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Nidalee Build Guide by blitzkrigers

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blitzkrigers

Nidalee Support, the Only Carry Support! *Coding+Video*

blitzkrigers Last updated on March 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I am reworking my guide to add video, coding, more explanation, and a few general notes. I was dissapointed by the down votes but not at all shocked. This guide is a guide that smashes the metagame and confounds a majority of players.

Why Nidalee?
From the many games that I have played and observed I noticed two disgusting facts about this season.
#1, Carries are constantly losing out on CS because of the position of CS. If a lane is too pushed mid game or if the carry backs, CS goes completely to waste. In any given lane at every level, this amount of CS can be in the 100's by 40 minutes.

#2, Supports are so horrifically weak during the mid game that the only way to do well is to have a team that can properly team fight. During solo que... that is difficult to do.

All in all, I was looking for a support that could break the mold while still providing ample support in lane and possibly even dominate the lane.

What Makes Her Great
High Mobility
High Damage
High Vision
Ridiculous Poke
Giant Heal

Where She Dies Instantly
Dive Comps that catch her
Poor Positioning

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Runes, Masteries, Items, Summoners

Mana Regen
Nidalees spells are mana intense in her regular form. She needs to have as much mana regen as possible. Mana regen runes are a necessity early. The support masteries also provide mana regen for the same reason.

In order for Nidalee's spears to stay relevant, you have to have AP. Her rune page is designed to have that early burst damage while the item build is essential for sustaining that burst on a budget.

Why Don't You Build Like Other Supports?
In general, most supports buy a sightstone, some sort of CC item, and possibly defensive auras. Nidalee cannot and should not buy any of those. Nidalee is able to use her traps in lane as wards effectively and efficiently. Traps save roughly 250 gold worth of wards, cannot be pinked, and does a slight amount of damage. Nidalee does not need defense or health because there is very little you can do defensively while still being relevant. Nidalee is one shot by Lux, Darius, Khazix, and more even with the extra HP from a sightstone. If you splurge on a CC item like twin shadows early, your poke becomes useless.

Ignite + Exhaust? What a Joke!
With the support masteries of being out of combat, Nidalee has roughly 350ms. In bushes, with lvl 1 boots, Nidalee has 450 ms. Not only is she that fast, but she has a small dash on a 3 second cool down. If you need flash on Nidalee support, you are not playing far enough back and/or are not watching your minimap for their jungler correctly.

Mathematically, exhaust+ignite are absurdly strong to help you win your lane. With a single point in offensive masteries, they cripple a carry. For 2.5 seconds their carry has -10 armor+mr, reduced damages, reduced move speed, and for another 5 seconds they take at least 70 damage. Even more, most supports have a heal that is reduced. Their lifesteal is also reduced. I like to think of the reduction as added damage making ignite deal as much as 200 damage lvl 3. It also adds AP + AD to nid, which are both useful. Late game, heal reduction on the opposing ADC is excessively useful. Just be sure to remember that ignite doesn't stack, so don't ignite the same target as your ADC.

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Nidalee is a hyperagressive support. This means that the only way to succeed late game is to completely destroy the lane. Normally hyperagression is not as strong as defensively counterattacking, but this build is my one exception.

Poke champions with Javelin Toss as many times as your mana will allow. When you see them push into the creeps, hopefully your ADC will be smart enough to poke them and/or use skills to damage them. Poke with your auto attack any chance that you get. If they fight, use your heal during combat on your ADC. Not only does this counter the damage, but it allows for a counterattack because of the increased attack speed buff.

The important part of the lane is to get damage on the enemy team. Don't worry about trying to hit your spear as long range as possible. Just hit the target. Bush control is imperative. Continually chunk spears into the bushes so that their support has to move out. From there, try to get better angles by going to the side of the creeps and throwing spears along the back line. Just keep harassing all day. The move speed buff from the bushes will help keep you safe. Furthermore, don't be afraid to hit the support. If you can knock the support out of lane, you can force the ADC out shortly after.

Don't be afraid of getting the kills. Your ADC should have more farm than theirs. Remember, it isn't always about how well your ADC is doing, but how well the team is doing. You will get complaints, but keep building AP and you will be 10x more useful than their support.

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Team Fights, Siege Their Base!

This build works because Nidalee will become a weak 3rd carry. If you can imagine the average team fight, the fight is about catching the enemy carries and killing them. Nidalee should be played extremely far from the group, and generally to the side of the enemy. This will allow you to poke their carries and support.

To be successful with this build you must relentlessly barrage the enemy team. On any given team 3 people usually don't have sustain. Those are your targets. Whether it is a tank, support, mid, or top, hit them with spears. This will force them to back and if your team persists almost assuredly gets you a tower. I generally like to group after all three outer towers are down. If you keep persistent pressure bot, their jungler will be forced to come bot lane. When that happens, continually ping the mid and top tower so that the lanes know to take them.

I also love nidalee because she secures dragon's. If you crush your bot lane, you will get dragon 90% of the time. Keep poking and take the small victories. It isn't always about kills, but rather about snowballing objectives with harassment and poke. If you can knock them back from their outer turrets, your team can snowball from the gold advantages until you secure an inhibitor.

Do not get caught. Do not dive with your cougar form. Late game you have roughly 1900 HP and around 400 from your Seraphs.

Don't forget to heal your carries. Use your heal to save people that are almost dead if you have to, but try to save it for your AD champs in the game. At lvl 5 the heal increases attack speed by 60% for 7 seconds. That buff is massive and should be saved for your ADC whenever possible.

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Highlights+Stealing Blue

People have asked for a video, and I have done my best. I use LOLReplay. I hope that you will download it and use it too. Feel free to search me, Blitzkrigers, or follow the link below.

I have a pretty average blue steal. I know that many people laughed at the idea. I still laugh at the "smiteless blue" concept. It's just so dangerous.