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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackmog

Nocturne - Surviving the shadows

Blackmog Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey this is my first build , i have spent a good bit of time trying to build a nice survivable / burst damage nocturne and here i will try and explain how to do it

I have tried other builds, and as a personal *jump in and destroy* kina guy, this champ just wasnt surviving for me, i loved everything else about him BUT this one flaw

So i took it into my hands to make him more enjoyable by giving him :

Defence / Armour Pen / Attack Damage

This is of course a bit different as aposed to the flat AD/AS builds, but i am not satisfied with the level of Defence, and THIS build is indeed still a great way to get burst , i asure you

You will notice a significant difference in the amount of time you can spend in your lane

And one more thing, Alot of people will look and think OMG MANA STARVED...
I have never had issues with mana,, just dont spam

And you are sweet to go

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Great chaser
Decent burst damage
Nice crowd crontrol
Amazing ganker (Especially his ulti)


Really squishy
Gets targeted 1st in team fights (usually)

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I went for 23/7/0 , reason for doing so is simply for good damage and a bit more defence

Focusing on :

Attack damage
Armour Pen
Magic resitence

All like the runes i have chose, The masteries just boost these Main stats
I sacrifised a straight Damage route, because of the defensive runes i use
If i was to plan a major damage rune page, i would take the defensive route all the way
I dont think its neccisary to go full defence as what i provide in this build will be enough to survive

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Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Mark of Desolation

Early game Burst damage is always nice, I focus my build on
So i will benefiet from the bonus damage

Greater Seal of Resilience

I find Nocturne to be incredibly squishy and i notice a huge difference using these (depending on a magic user or attack damage user, means with these + the next runes, its win win)

Greater glyph of Warding

Another great rune for this champ, you will notice a huge difference and leads to longer laning time

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Another bit of burst damage for you, always nice, plus adds to the first runes

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This i prefer , early game a combo of

Will result in major Burst damage, Plus the amount of defence you have means you can take a beating while you and your lane champ focus for the kill

I usually use this always , just incase but i think if you follow my 1st describtion and pop in a quick

Then you are doing some crazy early damage

I guess

Wouldnt be too bad, its really up to you, i personally dont think the summoner spells affect it that much for champs, as in there is no right or wrong, they all have their good and bad sides

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Now i will talk about the items :

At first get

And x3

This will result in fast get aways and suttle health regen
also using This will lengthin laning time as far as health regen goes

Using the defensive build and first set of items you should be ready to recall and get

This is a great starting item, The added damage plus armour pen will give your
Such a noticable punch

After a while return for your

Now i chose these to result in MORE defence, you could go for the Berseker Greaves for the speed

We will finish up on the brutalizer and make a

Finishing our armor pen and also giving us crit and cooldown reduction, the active is also handy for escaping or chasing

Next i chose to take the

To give us health / attack damage, plus the passive is good for chasing

For further movement speed , attack speed and crit , i chose

Always handy to dish out heavy attacks faster :)

Next up i always try to get a

The armor and restistance is amazing and the respawn is handy for doin the extra needed damage in team battles

I finish off with a

I chose this over an infinity edge for more speed and to reduce armor

*I updated this due to confusion with armor pen limits i chose to use the phantom dancer in exchange :) *

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Thanks for reading this, give it a go, i hope it resolves your issues if you had any

I Know it kina looks like a tank build but im happy will everything sooo goodluck and let me know what you think