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League of Legends Build Guide Author andreasmpa

New builds...Different views...Better scores (2) !!!

andreasmpa Last updated on July 15, 2012
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Hello guys!!! This is some builds i use in my champs.It takes me a long time to make every build single to be the best for single champion, so please try the builds vote and leave comments.Thanks!!!

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Dr Mundo

Dr Mundo is tank champion.This build takes to me,many games and time to make it.Is the best build for Dr Mundo.Awesome tanky stats,huge health regen and big ad amount.Also trinity force will make your enemeis cry from the amazing dmg you will deal and the big tanky stats you will have they make you enemies to hit the surrender button.Try this build and you will understand why take me a long time to make it.Tip:also for spells you can use heal + flash.

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I try many builds for Tryndamere but not even 1 help me.Then i decide to make mine build!!!This build have great as,ad and lifesteal to keep you healthy.Also this build gave to me 2 of my many quadras.But 1 of 2 quadras it was unique.I do the quadra kill 4 vs 1!!!And the 4 enemeis was having full...also enemies was 1 tank(with taunt) 1 offtank,ap carry and ad carry!!!As i was trying to push, my team was waste our time and last chances to win the game and go walks over the map.Finally this build gave to me 2 quadras and 1 was epic!!!Try this build and you will understand how i do the 4 vs 1!!!!In begin buy berskers shoes and if you need some help with your farm buy and avarice blade...but your full build must be 2 phantom dancers,3 bloodthirsters and 1 infinity edge!!!Tips:Also for spells you can use heal + flash OR cleanse + flash /// I you need some armor penetration buy last wisper and replace it with 1 bloodthirster.

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Tryndamere (second build)

This build make trynda full AD.This build is especially made to kill tanks!!!With Trunda's passive you have 100% critical.Tip:Also for spells you can use heal + flash OR cleanse + flash.

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Talon is high burst dmg assasin.I make this build on talon because make him deal super ultra amazing tons of dmg.This build is the BEST for assasins.You select your target, do your skills and target its dead!!!Also Frozen Mallet will help you stay alive from bad situations!!!Tip:If you need more armor penetration you can replace 1 bloodthirster with ghostblade.

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Kayle is hybrid champion.I make this build because make Kayle have great dmg and enudrance.Also this build gives to Kayle high ap ratio and lifesteal to keep healthy.

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I make this builds to Yorick because make him strong and tanky together.First build is focused to deal high dmg and second build is focused to be tanky.Remember always spam skills and dont leave your enemy to farm!!!

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I make this build to Vladimir because make him ultra strong.Also this build have 39% cd,that means you do every 3 seconds transfusion,sanguine pool every 8 seconds and tides of blood every 2,5 seconds.Dont forget always after you activate a skill do and hits to activate also the effect of Lich Bane...its really powerfull!!!Also you have high hp amount from Vladimir's passive.Tip:If you have a late game match and you have do full can replace Will of ancients with Hextech Gunblade for more ap, shame spell vamp(20%),unique active(300 magic dmg + slow),also Gunblade will give you some amount of ad this will be usefull with Lich Bane!!

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Jarvan is tanky champion.I make this build because make him really tanky and also deals ton of dmg.On fights choose with your team the enemy target ulti him and kill is ready.This build focused make Jarvan to do a lot of basic hits so dont afraid stay in fight and tank enemy team because you have very good tanky stats you deal amazing dmg and also lifesteal will keep you healthy.Tip:Also for spells you can use heal + flash OR cleanse + flash.

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Kassadin is ap caster and my favorite champion.I make this build to Kassadin because make him deal tons of f@king dmg and also its so hard to kill him!!Try this build and you will understand the real power of Void.Tip:Also for spells you can use ignite + heal OR ignite + cleanse if you think that your ulti is enough to escape.

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Order of items

The order of items its random in every build.Why hapend this and its not like other guides that you can see what item buy first and last???? I make my guide like this because every time you have diferent enemies.I can tell you for example:buy armor first...but if you have 4 enemeis ap??? I leave YOU to choose the order of items and you can make right build in every situation.

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Why NO in-depth guide(s)?????

Im sorry guys but i cant make in-depth guides.What i mean with this???I mean that i cant say to you how to play!!!For example:If you are used to play i can tell you play agressive???Every person have different playstyle and nobody can change that!!!Everytime i was read an in-depth guide i was saying:for **** sake i play only agrresive from 1 level,and this dude say to me play defence???This has always resulted to FEED and be a very bad player everytime i try to play with the style that the in-depth guide give to me.Also i think you know very well informations like:a range champion can destroy a meelee in lane...etc..I give you some tips to know how to play every champion...i hope this can be enough!!!!I wish i cover you with my answer...Thanks a lot!!!!

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CHECK AND MY FIRST GUIDE!!!THANKS A LOT!!!! Champions that is on first guide:Fizz,Ezreal,Volibear,Talon,Karthus,Veigar,Jax,Garen,Draven and Warwick!!! /// Champion that is on third guide:Malzahar(double build),Gangplank,Udyr,Poppy and Shen!!!


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