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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Thresh Build Guide by ScimaDrake

Support Next level Frontlane Thresh SUPPORT

Support Next level Frontlane Thresh SUPPORT

Updated on September 30, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScimaDrake Build Guide By ScimaDrake 2,115 Views 1 Comments
2,115 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ScimaDrake Thresh Build Guide By ScimaDrake Updated on September 30, 2013
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Hey everyone and welcome to my Thresh guide. Throughout this guide I will try to persuade, inform, and hopefully teach you something new about Thresh. If you feel you need to down vote, please drop a comment in the box before voting and I'll try my best to improve the guide in anyway possible. If you have any queries don't be scared to leave a comment or pm.

So Firstly, Why Play Thresh?

Thresh is a well constructed support who will alter the way you play support forever. His unique variety of abilities allow him to excel in the battlefield like no others. Using his vast array of crowd control abilities, there is no doubt that he will obliterate his fearful lane opponents.
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Pros and COns

+ Great Crowd Control Abilities
+ Very tanky mid to late game
+ Great Initiation Capabilities
+ Very easy to secure first blood with Death Sentence
+ Death Sentence is great for invading the enemy jungle
+ Dark Passage can save a teammate in nearly any situation
- Can be squishy early game
- Death Sentence can be difficult to land
- Thresh lacks sustain with no heal
- Collecting souls can lead to you being heavily harassed by opponents
- Thresh relies on allies to follow up with his abilities

Thresh, like all champions in League of Legends has his strengths and weaknesses. However, these weaknesses can be patched over by buying the correct items, and just having a general idea on your positioning.
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Thresh's Abilities


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Instead of receiving armour per level, Thresh must obtain souls in order to get armour. With each soul granting 0.75 permanent armour and ability power, given the opportunity Thresh can become one of the tankiest champions in the game while still dishing out his fair share of damage. Collecting souls however can lead to you being baited into heavy harass from your opponents, so it is important to know when and when not to go in to grab souls.

Death Sentence
A channelled pull which when reactivated, sends Thresh to his victim. After dragging his enemies towards himself, he may leap to his opponents. This ability is a great way to stop your opponents from escaping or using abilities and spells.

Dark Passage
A thrown lantern which shields and brings a single ally to Thresh. The first ally to click the lantern uses up the shield on his way to Thresh's location. This ability can absorb tonnes of damage whilst also preventing allies from being cornered.

A directional slow that passively grants Thresh extra auto attack damage. This ability is what gives Thresh that large damage output even when he is a pure tank. Granting Thresh not only tonnes of damage based on how many souls he has collected, but also bonus magic damage per attack.

The Box
A large pentagonal trap which slows and damages all enemies who shatter its walls. Trapping enemies inside The Box strikes fear into the hearts of your opponents, giving you the edge of confidence over your enemies. This can be a great way to stop enemies from fleeing, while also stopping enemies from chasing.
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Skill maxing -.-

Aggressive Thresh Ability Sequence

This sequence is the most standard, yet effective way of levelling Thresh. This "Standard" way of upgrading Thresh's abilities is also considered the most offensive way to level him up. The reason his Death Sentence should be taken first is purely for first blood. Hooking onto an enemy stops them from using abilities and escaping, pretty much giving your AD Carry a free kill or heavy harass. Death Sentence is also a great way to invade the enemy jungle. By tossing a hook into the enemy brush, you are likely to lock onto an unsuspecting victim. This ability should be maxed last as maxing it early game is near useless due to it not giving much advantages whilst levelled up to the max.

The next ability taken at level 2 is Dark Passage. This skill should be grabbed at level 2 as if you are ganked by the enemy jungler, you are able to counter that gank by getting your AD Carry to safety whilst taking little to no harass. This ability should be maxed secondly as when it's not upgraded, it basically shields no damage.

Now onto the first ability to be maxed. Flay will be your main source of damage and CC. Maxing this ability grants it much more damage then your Death Sentence. This ability can be a great way to push your opponents towards your allies, making it that tad easier for you teammates to grab a quick kill.

For Defensiv u just max. your W before E.
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THANK YOU.Thx for reading my Frontlane Thresh guide.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScimaDrake
ScimaDrake Thresh Guide
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Next level Frontlane Thresh SUPPORT

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