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Nocturne Build Guide by Ryast

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryast

Nocturne 3v3 BEAST

Ryast Last updated on April 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 24

Honor Guard

Defense: 6

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Welcome to my build. I am Ryast. As I will be making a build about Nocturne "The Eternal Nightmare" for you. Here you will learn to MASTER nocturne in 3V3 As far as I know. It only works in 3v3. So If you wanna try it in 5v5. Thats a whole 'nother story! :P

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Pros / Cons of Nocturne.

Haunting Pros

  • Great Damage Output
  • Best In-game Sound Effects
  • Great ultimate
  • Epic Skins

Dreadful Cons

-Long Ultimate Cool down.
-Hard to learn.
-If not played Correctly. Sucks.

Nocturnes long cool down on his ultimate Paranoia prevents you being able to close that gap between you and you're enemy. Sometimes. It will kill the enemy. But this is a great gap closer!

Nocturne has some of the best skins in the game if you ask me. You can have fun playing him and look great while doing so! The damage output Nocturne can give is amazing!

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Reasoning Behind Summoner Spells.

These are going. I mean Really. GOING To. Help you destroy. Ignite. Great for running away cowards. And Heal... You may get called a noob or Bad... For Having it... But. It works.

Alternative #1

Instead of heal

Alternative #2

Instead of ignite.

These will help you be mobile... And catch up to people, And go through walls.
Ghost is great because when Duskbringer Is not Available to use for unit collision
or more movement speed. Flash Will help you chase or get ahead of you enemy's by going throw walls or simply just to troll and KS. Don't do it with strangers.

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Reasons Behind Runes.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage x6
These are designed to help you score great early Much Needed DPS
A great Alternative is Greater Mark Of Desolation
armor penetration is great to have!
Greater Mark of Attack Speed x3
These are designed for you instead to be deal tons of damage slow,
You will be gaining life faster, Dealing damage faster, And having
that extra edge, All the better.
Great Alternative Greater Mark Of Desolation.
Because. Armor Penetration helps with damage also helps with that extra damage!

Greater Seal of Armor
These are great! Sometimes, It's not gonna be all about Offense... You will rack up some noticeable armor with these. There are no Alternatives. Simply Because these things are great. Like. Here is a situation. You're at less than 1/4 health. Fighting a Miss Fortune. Same level. Full health. You come out with more health than you did before. They are noticeable Trust me. Again. No Alternativee.

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage
Designed For DPS Great early game. Very well needed. These will give you around 90-100 AD right around level4-5. It is great. Untouchable... Imagine Being Untouchable. OKAY! SNAP OUT OF IT!

Greater Quintessence Of Desolation
Armor Penetration... Blows through Armor. What more can you ask for? A sundae? Nooo. That would be getting greedy. Pretty Self Explanatory

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Reason Behind Masteries!

These Masteries are going to give you the best damage output with some great health Regen and armor increase. With these. You can afford to more aggressive on lower health and be way more deadly. If you are feeling like a troll. You should be 1v2 Viable. Now. Im not really looking to go into Huge detail. But i will zone into some Key Points.

Brute Force 3/3
3 AD? Unless You're looking for a Insult or 2. This is what you wanna Pick up. Precisely because this improves you're damage... By A Landslide. This will amp you up to around 90ish AD around level 3... Hard to compete with... But don't let you're guard down.

Alacrity 4/4
4 % Of PURE Attack Speed. This can be a big booster. On top of 90 AD at level 3. You have around 0.900 attack speed. ALL AT LEVEL 3. You are like a Ice Snowball at early game. You are descended from pain!

Weapon Expertise 1/1
Some more.... Armor PENETRATION!! This stuff. Is a drug.. Can't get enough of it. You can have lots of it. And it makes you feel on top of the world. Okay maybe not that last one... But. You never know! It just might. Anyways Blows through armor. Great against a Rammus Or Malphite.

Great mastery. Even with the change. Overall. Great. Still helping AD witch is what this guide aims for and easily is one of the best mastery's for an AD character! You always gotta keep in mind. SNOWBALL!

Vampirism 3/3
Life steal. What is there not to like. Life Steal. All you have to is basic, And you're healing. No need for that stupid Sona, Or Soraka Next door to come do you some pleasure around here. This will allow you to go into the jungle around 200 Health and come out with maybe 600. That is 400 more HP from Jungling. And you come out with maybe a level or enough Gold to get your next item.

Executioner 1/1
Well Jee. You work you're down the talent tree to this one. Bonus damage on enemy targets under 40%. That seems great doesn't it?! Lets get a HELL YEAH!

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Reasoning Behinds Skills.

This is intended to give you good defense and great offense at the same time. I have decided to pick Shroud of Darkness as the first skill to level up!

This is here first because.. This is.. Arguably you're second best spell. Paranoia Being first. This is because you gain attack speed. At the same time as being able to block a spell. Here's to great ways to use this. Let's say a Fizz Is about to hit you with Chum the Waters You use this. No damage done. And it DOUBLES you're attack speed for a same time. Or. Warwick Is about to Infinite Duress You. You can pop Shroud of Darkness and he will still jump towards you. But as soon as he starts to claw. It will stop. And Deal NO DAMAGE and DOUBLE you're attack speed. That's 80%... More attack speed.. Instead of 40%. And the mana Never goes up. It stays at 50! So this is one of you're best spell for this reason.

This is you're skill that you will be leveling up second. This is second because this causes a great amount of Damage and greatly increasing chasing ability. The chase ability improves with Duskbringer because this increases Movement speed and ignores unit collision. This unique because It Also increases AD while on the Duskbringer pathway, Also. If you hit an enemy champion the champion will leave a trail behind it. Here is an example of something extra cool! Lets say you were busting down a Shaco and he deceives while Duskbringer is on him. There will be a trail behind him even though hes in stealth! This is great for knowing where stealth characters like Shaco Twitch. This is also great for people on less than 100 health running away around a corner. Just shoot through the wall and BAM! DEATH!

The reason why this is maxed out last is because the fear duration only goes up by 0.25% Its really not worth the extra. I don't know. 30 mana. Just for 0.25 seconds? Unspeakable Horror Is used for starting your Combo and get some fast basic attacks in. Then you Duskbringer on them. This can all be used to run away. Like if someone is chasing you use Unspeakable Horror And it will fear then Duskbringer Dead ahead to gain some fast Movement speed to get away. So this can be used offensively and Defensively!

This is the best ganking tool you have. And YOUR BEST skill you have. You can use to close a gap... Or to Initiate a fight. Or to kill someone solo without any of the enemy team know you are targeting that person. Everyone looses vision of everything but them selves. Likes Graves smoke Canister Only it deals a great amount of damage if you used correct. This is you're combo Initiator. Witch i will talk to you about in a little bit.

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You're Combo.

This will be you're combo!


With basic attacks in the middle of each. You should be able to blow anyone with that combo of course running into tanks such as Malphite Or Rammus. These are very hard to take down as they will deal damage and then run away and call for a gank as you will chase them. "Don't chase unless you know you can get the kill."-Ryast. Do what my quote says. You shouldn't die if you don't be STUPID

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How You Be Epic In 3v3

This is how DEADLY your Shroud of Darkness Can be. If you use this right. And Kite well. You too can be epic like this guy. Always keep in mind that playing Nocturne Can be difficult. Just remember to always stay where you are. And keep out for possible opportunity's to gank! As you can gank very well with Paranoia! Do not be afraid to initiate with Unspeakable Horror And Shroud of Darkness!