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Nidalee Build Guide by Falkenbcrg

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Falkenbcrg

Nidalee - My Own AP Build

Falkenbcrg Last updated on August 16, 2011
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Hey, this is Falkenbcrg, also known as Equasium. This is my first guide, and i made it based upon a build i made for myself previously. I decided to make it public because it might help 1 or more out there. I know it probably isn't the best Nidalee build/Guide out there, but this is how I build her.

Nidalee is a very strong and fun champion to play. I play her mainly AP, but also utilizing the amazing damage output she gets in cougar form.

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For marks i take Because i have experienced that people will stack MR against a good Nidalee so you really need the Magic Pen. Also It gives your spears quite a bit more damage early game, and allows you to get instead of since you already have a lot of Magic Pen.

For seals i take Beacause in the games that i don't have these runes on, i have tried way too many times to run out of mana, in a tough spot and died because of it.

For glyphs i take Because on Nidalee the CDR is very important, since her CDs are generally very high, and in cougar form she can spam her spells more since they don't cost mana.

NOTE: is NOT affected by CDR.

For Quintessences i take Beacause you really need to be able to position yourself for the spear, and also to get away if you are targeted, because at that point you are really squishy.

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My masteries are pretty straight forward, though the main points are getting the magic pen, mana regen and CDR.

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For items i always start with
Because it gives you the three things you really need early game.

I generally wait until i can get on my first trip back, though remember that priority is boots and THEN the haunting guise, but you don't really need level two boots before haunting guise because of your passive and the quintessences. I take haunting guise because it gives me Magic pen(Which i already explained why i get that), health for sustain in lane, and lastly for the ap which help me sustain because it empowers my heal, and also makes my harass with my spear better and allows me to farm a little better in cougar for as well.

Next i finish my Ionian Botts Of Lucidity And get my I get these to items, mainly because they make Nidalee's burst damage in cougar form insane, since it increases my AP, and reduces my CD's. So the Lich Bane's passive will proc on the cougar's abilities and give massive damage.

Next i get Because of the massive increase in AP it gives me and next wich gives me alot of damage in cougar form and stacks with pounce so you can continuously keep it up throughout the game without wasting any mana. is normally my last item, but if the game drags out i replace haunting guise with Which gives me life steal Spell Vamp, AP, AD and an awesome active, so it is definitely a worthy buy late game.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is mainly build towards Nidalee's Human form. Where i try to max out first to get a insane poke, snipe and also give me amazing burst damage in Cougar form with I then max out For the sustain. But be sure to take a point in Bushwalk / Pounce before level 6 so you can have pounce in cougar form.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells i take and Now i've tried a few different alternatives to Cleanse but i've found that Nidalee's main weakness is jumping in and immediatly being focused, so this will help her get out of that situation and survive more fights were she would have died without it. Some alternatives are I feel ghost is a bit of a waste because you have your passive, Bushwalk / Pounce and your quintessences Now i don't take this since, i take the Mana regen masteries and i have the mana regen Seals I find ignite useful, but with your spear and the great chase she has in cougar form. But i ultimately i feel that is the best choice.

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How to Play:

The general rule is: "Don't Die". As Nidalee you have a massive damage output as well as an awesome heal, so it would a waste to die.

One of the main things to consider, and which you need to get as an instinct, is who to keep alive with heals:



"Anyone who is dying"


"Damage Dealer"


Another important thing is that deals more damage the longer it travels, so try to hit people as far as way as you can, but don't miss for that little extra damage.

Also remember that your main damage ISN'T your spear. That is used as a poke, and a range nuke/snipe. So in team fights you might start off with a spear or two but you need to quickly get in the fight with your cougar form to do the most damage, and remember to get out of danger if focused and remember you can quickly switch in and out of Cougar form, so it IS worth it if you can save someone with a heal.

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So that is how i build/play Nidalee. Any constructive criticism is apreciated though trolling and hating is NOT. Also leave any Build/Guide request thta you might have in the comments, since i play a lot of different champions, i might play the one you want a guide for ; ) Thank you for reading, though sorry for any grammatical errors and typo's, english isn't my native language. Any grammatical errors or the like, that you notice. Write them in the comments and i will correct them.