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Nocturne Build Guide by DeathByProx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathByProx

Nocturne Exiting The Darkness -Solo Lane-

DeathByProx Last updated on July 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I so lol'd at how many views I have...

RAWR! Hello all! Prox here, and this is actually my first guide here on Mobafire and I will be covering most of the knowledge needed for owning with Nocturne on 3v3... I hope you enjoy it but PLEASE try the build itself before voting... I don't mind commenting about it after reading it, but trying the build before voting would mean alot to me before you go flaming my build and saying it sucks or negative voting it.... Now bare in mind my build is ALOT different then most nocturne's... But that doesn't mean its any worse, just different. Thank you and enjoy this wonderful build.

Btw guys, this guide is MAINLY for Twisted Treeline! (3v3) I explain what to do in situations if your soloing top, etc, etc. This build can also work with 5v5, but the guide is for things to do situationaly in the 3v3 map. Thank you!

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Screen Shots!

This is recent screen shots of me using this build...(10 wins 0 loses, all in the same 1-2 days and all in the same match history) and btw janna makes cookies ^_^

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Screen Shots Of People using my build! :D

A mate named extremewaffle ^ :P

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I Prefer to get x9 Greater Marks of Desolation (Armor Pent) This is for ripping down thru tanks and others that grab armor items... trust me... it helps ALOT, x3 Greater Quintessences of Desolation (Who doesn't need more Armor pent?)x9 Greater Seal of Replenishment (Mana regin) Early game Noc has a VERY low mana pool, when soloing top, or jungleing. Lastly I recommend getting x9 Greater Glyph of Alacrity (AS), this is because Noc needs this.. even thou his W and E give him Attack Speed, having 5.7% of Attack Speed start to finish is a great advantage.

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22-0-8 is my masteries for nocturne... Hes offensive right? So 22 in Offensive.. 3 in Archmage's, 1 in Deadliness, 4 in Sorcery, 4 in Alacrity, 1 in Archaic, 3 in Sunder, 3 in Brute Force, 2 in Lethality, 1 in Havoc. And for Utility, 1 in Good Hands, 3 in Perseverance, and 4 in Awareness. (gotta have that EXP for rushing your ult!)

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This chapter is going to explain some things I do specifically in games to get a kill or a tactic i use, and common knowledge tips for being good. (I try to order it from early - late game, but some tips can be used thru-out the game)

(1) First off, early game I like to gank with my team mid bush on there side... this way you clair mid (so you can see all three bushes) and if there are 3 champs there at the 1 min mark you will have a for sure kill... providing they dont rush your turret... which almost never happens... This is the spot im talking about:
This is is a good combo if a teammate camps on top bush closest to you if they do not gank bot and one goes top... this way when the enemy champ gets close to the top bush, the people in the spot marked, start to rush in, the same time the teammate top gankes him.. this forces him to run back to turret, where the two remining teammates gank him from there... but please keep in mind that if he has flash, he could flash over drag walls and run away.

(2) As I later explain, If im soloing top and theres a mia bot OR top, Clair mid. Its a life saver.

(3) When your lvl 5, I prefer to recall for items, then jungle for lvl 6. This is so the enemy team (and lane vs) have no idea where you are. This is good! Always be missing. You can jungle till you have your ult, then gank from nowhere! Pro tip.. Always Be Missing!

(4) -common knowledge- Call mias! Mia's are when someone is randomly missing from their lane.. Like if your laneing bot 2v2 and one just ups and leaves. This is a mia.. CALL IT! They could flank and go around to gank your teammate top 2v1.

(5) -common knowledge- Dont be greedy! This is pretty self explanatory... never step out of your bounderys.. be a safe, but smart, player. If you see a half health champ at turret recalling, and your ult is up, DONT DO IT! You will never know what will happen.. Its a different story if hes super squishy and one poke will kill him, but by the time you kill him, and turret rips thru you like butter, your dead... not to even say someone might gank you.. PLAY SMART!

(6) -common knowledge- Dont Chase too far! Dont be chasing teemo or yi around the whole map trying to kill him, you might get ganked.

(7) One spot I like late game (Only if your fed/comfortable of 1v1/1v2 and feel like getting kills) Is this spot.. its great for ganking the enemy when they step out of there comfort zone:

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I will try to explain the best I can about each item! And their MIGHT be better items for Noc out there, but this works for me and my wins with him proof it... This is one of the most areas I get flamed for, but it wins..

- People say its too expensive, but I really think its great for Nocturne because of its Life steal that adds on to his passive, so you dont really need the extra health pot some people like to get, as well as the extra Dmg and Health.

- For that Attack speed that is much needed on Nocturne... Ive seen people get swiftness ot even Mobile boots... but that makes me go WTF?? Because Nocturne already has the speed! You don't need extra Movement =/

- If your soloing top and you know how to place your spells, you should be getting this around lvl 6 or 7.. With the extra Cool Down Reduction, this is great for your ult, as well as the +25 AD.

- Need that Attack Speed! Also to build into Phantom dancer.

- More Life Steal never hurt, and its to build into

Catalyst the Protector - For some health to be non squishyish

- +50 AD is ALWAYS helpful :D

neg one spell always good

Life Steal and AD is awesome.. You prob wont die unless your ganked.. and its awesome with your passive

- So you can have extra movement speed and Attack speed. (One reason why you don't need Ghost or Swiftness boots)

I haven't really gotten this far in my build YET (yeah Ive played like 30 games with nocturne and haven't gotten to these items.... they always end up surrendering :P)

- For extra Crit and Dmg (always nice)

Lastly - VERY nice Item and could be built earlier in the build if you would like... I personal think its alot of money to build, and Nocturne doesn't particulate NEED it but its nice.

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Situational Items

These are some items I recommend for if the other team is hitting you pretty hard or is targeting the **** out of you.

- Maybe build it between Zeal and B.F or after B.F, this is really up to you where you feel comfortable placing this item or when you notice they are targeting you. I prefer getting FH after Zeal and after BT if your getting fed but w.e

- You could get this for the extra health and the passive isnt too bad on it too. Again, up to you where you place it in your build.

- This is an AMAZING item for lux or even teemo's mushrooms... I think you should rush this after getting Life steal if its hurting you that badly....

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Skill Sequence

I will try to explain as much as I can with spells and when/what to max out.

This might be one of the best jungling/farming passives out there... so once you hit lvl 5 don't be afraid to leave the lane and go jungle for lvl 6... this way they wont know if u hit lvl 6 or not..

This spell is great for spamming mid/late game once you have the mana to do so. You should also max this out first.

This is a GREAT spell to have handy, that's why I recommend maxing this out last.. so you can keep it low mana needed, and spam when needed.. amazing for lux's lazar, or mind-sweeping teemo's mushrooms.

This is needed when ganking.. When I gank someone/ ult I always Q then E for the AS and to fear 2 seconds later. Max this one out second.

Last but not least, Paranoia. This may be one of the scariest/amazing ult in the game. When Ulting it is smart to Spam your W (just in case he stuns you or something) first, then E for the fear, then Q for the AS and for the speed. Maybe after another Q this rotation should kill him.

Apart from using your ult first, the rotation should be, Q, auto attack(or E if he is running away), E, auto attack, Q when up, auto attack, W. This should kill him really fast... You might not even have to use all of this, but its just in case..

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Summoner Spells

This is the MOST flamed area I get... like seriously... it is Q_Q

I use and !!!!

For thous 5v5ers that just HAPPEN to read this guide.. I suggest taking teleport instead of clair just because its a huge map and clairing wouldn't help so much.. and with teleport if your bot you can teleport mid or top and use ult.. it was many uses.. so I suggest that for 5v5s.. just my thought for u 5v5ers

Ignite is great if you are in a team right and they start backing to turret, pop ignite on lower health guy and BOOM! dead.
(Exhaust could also be used instead of this, but this is just my personal pick)

And for one of the MOST IMPORTANT PART of a Nocturne build... Clairvoyance... It is a MUST!!! Ive heard people (even on mobafire guides for noc) say that Ghost is a must... that is NOT true... If I can win 10 games in a row all positive ( with only a 2 man premade), its not a must.. Clair is... USE IT! IT HELP YOU SOOO MUCH! Top is mia? not sure where he is? Call mia and pop clair mid... you just saved your teammates life. This is amazing for your ult as well... You see a guy jungling alone in jungle? Pop clair -ult- you just got a free kill.

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Pros / Cons

VERY good ganker
Great jungler
Can get FB laning top in like.. a minute (its happened)
Ult is F'n amazing..
Passive has Life steal
VERY hard to counter...

Can be easily kill if not careful
Ult Cool Down kind of long
IF countered, your f**ked
umm... hes black? idk

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Creeping / Jungling

Like I said before... hes a GREAT jungler! So what I do is solo top, usually get FB top... get to lvl 5, recall, get items, then I jungle for lvl 6 or 7.. that way they dont know where I am or if i have my ult or not, so I can hide and ult bottom or top when i feel like it.

Nocturne has a VERY LOW MANA POOL! So dont go spamming Q willy nilly, even with maga regin runes... play spells smart.. HARASS top champ with Q while hes behind his minions so you wont be wasting mana on just the minions, or just the champ. Please play smart and know when you gank.