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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zenmaster

Nocturne - Fall back to the Shadows- By Zenmaster

Zenmaster Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi this is my first ever build, i thought i'd try Nocturne since i've had a lot of fun playing as an assasin and most builds are jungle builds and i have difficulty jungling if i'm not in skype with a premade. This guide has you trying to go mid and ganking as much as possible. since this is my first build i'd appreciate any help.

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Pro's And Con's

Pro's- Very powerfull assasin character
- puts out high damamge pretty much all game
- he looks very cool
- his abilities compliment Many other characters and offer great synergy

Con's- Is very Squishy
- Can be Cc'ed down if you can't push w quick enough
- can't farm effectivly until late game

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You want to be grabbing those buffs as often as you can, blue buff keeps you out there for ages because the lifesteal keeps your health up, you find that you can't go into a lane, go grab some creeps and you'll be back up in no time. The red buff because who doesn't want that slow, and DoT that slow plus your equals no chance in hell of escaping

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Team work

has great Synergy with many Characters inlucding for the stun and then fear Or Because of the very good ultimate combonation and the Gold card stun and fear or Red card slow

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Greater Mark Of Desolation I use The Mark of Desolation to add armour pen to his attack, his AS is already fairly high Late game thanks to his

My Second Rune Choice would be Because Mr Darkness is fairly squishy unless you go for items which add more survive abilty like

My Third choice would be eaither be if you wanted to add stay out in the field longer but you'd have to act like an assasin and get in and get out without being followed, or you may change that out for
This would add more to your damage output but you'd have to recall Much sooner and you may miss certain oppurtunities it all depends on wheather or not you have decent map awareness and can spot a gank op. Or if your a premade and your team call you in.

My Quintessence's are Purley because i like the survivablity although you could go for if you like the Damage output in exchange for the surviveablity

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My masteries i'm having a look at changing some points out for others but genrally i'd go for
21/0/9 Just for the AS and AP boosts although you could change that for 9/0/21 depending on what playstyle you'd go for

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My items genreally i keep the same seeing as i do play with a premade more often than not for lifesteal and damage for those cooldown reductions The more often your abilities are up the quicker your opponunts go down.

Zeal i go for because it adds a very decent amount of AS early game and you can really put on the hurt relying on that fear to hold your Pray in place.

Merc Treads is the boots i prefreably go for cause although puts out hefty damamage and can enter and leave a fight in seconds if you arn't good at spotting signs of a disable or root and can't use your in time you arn't going to survive very long.

If your finding you can't keep the stacks up on Your feel free to swap that out for something else like a for some early hurt or a for some lifesteal to keep you out ganking longer.

Late Game sell your Dorans for because even late game you want to be like an assasin and chance's are the enemy team will have more survivablity and you'll still want to be in and out A.S.A.P

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Skill Sequence

My Skill sequence i prefer to level first simply because i like to run in and chase but if you find your having trouble hiting with it but have decent stuns on your team go for it sounds strange but if you have stuns then you can steal hit fairly fast

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Unique Skill

i thought i'd make a chapter just for his Ultimate

has a varaity of use's it can be used as an opener for a gank or it can close the gap between you and a runner provided you have line of sight, it can also be used as a bonus flash in a team fight. If say someone had an ultimate which slowed and dealt major damage such as then you can use that to jump to another enemy champion out of range and escape it dealing damage in the proccess. it may also be used for throwing a team completely off there game because they can't share there allied vision for four seconds they genrally panic this allows you to pick them off because they can't see what abilities there team is using or where they are so genrally they run to the nearest turret and if your team knowns whats what they are right there waiting for them to be herded to there doom.

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Summoner Spells

If you open up with a then you can do decent damage but if your team don't get there in time you put yourself out there so you want this to flash out, you could also pick up a turret hugger on low health if you can see them and then procede to flash out as if nothing happend if your fast enough then Paranoia's fog cloud would mean no one even saw you appear,

I prefer to use this to close the gap if i suddenly find i'm out of Mana nothings worse than entering a fight and having some lucky bugger get out before you can get that last slice,

You could swap ghost for this if you can lock them down i do sometimes in Ranked matches if i see someone who has a running away ability but you could chase them down with parnanoia if you didn't open wit hit,

is a very squishy when focused or disabled so you may want to swap ghost or flash with this if you think your going to get Cc'ed alot its amusing when someone decides they can take you with there disables -cough- -cough- Ryze. and you Cleanse and just finish them of.

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This is as i said my first build if you find it usefull vote up and give me a some feed back if not vote it down and tell me how to improve i'll be checking as much as i can and make many changes.

Good Luck and May The Shadows Hide you =)