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LeBlanc Build Guide by NeptuNZcz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeptuNZcz

NeptuNZcz's LeBlanc

NeptuNZcz Last updated on March 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I made this guide mainly for myself, bcause I will surely forget it sometime. Its good keep track of your thoughts, right?

Of course, if anyone is interested in my way of playing LB, u are welcome here. However, pls keep your comments to yourself unless you are absolutely sure u found a mistake in my guide and u can proove it.

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Unseen Assasin

LB's main idea is easy: kill enemies before they even see u. As other LB guides suggest, many builds, rune settings, etc. exists. In fact, it doesnt matter which build u do, which runes u use and which masteries u have until you are able to use her skills properly. No build will save u if u rush into 3 enemies at once. No runes will help if u misclick. No masteries will be good if u are surrounded inside enemy jungle and have cooldown on all spells. It doesnt work that way. Any Ability Power items will do, no runes are needed, no masteries required. All u need have at your keyboard: Q W E R.

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First Key To Success: Q

Q is your main dmg. U wont kill anyone if u dont use it. So, use it as often as u can. On line this requires to know your cast range. This may be learned only by playing. Next step is knowing your enemy and mainly his range, resp. spells. If enemy on your line does not have ranged attack, good. Use Q. If he does, use it anyway. However, be carefull if your HP or mana is low. Then use health/mana potion if u have any or get back to base. After u return on line, continue.

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Second Key To Success: W

W is your triumph card. It can be used in four ways:
1. as escape skill (W from enemy),
2. double escape skill (W and its W reactivation) against enemy, who is able to chase u (usually enemy tank with jump (renekton, jarvan) or 3-5 enemies)
3. hunt enemy with dodge skill (ez, tristana)
4. hunt enemy with dodge skill into enemy territory (usually when 1mm hp enemy jumps back to his friends or turrent, looking for protection)

Now, u need to practice all four cases. Start with the first one. Create own game without other players (top middle red button Play -> Custom -> Normal -> right bot button Create Game -> again bottom button Create Game -> right bottom button Start Game) and try W in various parts of the map. Some walls may be jumped over with your W, some dont. Its essential u try W on all walls!

The second use requires the first part. However, it may be learned only in real game with other players and under game pressre, no help here, srry. I can give u one tip only: All enemies have usually cooldown of several seconds on their jump (lets say cca 5 seconds), which prevents them jump immediately back. You, on the other hand, can jump back instantly by pressing W again. Try it.

The last two cases, the third and fourth are the most problematic ones. The jump itself is easy, but the hard thing is to know, if the jmp is good idea. Moreover, if u use it to engage enemy, u can not use it to escape (well, u can use the reactivation, but that may not help much). To master the 3. and 4. move u need to always know tactical situation. It composes of several questions:
1. does enemy has dodge skill?
2. did he just used his jump skill?
3. how many enemies are missing? i.e. check the small map in right bottom corner. How many enemies are shown there?

Various answers gives various advices and its up to u to find them. Its this thinking which distinguish good player from bad one. Try your best and learn from your mistakes, thats the best way to master it. Finally, even if u do wrong decision, not everything is lost. There is a safeguard.

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Third Key To Success: E

E is your safeguard and auxiliary spell. If u do mistake (misunderstood tactical situation and use W in wrong way), u can use E to root enemy and buy some time to escape on your legs. However, if u use all spells correctly, then E may serve as final death touch, which will trigger post-effect from Q spell and kill enemy. Even if enemy survives, E will deal more dmg after few seconds. Thats also the reason why u should unlock only the first level of this spell.

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Final Key To Success: Crown jewel R

Yes, the mimic spell. As the description says, it copies last used spell. It enlarge possible LB spell combinations. The most used are:

1. Q R E deals dmg using your first spell, mimic it (which trigger post-dmg and silence) and finally trigger post-dmg once more with chain. This is basic combo which kills enemy. Practice it against bots (Play -> Custom -> Normal -> Create Game -> Create Game -> 9x Add Bot -> Start Game)

2. W Q R E W is similar to the first case, but with wider action-radius. However, it is much harder, so practice it against bots too. It is essential u do not misclick! Try execute the combo under 1 second!

3. W R Q E W is long range kiss of death. It gives u increadible action-radius, however your dmg is limited. This combo is good for killing 1mm runnig enemy. For practice, play against bots and try to execute W R E W (yes, Q is skipped since it reqires target) under enemy turrent. Practice it this way: go near enemy turrent (but no under yet), then dash with W under it (yes, the turrent focuses u), dash again more into enemy territory with R, execute chain E (in direction to enemy base), then reactivate W. If u misclick and reactive R instead of W, u will appear under the turrent and die. If u reactive W and then R too, u will appear under the turrent and die again. Its hard, I know. I sometimes misclick too (and die). The full combo with the skipped Q is in reality even harder. So practice, practice, practice! Remember, LB is low HP character, so u must execute this in 1 second. The turrent must hit u ONLY once. If u die or the turrent hits u twice, practice more!

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Wards, wards, wards!

If you mastered the three combos listed in previous paragraph under one second, read further. If u didnt, go back and practice!

Now, your combo has the instant kill (IK) potential. How to secure the kill?

1. Simply do clever damage using many wards as possible. Believe me, u dont need runes and masteries until u use wards in jungle properly. Dont be afraid, 75 gold is not so much for a kill. No, wards are not job only for support. Yes, I am sure. Each time u return to base and have some money left, buy as many wards as u can. Then use it to improve your knowledge about tactical situation (e.g. where is enemy?, is he alone?, etc) and get the kill: place ward in river bush and when enemy tries roam from one line to another, kill him. If u can see enemy and u stand in bush (where u used len to destroy possible enemy ward), u have first shot. Enemy doesnt see u, but u see him. Thats essential! If u use Q R E combo, he is silenced and probably dead. Good job!

2. Use runes, masteries and skins (just kidding, skin does not improve dmg) to improve your damage. No, u dont need armor, neither u need magic resist. U need damage! U kill enemies, not chat with them! Possible runes are listed above: 20 Magic Penetration, 5 Ability Power. Masteries are shown above too. My favorite build is listed too. However remember, if u execute your combo well, it doest really matter which runes, masteries, build u have (well, any AP build will serve). However, if u wonder why I chose those settings, I give u my opinion below.

3. Predict enemy moves and use your teammates as bait. When u see your ADC farming alone at bot, enemy see her too on his minimap and may try kill her. Of course, few enemies will surround her and then kill her. If u hide yourself in bush, which they will cross, u see them coming, but they dont see u (again, use len for enemy ward check). Even if two enemies comes to your direction, dont panic. Kill one of them. The second one will be probably scared and he will pull back. Even if he attacks u, your ADC (originaly your bait) will help u.

4. Ward enemy jungle and gang them inside their territory. This is extremely hard and works usually only in ELO hell, or winning game. Place all three wards (u can have 3 wards at one moment only) into enemy jungle bushes and then place yourself near. Practice placing wards in various places. You dont have to stand even in bush. Now enemies will try kill minions in jungle, its only matter of time. If they come, even two of them (if more, retreat!), kill one of them with your practiced combo under 1 second. Enemy will have no time to react and should die easily. If one of them is tank, focus the second one. If u save your W, u can retreat after the kill (or not kill).

Only if u master wards usage, surprise enemy and instant kill him in 1 second, read further.

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Best Offensive Runes Ever

Magic Penetration (MPen) is the best dmg u can get from runes. No, it is not Ability Power (AP), it its Magic Penetration. Yes, I am sure, here it goes according the LoL wiki:


LB's main dmg under Q has basic dmg 55(lvl 1), efficiency 40 percent of AP and again 40 percent of AP on later dmg (yes, with the silence). Enemies usually have 30+12=42 (lvl 1) magic resistance. Thus, Q does dmg:

1. Runes set to 20 Magic Penetration and 5 AP
DMG(Q) = (55 + 5 * 0.4) * 100 / (100 + 42 - 20) = 47

2. Runes set to 38 AP
DMG(Q) = (55 + 38 * 0.4) * 100 / (100 + 42) = 49

So the difference is 2 dmg points in favour of AP runes. However, in mid game and in late game the Magic Penetration prevails (Q basic dmg on lvl 18 is 155, enemy magic resistance at lvl 18 is usually around 75, with my full build's 35% Magic Resist reduction, 380 AP and 15 MPen ):

1. Runes set to 20 Magic Penetration and 5 AP
DMG(Q) = (155 + 380 * 0.4) * 100 / (100 + 0.65 * 75 - 35) = 270

2. Runes set to 38 AP
DMG(Q) = (155 + 418 * 0.4) * 100 / (100 + 0.65 * 75 - 15) = 240

Thus the difference is 30 in favour of Magic Penetration runes for one Q spell. During the Q R combos the difference becames cca 30(Q first dmg) + 30(Q post dmg) + 60(R first dmg) + 60(R post dmg) = 180. Thats nice, right?

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Offensive AP Masteries

Use the offensive AP masteries, e.g. 21 in Offensive. Those are used for most of AP champs. Then pick 3 Mana Regeneration for 5 seconds and quicker teleport, if possible. In fact, the masteries gives u soooo low advantage, it doesnt really matter. The tactical situation, your poke with Q, etc. will have bigger effect on game than some 1% damage masteries...

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Starting Items 00:00

Classic starting items for kill on lvl 6 are Dorian Ring for mana sustain and little hp and AP, 2 health potions and totem. Use Q for poke, let enemy have 80 percent of HP (just enough for kill, dont force him retreat to base = no kill)

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First Return 07:00

If u get the kill on lvl 6, u should have enough money to buy Homeguard Sorcerer Shoes. This is essential item, because

1. it allows u to return to base after each fight (and hopefully kill) to recharge HP and Mana

2. roam between lines and help your teammates get money through their assists on your kills

If u get some money left, buy wards, then hp pots.

Also sell totem and buy lens. This is essential to do (yes, even I sometimes forget it), since if u plan an ambush in jungle, u need to be sure that you are not standing on enemy ward!

Remember, even World War I and World War II were won by logistics = boots.

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Mid Game 30:00

After fully-upgraded boots, rush Deathfire Grasp. If you are doing well and have 1600, buy Nedlessly Large Rod. Now u should continue to ensure IK on your QRE combo.

If doing poorer, buy Fiendish Codex, which at least gives u cooldown for not-IK-but-yet-fast kills.

Later, rush Void Staff for ensuring instant kill of ADC/any paper character even on lvl 18. (for comparision between Rabadon Deathcap and Void Staff, check the discussion, I did some calculations for it too) The only problem are tanks, but remember: your job is kill enemy ADC.

Now u reached 30 min and game is usually over or near to end.

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Late Game 40:00+

If the game tooks longer, u cannot afford return to base to recharge HP and Mana. U need to stay in teamfight (TF) as long as possible: to do DMG and lure them.

For doing so, buy Belt (survive), Chalice of Harmony (mana) and Hextech Revolver (spellwamp). Its price is 1000 + 880 + 1200 = 3080 only. Then cast so much spells in TF as possible.

If the game continues, upgrade Belt into Rylais Crystal Scepter, Chalice of Harmony into Athenes Unholy Grail and Hextech Revolver into Will Of The Ancients. You can forget all troubles with cooldown, mana and HP and focus on damage dealing with the full build. Even the enemy tanks are not problem anymore, because your Q gives slow now (well, any spell does, but Q has cooldown 3 sec).

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Know your weak spot!

Even LB has its weak spot, which is her HP, mana and bad farm. Well, if u farm enemies, then u get exp and money. However, if enemies farm u, u dont keep level and money. Also if enemy has good poke, your HP is low and u are pushed under turrent. This may happen if u play against good Zed, Sion, Teemo, or any ADC on your line. If that happens, dont panic! It happened to me too. And Yes, I found a solution:

1. Stay on line, DO NOT poke. Do not engage enemy into bush.

2. Stay out of enemy range (even when it means no farm), stay in exp range. Enemy range is usually cca 5 cm on screen, exp range is cca 12 cm over the creep.

3. Buy Chalice of Harmony (880) in first return, Hextech Revolver (1200) in second return. Only after that follow usuall build. Those items allow u to stay on line forever, use W R to farm, catch level and money with your enemy and get back to the game. However remember, u dont give instant kill anymore, unless u build Deathfire Grasp and Void Staff later. So do not engage enemy alone!

4. Use E R in TF. Since u dont have AP and dmg, play as support (root two enemies), until u get some AP items.