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Nocturne Build Guide by ssDeath

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ssDeath

Nocturne: How to be a boss.

ssDeath Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, so I dont have much time to write in detail guides this is my 3rd one I think.. So sorry if its a bit sketchy. Im not great with adding images and stuff either so bare with me. But yeah I thought I should write one for this new amazing champ NOCTURNE . Hell, I know your all gonna be saying, "Meh, hes OP on release date." and yeah I kinda agree. But god is he fun to play! I shall try update this guide with the updates that happen to nocturne.. Hopefully he doesn't get nerfed too much within the next patches.

Anyway enough of the small talk. Heres my guide to Nocturne.

P.s Please rate and comment. Feedback really helps :)

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For Runes I take Armour Pen Marks. Armour Seals, and Magic Resist Glyphs, and depending how I feel will either take Flat HP Quints or Movement Speed % runes.

These are my basic Jungle runes and are pretty standard for majority of junglers.

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Take Offense all the way to Armour Pen %, taking 2 points in minion DMG. This will help you clear the jungle faster! If your not a fan of this. Take another point in base DMG mastery and 1 for the offensive summoner spells.

Then I go full defensive Masteries pretty much. Taking the Gold per Kill/Assist which helps you reach the items you want quickly! As your ulti pretty much guarantees you a kill if you're any good! Also take a point for Smite, for that extra gold! $$$

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Summoner Spells


Smite Your jungling.. What else?

Ghost Movement is all the rage with Ganking involved.

Flash Makes for tasty escapes and those last second touches.

Ignite Even faster jungling. Last minute tower pokes.

NO NO's:

Revive Just no..

Promote Leave it for the support/tanks.

Teleport Your not laning. End of.

Heal You have passive lifesteal. No need.

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So for items. You will see the item sequencer up above. I buy those item in that order exactly. I dont go for a 5th HP Pot cause my +HP Quints keep my health high enough. This is a jungle guide so obviously you want cloth armour to start, with the hp pots. Then 'rush' the Madred's Razors first. After that grab basic Boots of Speed. Finish Wriggle's Lantern. Then finish the boots. Once you have these you can pretty much grab easy kills with ganks. Although I start before I even get the boots. Just use map awareness to see easy ganks and take them for some nice money!

After you grab your boots. GRAB A BRUTILIZER The Brutalizer The cooldowns are what you need this for.. the armour pen and dmg are just a nice little bonus.. The cooldown on this well take your Ult time down by like 20 secs. Which lets you gank a lot more.

Once you have that, and a few kills under your belt. If you dont. Hmmm you should probably QQ. No seriously though grab a B.F Sword and Rush that to the Black Cleaver! This is definately the best weapon for Nocturne in my opinion :D It shreds tanks so easily and rushing this early with maximise the amount your crits with hit later one. I've hit a 2800 crit on akali in one game, resulting in a 1 Hit kill. No joke.

After the BC finish Yoummus. and the rush an Infinity edge. You'l be owning in no time.

Finally the last item. Usually differs in my games but I tend to get the TRINITY FORCE. Your passive + Crits + TRI FORCE = WIN!
This is where the big damage will start to happen. Your passive grants you a 120% damage every 10 seconds. If you Crit on this spinning attack. You will hit fair damage. + the Trinity force after usage of an ability gives another 150% damage. Combined all this damage with dusk bringer for added damage. You will drop enemys in seconds. I've dropped tanks in a matter of seconds with this.

If the game is still going. I sell my wriggles lantern and grab a blood thirster. After this the game WILL end.

Even though it sounds good. The game with most likely end before you finish the build. :'(

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Creeping / Jungling

So Like i said. This is my jungling build. Its not so much a guide. As im sure many of you know how to jungle already. But heres my approach to it. (No Images, sorry i dont have the time.)

Method 1:
Start with shroud of darkness for attack speed passive
Start at small golems, Focus one. Smite him.
Level up duskbringer. (Maybe need HP pot if you dont have HP quints)
Hit the duskbringer into the middle of the ghosts. Focus the leader.
Heal up
Head to wolfs, same duskbringer tactic.
Heal up. (I use 2 for full HP)
Duskbringer into big Blue buff golem. Passive Spin to hit the little ones. Smite + IGNITE the big golem. Focus him and bring him down quick. If you still Have HP finish the small lizards.
Go Base and buy a Razor/sword + HP pots x2.
Repeat over but get the red buff this time.

Method 2:
Same skill starting.
Blue buff straight off. Focus big golem, Smite + Ignite him.
Heal up + Level Up.
Duskbringer to wolves.
Same on ghosts.
Same on small golems.
Base and razors/sword + HP pots.

I go for the 1st method cause' you dont really need the blue buff early on. I only get it for cooldowns of Ult later on.

Important! So if you dont have enough Gold after the first run though, Which was pointed out by a comment (thanks) Just head back base and build part of the Wriggles lantern, i.e you started with cloth armour, Grab the sword or the vampiric scepter. I usually play with a twisted fate therefore 1 run is usually enough for me.

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Team Work

'Kay so. Me and my friends were playing around trying different team combos, and we thought what the hell. Lets try this.


haha i know. Its a bad time lets face it. No tanks or whatever. But hell, their ults go hand in hand together. If you have good communication your guarenteed a kill everytime your ults are up and ready.
TF- Ult to see enemys > Karthus hits Ult> TF tele to them> Panth Sky drop> Nocturne Darken and tele> Gangplank cannons away> enemy dead.

Was just fun to try it. Thought id add it in here!

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Pros / Cons


Best damage output i've seen yet.
Great skills
Amazing ult
Great farmer
Great jungler
Great 1 v 1 + 2 v 1 late game


Usually get focused
People will set out to get you if your jungling and they know
Ult is counterable
Ult can be bad if not used right. Can drop you into a group of enemys if not used with TF's ult.
Expensive build
Expensive Champ

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Here you can see I changed my boots for a guardian angel. Cause my team were playing awful (sorry guys), So I had to try defend. Unfortunately we lost here. But check the score.

This was a solo que. See the how good Nocturne is at farming!

Here we are again. 4 v 5. Absolute pwnage. Carried my team to victory! Tried out a slightly different build but I wasnt as good imo.

PRO. According to some random person.

My best score yet.


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Meh. I know its not great but I just wanted to share this with you! Try it out see what you think comment below! Il upload screenshot of my score when I can be asked to create a photobucket or w/e. Its getting late now so I'l do it when i have time!

UPDATE: 19th MARCH. Added 'Bloodthirster' which i left out by accident. And Updated info on Jungling + 2 New screenshots.
UPDATE: 5th JANUARY. Started updating this guide.