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Nocturne Build Guide by gromesh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gromesh

Noctrune the monster in jungle

gromesh Last updated on February 14, 2013
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Welcome to my very unusual guide.

It is a guide with masteries that you surely never seen.

Enjoy this guide because it will rise your elo and bring you a lot of fun.

The most diffrent thing in this guide is the fact that i maximize my e spell first.

And for all guides who need good music to watch this guide:

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Start with Boots and 3 Healpots.

Continue with Wrigglers Lantern. This is a very nice item which will help you a lot in the jungle.
If you are really fed you can sell it and buy Madred´s Bloodrazer instead.

For guys who dont like Randurions Omen i recomend Frozen Heart.

If your support can buy a Zheke´s Herald for you it is even more easy to slay your enemies.

For very fed players with a huge amount of gold i would sell Aeagis of legion and buy

instaed Warmogs plus Atmas gives you more life and more AD.

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Masteries and Runes

My Masteries take a lot Cooldown Reduction spells plus the best of Descreasing incoming Damage of your opponent.

It is really important that you can use yoru Fear often,thats why i chose this built.

Your Runes and Masteries give you a good mix to slay and survive a bit in longer teamfights.

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Skill Sequence

Try to maximize your e spell first.

In Ganks you should not to fear using your flash if the enemy used his because your fear is quite long and the enemy normaly just survives if he is supertanky but then he does not make dmg or if he gets help by his friends which means you take pressure of other lanes.

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Pros / Cons

PROS: + Very fast jungling and incredible nice ganks
+ great farmer in lanes too when for instance you have to defend or push
+ his ultimate can save your mates and chase enemies who are in a long range
+ poeple tent to underestimate your passiv,show them the damage of it
+ has funny jokes xD (noc,noc? who is there? Darknesssssssssssssss)=)

Cons: - Be sure you will be flamed if you fail with ganks
- guys who sleep in clickign pls dont play nocturne
- is not the super tank like malphite or shen or rammus
-dont overesistimate your ultimate´s range

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Team Work

There is only one thing:

Your team and you too have to ward the map. The support have to ward even bushes where he thinks that they wont hide there .

You need vision for your ultimate.

Try to give kills to mates too when you are fed and they are not.