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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Ziroth

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ziroth

Nightmare Before Fiddle Ults.

Ziroth Last updated on November 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Now alot of people Ive seen HATE seeing a fiddlesticks Jungle for its not very tanky or not what they want. Well no need to fear for this fiddlesticks is a tank destroyer. Just follow these few easy steps and you will be on your way to High MMR.

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Early Game: "I'll show you True Terror!"

Now for the very beggining you must and I mean MUST buy a ward. It helps prevent invades and allows to vision for either your mid/top/bot to prevent early ganks and allow you time to build up.
Now heres the Jungle Steps.
1st. No Leash Blue Buff Golems. Just use drain twice on big guy and smite and you should be able to drain on of the 2 lizards gain lvl 2 and crow the final one. Move on.
2nd. Wolves. Drain big wolf, once drain ends crow. You should be able to AA and remaining hp or drain away.
3rd. Wraiths, this allows you to get lvl 3 and gain fear. So once you go for red buff you have your flash and fear to save you from counter jungling.
4th. Red Buff Lizard. Be very alert here, you with have a 50/50 chance of getting counter jungled. So save your Fear and flash for a steady get away. Clear fast.
5th. Golems. Now just drain, drain, drain. You can heal up/gain lvl4/ and have lvl 2 fear. Now you are ready for ganks. I suggest going to whatever lanes closer since your blue buff is running short.

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Mid Game: "Ill let you suffer for a while"

Mid game begins once a tower goes down, this allows lanes to wander other lanes and even your jungle (Be wary). This phase is over once the first towers are taken during a game, whether it is your towers or the enemy towers it still ends the laning phase. Now this is where fiddle makes his gold for you must be lvl6 by now, if not then itll be a sad day for fiddle. Now this is where you must pull the Superman stunts and make all your teammates post ":D I LOVE YOU FIDDLE". Now your hero goal is to either wait for a teammate to get in a solo fight and save his life with a Ult fear, OR wait for that 4v5 teamfight and ult in from a bush. Now where you ult in must be ideal for if its possibly warded then you are no good.Now your range for crowstorm is 800 so you can basically ult over any wall.The enemy team will catch on pretty quick so dont be original with your ults placement (Unless they keep falling for it "gg")

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Late Game; "I havent got a brain, and soon. Neither will you!"

Now this is the easiest point in the game for you, for one of 2 things have happened.
1. Your team is playing goldfish with all the freetime they have due to the domination.(Winning)

2. Your team is flipping the bandwagon scared out of there wits and raging like a mad cow. (Losing)

Try to aid your team in every teamfight for every double kill or ace counts for a possible game ender. DONT BE THAT GUY, the one thats csing top lane during a baron teamfight, that guy loses games. Now you should be able to ult into the enemy team and have no fear of being killed for your Hourglass and Massive hp (yes over 2000 for fids is alot). Now split pushing for you will suck, so try not to do it. If you need cs tell your team not to take certain jungle points. Fiddlesticks has one of the worst basic attacks in the game. Now pushing a lane with a teammate can prove to be worth your while but keep maybe a ward handy or be a bit away for enemies may try to get you 2 alone. Your ult can save a life, hopefully 2. Always be trying to ult from a bush or out of sight and keep the pressure on the enemies.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, I used it to get from Bronze 4 to silver 3 before Season awards, hopefull you can use it next season to do the same.