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Nautilus Build Guide by Ivanoho

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ivanoho

Nautlius, The Titan of the Depths - AP Tank

Ivanoho Last updated on February 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay this is my first build so don't be so critical xD. This is a guide for using Nautilus, Titan of the Depths. I'm making because Nautilus just came out and there aren't really any builds for him, so I had to experiment on my own with him, and this is what I came up with. I'm not the best player, so don't expect much. This guide is short and sweet for those players who don't wanna read so much :]

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Pros and Cons


  • Great tank
  • Lots of harass in lane
  • Can initiate well
  • Has a lot of damage output
  • Hard to escape
  • Practically made of CC

  • Slow early game - cannot chase if on cool down
  • Not much mana early game
  • Extremely slow auto attack - 95% of damage is from skills.

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Greater Mark of Insight
This rune is essential for pretty much all AP champions. With these runes, you'll be able to knock out half of your enemy's health in a couple seconds with your Q, W, E combo, getting around that magic resistance. Just so long as it hits, that is.

Greater Seal of ReplenishmentGreater Seal of Replenishment
These are probably the most important runes. Without these runes, you'll find that you're going back for mana more than you should be. During the laning phase, you'll be doing a lot of harassing, therefore using a lot of your mana, and you want that to come back fast. I prefer these over Greater Seal of Clarity because you don't really need mana at a constant rate during late game. And plus, your mana ratio will probably be a lot more as well. These will give you a better early game advantage.

Greater Glyph of Force
These runes will give you a constant rate of growth in your AP throughout the game. Late game, you'll need as much AP as reasonably possible to accompany the CC you put out there. Your team doesn't want you to just take the hits; Give back what you take in!

Greater Quintessence of Potency
What's wrong with a little more AP haha? To be honest, I'm too broke to afford any more runes to experiment with xD But I've heard that you could also use greater quints of swiftness to make up for the slow speed, or quints of avarice just for the extra gold income.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is very essential throughout the game, considering the slow speed of Nautilus. You don't want to spend half the time trying to walk back to lane after recalling. During the laning phase, try not to recall back until your teleport is up unless you're certain you'll die soon, because you want to be in lane as much as possible. Teleport is also useful late game when everyone's teamfighting. Everyone gets caught up in fighting in mid, you'll sometimes lose track of top and bottom and if it's being barraged by piled up minion waves. You'll need to teleport in and save the turret. You can clear out minion crowds fast using your . You can also use teleport to save or hold other lanes. Being a tank, you should be able to sustain until your ally gets back.

This spell is probably best for a tank throughout entire games. Early game, it'll help you sustain lanes or even save your laning partner. Mid game and Late game will also give Heal its uses. In teamfights, it can really make a differece. If used at the right time, you can save your entire team from defeat and make a great comeback. Best part about this spell is the satisfaction it can give. Your enemies will fight you and beat you down, and when they're celebrating that you're almost dead, you pop off the Heal and make them rage.

Honorable Mentions: Flash & Ghost
These are also great summoner spells for Nautilus and can really make or break a kill. Running around, whether predator or prey, these can really help you out in obvious reasons. If you prefer these, you can replace Teleport and/or Heal if you want to.

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Regrowth Pendant Mana Potion
Start off with for the faster health regen and sustainability in lane. You'll also have enough money left over for a which will increase sustainability and harass. These should be sufficient enough for a good amount of time before you need to go back for more items.

Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone Ninja Tabi
When you go back, get the Philosopher's Stone and your . With the Philosopher's Stone you won't need to buy any more since it will generate the mana back to you at a faster rate. Plus, your health will also regenerate even faster, which will really annoy the enemy. Now, you'll also have extra gold income, which will help out in the long run. You'll have this item practically all game, and with an average game lasting 30 minutes, you could generate over 800 extra gold. And in actuality, that's a lot if you're just maybe a couple hundred away from buying your next item. I prefer over Mercury Treads because your team's bane will probably be a strong AD champion like Tryndamere. And 10% less damage from his attacks sounds actually very helpful. Plus, you'll be getting the tenacity from Mercury Treads later in the game from .

Abyssal Scepter
This is probably the most important item that Nautilus could have, and the number one priority after your boots. It fits him perfectly, giving AP for damage, MR to accompany the Armor given from , and the reduction of enemy MR as a support attribute. Along with his crazy CC abilities, the will have deadly results. This item will be the turning point of the game if you play your cards right.

Frozen Heart
Next item to get is . Tanky because of the crazy armor it gives you, but also suitable for AP champions because of the extra mana and CDR. At this point in the game, the laning phase should have ended and you're having a lot of teamfights. With the CDR, you should be able to constantly win teamfights with your crazy CC and the accompanying damage. You should be able to spam at a good rate and also be able to have free a majority of the time to draw back any fleeing enemies. The frequent ability usage shouldn't be a problem with the mana bonus you just got. The 20% AS reduction should also help to counter high AS champions like Vayne.

Rod of Ages Force of Nature
For your next item, you'll have a choice between and , depending on your current situation. If you've been getting dominated by AP heavy champions all game like and , then it's time to invest in some magic resistance. If you're just going great and you're on a roll, think about getting that .
Getting the will definitely help you, giving that Health and Mana boost along with more damage with the AP. The health will improve your ability and the amount of damage it can absorb. Mana and AP will help you even more with just barraging your enemy with your spells.
With the , you'll even out your Armor and MR item ratio, giving high tanking ability. You'll also be regenerating health at an ever faster rate than before along with the help of your Philosopher's Stone, which will turn out to be a great nuisance to the enemy, that the tank will not go down. Also, 8% movement speed sounds excellent, with Nautilus being a slow *** hunk of metal.

Eleisa's Miracle
You should have your inventory full at this point. And if you've even reached this point, you're probably very far into the game. You want to stay in the fray as much as possible without having to recall, and nothing better than to help you with that. You've already go the Philosopher's Stone, but since you won't be needing any more gold, you can trash that in for for a greater value of health and mana regeneration. Also, you'll get that tenacity that you've been missing out on from Mercury Treads.

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Skills - Tips and Tricks

Staggering Blow (Passive)
This is a very unique passive, so be sure to make use of it. The extra damage can really be efficient in last hitting minions and the rooting can even ensure kills. I've found that this passive works better if you're not rapidly clicking on the target since Nautilus' basic attack is extremely slow. One mis-click onto a minion, and the attack starts over, and you'll miss your chance to root. It's extremely frustrating because of the long duration of the auto-attack. This passive works very well with and its damage over time effect.

Dredge Line (q)
This skill is your primary initiator and should be taken at level one. It's not really a damage dealer, so you can wait to level it up until level 14. It has a variety of uses. It can catch fleeing enemies, and even help you flee too. Keep in mind that it does pull minions like Blitzcrank's , so try to position yourself as to have a direct shot to your target. Pull enemies into turrets, into your own team, or pull yourself away from those hazards. Also remember that the anchor will only pull you forward if it hits a wall and not the ground.

Titan's Wrath (w)
This skill can be very handy at times. If you ever feel tower divey or tanky in general, pop out your . This can also be your initiator, believe it or not. When laning, if you're facing a raged opponent that's surrounding themselves with minions, trying to avoid your you can activate this and just charge right at them. They won't expect it and it will catch them off guard. As they grasp what's going on and try to run, it'll be too late because they'll be rooted, then slowed, then as they think they're about to get away, they'll be pulled back to their demise. You can also use to initiate teamfights. Charge in and activate it, and the enemy will unleash its damage upon your shield, hopefully exhausting their spell reserves, leaving them helpless to the onslaught of your teammates.

Riptide (e)
This is your main damage dealer right here, able to hit a single enemy three times consecutively while also slowing them. Take this skill at level two and it should be the first skill you max out. You can use this ability pretty much everywhere and anywhere. It has a very low cooldown and does massive aoe damage. You can use it to clear out a minion wave, deal crazy damage, slow a fleeing enemy, even slow an enemy chasing after you. Use it in lane, teamfights, jungling. It's just an all around skill that has a billion uses. Plus it's cool to watch xD

Depth Charge (r)(ult)
This skill is the grandmaster CC ability. Once you've targeted your enemy, there's practically no escape. It knocks them up, stuns them, and does a considerable amount of damage. It'll also do the same to anything in its way. Its best use is in teamfights. When you see an enemy running from the fray, ult their *** and bust up everyone in your way. It's a perfect disruptive and should be your enemy's number one concern in a teamfight. You can also use it as a last measure chasing technique. Your enemy will be dashing away and when you pop out right behind them, they'll have an "Oh ****.." moment.

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I feel like there's a lot more that I could discuss about Nautilus and why he is an amazing champion to play, but honestly, I haven't played him enough to know. Plus I'm also really tired of typing this xD. Hope this helps all you Naut players! Rate well and thanks for reading :D