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Nocturne Build Guide by Zonn3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zonn3

Nocturne - Noc, Noc, hello? DARKNEESSS

Zonn3 Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Guide Top

Introduction / Introduccion

Hi! ^^
This is my first guide, i dicided to make it about Nocturne, that amazing mad champion and i build him in AS, first of all say that im spanish so, its pretty hard to write in english, im trying if you see something very bad just say me and i will modify it.

The guide will be in spanish also.


Hola! ^^
Esta es mi primera guia, he decidido hacerla de nocturne, ese campeon zumbado, primero decir que soy español así que es complicado escribir en ingles, lo intento si veis algun error decidmelo y lo modificare

La guia estara en español tambien.

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I chosed those runes to have MUCH more attack speed a bit more of crit and a bit of penetration, with all of them you can destroy a champion in few seconds

Attack speed:

This will give us an amazing attack speed they will be allways dead before they see us.

Armor Penetration:
Greater Mark of Desolation x3

Enough to start with some of it and to deal our dmg and dont spend all of it on their armor

Crit chance:

This will give us a lot of crits! in late game with my build you will see all the time crits of 800 to minioms and of 400 to champions REALLY fast and in a l l a t t a c k s its amazing xD

I sacrified magic armor couse i think with W we have pretty much def and with this we can even resist a 2vs1 if they r not killer champions and kill both (all full life)


Elegi runas para tener MUCHA velocidad de ataque, un poco mas de critico y un poco de penetracion de armadura, con todo esto podreis destruir enemigos en pocos segundos.

Velocidad de Ataque:

Esto nos dara una increible velocidad de ataque ellos moriran antes de habernos visto.

Penetracion de armadura:
Greater Mark of Desolation x3

Suficiente para empezar con algo y hacer nuestro daño en lugar de gastarlo en su armadura

Probabilidad de critico:

Esto nos dara un monton de criticos en late game con mi build haras criticos de 800 a minioms y de 400 a campeones MUY rapido y en t o d o s l o s a t a q u e s es brutal xD

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On masteries you are free to change somethings they are more personal but i recommend them that gives us pretty much damage and let us survive enough (you are not Rammus)

I put everything in damage AS AP Crit etc except Hardiness and Resistance

maybe you are saying Sorcery?? there are some posible changes for that one:
Havoc will give you more damage
Durability with this one you will resist more it depends on your way to play if you see you die easyly change it.


En las maestrias sois libres de cambiar lo que querais son mas personales pero recomiendo las que yo tengo puestas, os daran mucho daño y supervivencia aceptable (no sois rammus)

Yo pongo todo en daño AS AP critico etc excepto Hardiness y Resistance

puede que esteis diciendo: Sorcery?? hay algunas posibles opciones para eso:
Havoc os dara mas daño, ponnerosla si veis que algunas veces fallais Q etc
Durability con esta durareis mas, ponérosla si moris con demasiada facilidad

Guide Top


Well here is where we can change things on the battle the hard deccision :)

im going to explain item by item and the "other choices"

this will give you durability in the jungle time and not having to eat a potion every second. and maybe let you survive a small gank at the beggining, later we will sell it.

with this you will attack much faster if monsters die before you survive with more life

NOW from now!! you will do all jungle without problems and without smite. YOU HAVE TO START The Bloodthirster WITH THIS ITEM YES OR YES.

with this one you will get a plus bonus of your ganks you will start lanning more and doing less jungle.

this gives us that 50% more dmg on crit + more crit, i think is one of the best items, your crits will be crazy big

from this point champions start having more life, more armor you will need to run better behind them and to hit faster.

with this item none can scape from us you slow them 40%!! they will just froze and see their lifes go down, also if the champion is mele will let you have 2.5 seconds to run more than them if you have to go back, and will give us 700 life that is nice but is nicer with next item :P

this item let you do LOT of dmg and will use the Frozen Mallet to do even more, also will give us 45 of armor, thats why IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS SURVIVING BUY THIS ITEM A BIT BEFORE!!

Other choices

instead of The Bloodthirster if the other team has a jungler or the team is moving a lot from lane to lane and you cant predict their moves.

is a nice item i used to use this one but if they have one jax, or you see their are a high armor team dont think it, buy black cleaver.

this will give you a lot of survive and damage with Atma's Impaler i didnt know which one to use for my guide if Frozen Mallet or this one xD BUT when do i use warmog instead of frozen? when i am killing a lot, if you are doing great ganks AND YOU DONT DIE buy warmog, will give you more health and more dmg but Frozen Mallet is more... constant will give you a nice stack of dmg and froze, if you are doing just ok, buy the other one couse you suffer less when you die.


Bueno aqui esta donde podemos cambiar la batalla a nuestro favor, la dura decision :)

Voy a explicar objeto por objeto y "otras opciones"

Esto te dara resistencia en la jungla y no tener que comer pociones a cada segundo, y puede que te permita sobrevivir a un gank pequeño al principio, luego lo venderemos.

Con esto atacaras mucho mas rapido, si los monstruos mueren antes tu sobrevives con mas vida.

AHORA desde ahora!! podras hacerte toda la jungla sin ningun problema y sin ningun smite. TIENES QUE EMPEZAR The Bloodthirster CON ESTE ITEM SI O SI.

con este obtendras un bonus de tus ganks empezaremos a hacer mas lineas y mas ganks y menos jungla.

Esto nos dara 50% mas de daño en el critico + mas crit, yo creo que es de los mejores items, los criticos seran una locura.

Desde este punto los campeones empiezan a tener mas vida, mas armadura necesitaremos correr mas detras de ellos y pegar mas rapido, el item ideal.

con este nadie podra escapar de nosotros, los ralentizaremos un 40%!! simplente iran super despacio y viendo su vida bajar a toda velocidad, tambien si el campeon es mele podremos huir con 2.5 segundos de velocidad extra, y nos dara 700 de vida para el proximo item.

Este item te permitira hacer MUCHO daño y usara Frozen Mallet para hacer mas todavía, ademas nos dara 45 de armadura por eso SI ESTAS TENIENDO PROBLEMAS AL SOBREVIVIR COMPRA ESTE ITEM ANTES.

Otras opciones

en lugar de The Bloodthirster si el otro equipo tiene un jungler o se mueve mucho de lane en lane y no puedes predecir sus movimientos.

es un buen objeto, lo usaba pero si tienen un jax, o tienen un equipo con armadura alta, no lo dudes, compra black cleaver. (si es un equipo de magos no merece la pena).

Esto te dara muchisima supervivencia y daño con Atma's Impaler no sabia si elegir Frozen Mallet o este para mi guia xD PERO ¿cuando uso warmog en lugar de frozen? cuando estoy matando mucho, si estas haciendo buenos ganks Y NO MUERES compra warmog, te dara mas vida y mas daño pero Frozen Mallet es mas... constante, te dara una buena cantidad de daño y ralentizacion, si lo estas haciendo simplemente bien, compra el froze, sufriras menos cuando mueras.

Guide Top

Skill Sequence

i recomend not to change the sequence at the start of the battle, at the end you can chose from Shroud of Darkness or Unspeakable Horror whenever you want, i recomend mine but...



is SO NICE to jungle becouse you kill all the targets together and you heal your self, (you deal even more dmg, every 10 seconds we can use it but with every hit we down its CD 1 sec.

Coments: that means while you are hitting if you hit very fast you will use it VERY fast.


the most powerfull skill of noc to do dmg. You through it in a line and deals a nice amount of dmg to every enemy it hits, and if it hits a champion (or two champions etc..) they will be your lunch... muahahaha xDDD / they will get a debuff that where they are, they walk etc they leave a dark mark, if noc is there he gets +dmg and +speed.

Coments: u can use it for many things.
- if you are fighting with one champion he has to have this skill even if he is not running becouse you deal more dmg and the skill it self deals dmg. (also if he starts running you can follow him better.
- a champion is scaping from you, you will run faster and get him.
- to run away xD you get faster on this dark, if you are running from a champion through it in the other way and run on it.
- U CAN USE IT FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF A WALL so u can kill people with a wall in middle.
- use it as a simple magic not only to run on it if a very low life champion is near his own tower you can through it and with its dmg kill the champion


this is a very very nice defensive skill, its like vanshee's vail when you use it you get a proteccion for 2 sec. that if one skill hits you the proteccion absorb it. also it gives you extra attack speed permanently and you get double for 5 seconds if you absorb a skill.

Coments: very important in every battle, some champions hate it as hell, like Brand or Annie, almost all magic champions hate it.
We will start a Team battle with W on us.


this is a powerfull control, its deals a ok dmg over the time and if they dont go out of range until it finish they get scared for some seconds.

Coments: i use it for a champion who is running. if he is near me first E then Q if he is a bit farder first Q then E (E has a low range) and when they are arriving the tower they start scaring and you do your final hit!.


the most powerfull skill for ganking i think. it makes all the map night for few seconds, on this time all the enemys have a very little sight and they cant see their companion on the map. also you can press the skill again and chose a target in a large range and you jump to him and deal some dmg.

Coments: its NOT for running, its for ganking and killing, becouse you jump to a ENEMY CHAMPION not to your friends. but its so so nice, the only thing i would like this skill to have is this should let you see all your enemys in your range (exept invisible) becouse sometimes you use it and the get too far to see but they are in range and you cant kill them...
Use it when they are runing to kill a friend with low life, or they are near your tower. at the start you are jungling, they dont know where are you, when you use it all enemys will start running scared xD.


we will start with Q of course, this will give us all the time a very nice attack damage (really nice) and a move speed, the move speed is only important on our 2 way of jungle, we will see it later, and to scape/gank if we want to. later W will give us attack speed, and E scary and dmg. at lvl 6 we will have all skills and we will gank very nice

Guide Top

Creeping / Jungling

(i am going to create a map, just give me time)

With this guide you have to ways to start the match, i recommend the first one, but if you dont have help is imposible.

1 way



Go blue, ask for help, mid champion has to help you until the golem has 30% of his life. BUT HE CANT TAKE IT.


Then with the blue buff go to wolves, you will need to eat a health potion before, when you arrive if you dont have your passive wait for it (it will be 3 seconds) and kill them


Go to the 4 ghosts they are easy, you will survive with your passive, more than that you will finish with more life than you started them.


Drink a potion and go to golems kill them you should have low life but nice mana. go B.


Restore and complete the boots.


Go to Red kill him, drink a potion and from now its easy :)

(you have 2 potions left becouse maybe you can need them in middle or later.)

2 way

In this one you dont need help but the start of the battle you will need to go to lane.


go up to lane, if you kill someone better but dont worry just level until lvl 3-4 (deppend on how much you kill etc etc) of course if you see they are so so noob stay there and kill kill kill xDD but in normal case, go jungle at lvl 3-4 and but first i recomend going B if you dont need it better and you have to do exactly the same as before except you will not go B later (if you have enough life, you sould...) just kill the red buff.


Go blue, and kill him.


Then with the blue buff go to wolves, you will need to eat a health potion before, when you arrive if you dont have your passive wait for it (it will be 3 seconds) and kill them


Go to the 4 ghosts they are easy, you will survive with your passive, more than that you will finish with more life than you started them.


Drink a potion and go to golems kill them you should have high life and nice mana. drink a potion if you need it


Go to Red kill him, drink a potion and from now its easy :)

now you have 1 potion unless you have drinked it on lane or at middle of the jungle.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

i chose:


Ignite you kill LOT of people thanks fire!
Exhaust the most important, you can change ignite but not exhaust, they get veery slowed and they are just yours. it helps you run from enemys when there are 1 or 2 you can slow the fastest or the nearest.

Good choices:
Will make you gank and run better. its nice also.

Good enough choices:
Dont like to much... i prefer flash or exhaust but its not the worse.
I think RIOT have to make this skill better but is not a bad choice.

BAD choices:
you are not the tank and not the supporter
i dont like this skill with ANY champion. you dont need it.
YOU DONT NEED IT. enough mana, if you run out go and get blue again or go b and buy xD
most of the champions start with the stun skill and you have W :) if they have a stunner buy tenacy boots.
useless, only once in the battle maybe 2 you will say thanks to this skill. and you are using my guide! you will be inmortal USELESS xDD jk!

the cuestion WHY NO SMITE? Nocturne is a very nice jungle it deals dmg and heal it self, from minute 7 it will be useless for you, and you want to gank nice and to do your work.

Guide Top


Thank you lot for reading my guide


hope you liked it and hope it works on you as it works on me :)

see you in other guides!!!

PD: i can change things or add things ASK.


Gracias por leer esta guia


espero que os sirva y que os guste tanto como a mi :)

os veo en otras guias!!

PD: puedo cambiar y añadir cosas solo preguntad.