you, nobody on your team is going to say HEY NAUTILUS GO AHEAD AND FARM MY LANE MAN! You have to be looking at the map and decide if it is ok / Correct / Beneficial for you to Farm / Push out a lane.

    (Example, You have just killed mid lane, but both your Mid laner and their Mid laner died, and the creeps are in the middle of the lane, in that case it is 100% correct to push the wave so that your Minions are denied to the enemy Mid Laner.
  6. You also get Gold from the 21 points in Utility Tree, which include: Greed , Scavenger , and Bandit these give you gold for Existing, being in lane near Minions that someone is last hitting, and for Hitting the Enemy, so pretty much the more you scrap bot lane, the more gold you get( since you will also be "Accidentally" taking CS with your E Riptide while fighting, and will most likely win the trades, to lead into killing them giving you even more gold!

    face of the mountain


    You need to be getting your Relic stacks at all times throughout the game, they give you a huge amount of gold and should not be ignored.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Don't level an Ability right as the game starts, be thinking / Reacting to what your team is doing / what you are pinging them to do before leveling an Ability.

Are you Invading?

>Do you see someone you can 100% hook
>>Level Q Dredge Line

Are you Starting a Camp (Golems / Gromp) with your ADC?

>Level W Titan's Wrath

Are you Leashing for your Jungler / Starting in lane?

>Level E Riptide

Why DO you Max E Riptide first?

You want to be able to stay even in wave control and in most matchups you will be against double ranged, maxing E Riptide helps with keeping the wave in a neutral spot, and when you get onto targets it helps take out a good chunk of damage.

Why DON'T you Max W Titan's Wrath 1st?

Having a bigger shield sounds nice, but you aren't the target of the enemy team, your carries are, and if you show the enemy this big o'll shield, they will have even more incentive to hit your Carries instead. (and the reasons for maxing Riptide above out weight the reasons for maxing W Titan's Wrath.

Why not Max Q Dredge Line 2nd?

By maxing Q you get it on a lower cooldown, and it does more damage, and really isn't bad to max, but if you use your points into it, it takes away points from your W Titan's Wrath or your E Riptide, which is what makes it bad to max anything but last.

What order do I use my Abilities to Engage on someone?

Pre-Level 6:
>Creeps in the way?
>>Flash Auto > E > W > Q where they flash away too.
>Creeps not in the way?
> Q > Auto > E > W > walk towards them don't be trying to auto attack or they will out run you. be Spamming E every time it's up

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  • Relic Shield & Targon's Brace - Gives you Gold income, Health Regen, and an active Heal
  • Boots of Mobility - Nautilus's Ganks through lanes is very strong with the Super long range on his hook, but also having the ability to just hover around lanes, or in river with mobis is nice.
  • Redemption - you want to try to get this as early as possible after getting Boots of Mobility & Sightstone, get the Crystalline Bracer first, since the build path into Forbidden Idol is cheaper, and you get more value out of the flat health quicker.

    You HAVE to make use of the active, blow it whenever to get used to using it, don't stop to think if you should use it or not.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari - You will get this after Redemption, which will be at a point in the game where you have mostly health, so getting these flat stats and a 5 man shield for your entire team gives you even more team fight control, since most games will become stupid arams past 20 minutes holy moly North America sucks.
  • Knight's Vow - This is much better for peel for a single carry. You take true damage which you will have so much Flat Health from items, so you should be able to sustain in fights with it.

    I thought I should cover why you don't build other tank items, since this is a very common mistake that is easily overlooked.

    First off what are the other Tank items?
  • Thornmail

    Total Price:2300

    100 Armor -Return 15% of damage taken

    So it's pretty cheap but, you are pretty much paying 2300 gold for 100 Armor. Pretty much every game you will be at most 2 Auto Attack based AD threats, with the Primary one being the enemy ADC, at no point does a Thornmail help you kill the enemy ADC. This is like a 6th item for super tanks, it's for champions that are tanking multiple members of the enemy team, Nautilus is about Applying CC to Kill someone, and if you want some Flat Armor that bad just buy a Chain Vest
  • Frozen Heart

    Total Price: 2600

    90 Armor, 20% CDR, AOE 20% Attack Speed Reduction.

    Just like Thornmail, that's a lot of money from some Armor, 400 Mana that you really don't need and an AOE auora that is only useful if you are on top of Multiple Champions, which how are you going to get onto them without a Utility item such as Righteous Glory? And when you are on them the enemy team will not be focusing you, they will be focusing your Carrys, wish you had face of the mountain to save them? Also building into Glacial Shroud then not building into Zeke's Harbinger is S i l l y.

  • Sunfire Cape

    Total Price:2600

    +450 Health +45 Armor, Deals 25+1 AOE Magic Damage

    Just like Frozen Heart to get Full effectiveness out of this item you have to be on top of Multiple people on their team, which isn't what Nautilus is good at, or how you should be playing support Nautilus. Your Goal is to CC Key targets of the enemy team not be the main Tank
  • Dead Man's Plate

    Total Price:2750

    +50 Armor +600 Health, Passive gives you Bonus Movement speed and some damage on first hit.

    So out of all of the options this one is probably the best, but it is also one of the more expensive ones as well. It is pretty much a more expensive Personal Righteous Glory that also gives you some Armor, not a bad 5th - 6th item, might build it if you are snowballing and feel it would help.
  • Banshee's Veil

    Total Price: 2700

    +450 Health, +60 Magic Resist, Blocks 1 Spell

    Are you noticing a trend here? These items are all very expensive, and require the enemy to focus you for them to be effective, and do not help you get to / away from the enemy.
  • Quicksilver Sash

    Total Price:1250

    +30 Magic Resist, Active - Remove all Debuffs from your Champion

    This item is a bit different, and the reason I don't have it above in the recommended items is because I don't want someone who is just looking at the build path and is going to blindly follow it to be building a QSS every game, so when is a QSS good to build on Support Nautilus? Pretty much only against Wombo comps, where you quickly need to get out of CC to apply your own / Spam your face of the mountain / Locket of the Iron Solari. Wombo comps usually include champions like Malphite, Yasuo, Annie, Amumu, Galio, Kennen, Sejuani, Zac.

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General Playstyle

Passive Agressive

As Nautilus you should always be looking to get in the enemy's space. Apply Pressure in lane, in their jungle, in other lanes through Warding, Ganking, and Roaming.

(Early Game)

You should be looking to OWN the lane. You are going to show the enemy you are not a Janna / Soraka. Every time you E Riptide is up, you better be walking towards them and using it, it will get creeps around it low, then when they all die you hook them and they are Tanking you + your ADC + 4-6 Minions.

Use your full tank of gas to get where you want

You start the Game with Relic Shield 3 Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation. You should be looking to use all of these in an effort to kill the enemy ADC or Support. If you have been in lane and haven't used any abilities or pots you are doing EVERYTHING wrong. PLAY THE GAME, GET IN THEIR FACE, WALK UP E Riptide > AUTO > W Titan's Wrath. Just don't get ganked around 3-4 minutes.

If you don't do anything but walk around in lane you might as well AFK.

(Mid Game)

By this time(15 - 20 minutes) you should have some Kills or Assist, and should still be putting constant either near Top and Mid or near Mid - Dragon - and Bot, put aggressive wards down in the enemy jungle (See Picture >>

Click to see bigger picture.

If at any point you notice you have full Sightstone charges and don't have any wards on the map, literally put a ward anywhere, and after 20 minutes always have a Ward on baron ! Your Wards will help dictate where your team feels safe to go, if you are wondering why isn't my team just starting off the Baron? It's probably because nobody on the enemy team is showing in lanes and you don't have any Wards in the Enemy Jungle.

Once again, ward ward ward ward ward ward ward ward

Also Ult some kids.

If your team is somewhat ahead look to Siege, and play around the edges of the lane looking for hooks.

(Late Game)

This is Obviously where you make or break it as Nautilus, like I said in Mid game, you should be Aggressively Warding, but as Nautilus it is harder to catch people out in their own Jungle since his hook doesn't go through walls, so in this case it is some what easier to Ward around the river and wait for the enemy to come and try and ward near your Jungle, then you get a clear easy hook on them.

If you do find yourself fighting in the Jungle be sure to flash into position for a hook on a key target, since you will probably not be able to simply walk at them, and the second you get someone use your ULT on them, if they are to flash onto multiple members of the enemy team it will knock them up as well setting your team up for an easy fight.


  • Force fights when you know 100% you are at a numbers advantage
  • Look for bush wacks (Make use of your sweeper)
  • Make sure to Spam Redemption / Locket of the Iron Solari shields on your Carry's when fights start, if someone dies without you using either than you will feel real silly.


  • Try not to hook into 5 people when your team isn't there
  • Don't be super conservative with your ULT Depth Charge
  • Don't give the enemy any space

Skin Psychology

So with every Champion I like to explore the possible Psychological effects they can possible have on your enemies since you should be looking to gain any advantage possible, and if one of them is through using a certain skin you should be exploiting that.


3D Model

Default will make people think you don't know how to play Nautilus. It is also very plain, which can lead to people not focus on your hooks, that being said you could also be ignored as a front liner which isn't always ideal. It does not look very threatening, but Sturdy?

Abyssal Nautilus

3D Model

This one makes you much, much darker and mysterious, but does make you easier to see / notice but are less likely to be focused, if for some reason you are building full AP this would be the skin to use.

Subterranean Nautilus

3D Model

With Moving Parts on the Anchor you Naturally attract more attention the entire Model also becomes a brighter yellow, which stands out from the Green/Brown/Blue, use this one if you know you are going to be a strong front line.

Astro Nautilus

3D Model

This skin just makes you seem bigger, the W animation is preeeeeeeeeeety big, over all B I G also best to spam Taunt with, make the enemy think you are friendly, then betray their trust.

Inquisitor Nautilus

3D Model

This is the only skin that could really have a impact from the splash art alone, It's splash Art is super bright and shows Nautilus with Sivir portraying that you will always be there to protect your carry, if you can make your game not load in as fast so the enemy has to stare at the splash Art longer, in game the skin is just all Armor, could make you seem Tankier than you actually are.

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The Hook

Nautilus's Hook hit box is very strange, since it interacts with Terrian as well as Champions, which can result in some w e i r d things happening.

First I would like to go over my estimated hook hitbox, since I haven't done exact pixel by pixel study on it, I just know how it feels heres some visuals that some what display how the hook will feel.

As you can see in this the Middle of the hook is in a "T" Shape and then has 2 blank spaces, then 1 line on each side. This is why it can look like your hook goes through someone but not hit cause it can, that being said it can also go slightly past someone, but be thrown at an angle so that one of the edges of the hooks it.

As the Hook animation twist you have to think of the hitbox being 2D, also notice how the hook is very long, this is a HUGE advantage that Nautilus has over Thresh / Blitzcrank, the balancing factor is that your hook can't go through terrain / Minions, but in an empty lane Mid / Late game you can hook the length of almost an entire lane.


Like I mentioned above you hook does connect with Terrain that can be used to your Advantage. It's pretty unnecessary to use it more than twice when getting back to lane faster, but always be considering if you should use it or not when getting to fights, also you can do this.
Also your hook's hitbox on terrain gets some getting used to.

Hooking Champions

Your hook works the same on minions and it does for champions, so as you can see even when you hit the hook with the outer lines it will center the hook on the enemy champion, so try to throw your hook so that the "T" and one of the outer lines potentially hit.

It's also important to note that the Hook channels inside of you, which makes it easier to aim compared to Blitz / Thresh where it channels on a side of you.

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The Forward "E" Riptide

During fights it's very important that you should be moving past enemies while using your Riptide, Nautilus's Model is HUGE, and in most cases will creep block people trying to walk around you, if it doesn't you should still be in range to get another Riptide off.

Movement > Auto > E >Movement > Movement > E

If you just right click them you will be auto attacking which temporarily stops your movement for a short but very impactful amount of time.