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Neeko Build Guide by AbatedorDe9vinha



Updated on March 29, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AbatedorDe9vinha Build Guide By AbatedorDe9vinha 1,288 Views 0 Comments
1,288 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AbatedorDe9vinha Neeko Build Guide By AbatedorDe9vinha Updated on March 29, 2021
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Runes: Normal runes

1 2 3
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #105 in
Middle Lane
Win 49%
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Middle Lane Ranked #105 in
Middle Lane
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide


By AbatedorDe9vinha
You probably should go for the first page always for it helps on sustain for the bad clear in the early game, you can switch the secondary tree if you plan on camping a lane
I spent a lot of time testing different items for my ad neeko build and i came up with a build that does a nice amount of damage without crippling your utility to the team

you should always start with bork, for in your first base you really want the recurve bow as it is going to help the early clears and ganks with the extra damage

the mythic: Stridebreaker is the best mainly for the active wich can be used for chasing, evading skill shots and doing the ult dash. Trinity, well this item does provide you with a bigger damage but outside of that it's not that good for neeko, specially when you compare it with stridebreaker you lose so much mobility that is not worth it. Galeforce, this was a for fun item when i tested with adc items, if you're trying to win don't ever build this

Titanic Hydra, this item is probably the biggest power spike for neeko jg in the game, you gain a **** ton of damage and a lot of life, when you have the 3 items you're great for duels and you be tanking a lot on teamfights

after these core items you can either build tank depending on the machup or build more bruiser like if you're ahead see the items for some sugestions on situational building
Jungling and early game
As you can probably figure neeko early game is a bit weak for jungle, so you really have to otimize your pathing and clear, let's get into it:

Clear: i always start on my botside, since i'll have two people leashing me, now for the clear itself,on the skill order tab you can see the diference between each side of the map but let's get deeper into the why

Redside: the skill order for this side is Q>E>W, simply because you have 2
camps with multiple enemies, even though W gives you more damage
overall if you get W at level one or two in this side you're going to
have a lot of trouble clearing raptors and krugs

Blueside: since you have only one multiple foe camp you should ho W>Q>E, since
you're going to clear blue and grompe much faster, and wolves aren't
a very complicated camp to kite so you should be able to do it with
no trouble

After you full clear your jungle you have some options, you can go for the scuttle, or try to find a gank on toplane, this will depend a lot on the game so it's up to your macro sense, then reset and buy recurve and if possible boots

Some tips on how to handle the early, neeko is pretty strong even without items so don't underestimate your ability to duel. Neeko is a jungle with great ganking potential, so i recomend you abuse this factor and get some lanes snowballing
Mid game strategy
Supposing you're in a nice match you should have your two items by the midgame, so what to do now?

Well one of the biggest strengths of this champion that i have not talked about till now is the objective fights, neeko in a dragon/baron pit is a very scary champion for your foes, you have your ultimate that even without any ap items still pack a chunk of damage, and your E that gives a big CC in a line, so in this part of the game you should push towards objectives since most of the junglers wont be able to fight all of that.

Also you should have a nice amount of life, and having the slow from bork and stride breaker if you decide to pursue someone this person is hardly going to be able to escape, so try to coordinate with your team for some pickoffs or even small fights.

The campion itself is not absurdly strong or nothing, but as neeko you have ability to get someone snowbolling so hard that is virtually impossible to lose, focus on helping your carries, for with this build you'll be able to tank a bit and provide cc, slow and a nice amount of damage aswell.
Late Game
This is a shorter section since most of it is a continuation of what you'd be doing in the midgame, but the diference is that now you're either a tankier champion or you're a bruiser by now. If you're on tank pathing you should just foucs on beeing around your team and objectives, you have a lot of pressure on fights with your ult and since you're a tank they wont be able to melt you before you get to them. If you're a bruiser you should try to end the game as quickly as possible, for the bruiser path get's outscaled pretty hard, so pay attention to that and you should be good to go by forcing some duels and fights
League of Legends Build Guide Author AbatedorDe9vinha
AbatedorDe9vinha Neeko Guide
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