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Nunu Humor Guide by i lovelittleboys9

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author i lovelittleboys9

Nunu - The Stupid Rider

i lovelittleboys9 Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and allow me to reintroduce myself. I am illb90, the best Nunu player of all time. I am also the best Anivia player of all time, as I have proven so already in writing the best Anivia guide of this site, which can be found here:

Reading this guide will make you PRO.

Do you recall the saying of, 'A good student is only as good as the teacher'? Well, I am the best Nunu player of all time, and since this is my guide, reading it will make you PRO.

Hopefully this guide will dispell some of the horrible rumours that have been going about Nunu. Rumours like ' Nunu is the best jungler in the game and therefore should always be played as a jungler'. Complete hogwash. I will elaborate later on with irrefutable and well backed-up evidence as to why this is an incorrect statement.

I will also debunk other rumours regarding Nunu that have been plaguing the LoL community for some time.

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Pros / Cons

In this section, I will list the Pros and Cons regarding this build. This will help you in making an informed decision as to whether you want to play Nunu Pro or remain a noob-*** jungling scrub.

Heaps of Health
Consistently strong throughout the entire match
Guaranteed high KD
Amazing damage
Amazing survivability
Amazing mobility
Amazing farmer
Amazing ganker
Amazing team fighter
Amazing initiater
Amazing support
Amazing carry
Amazing lane sustenance
Best laner in game

Horrible tank

So you see, Nunu literally has no negatives of any sort. We can ignore his tanking capabilities because everyone knows that tanks are worthless.

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Summoner Spells + Reasons why Nunu shouldn't be played as a jungler

For Summoner Spells I get Flash and Teleport.

Flash because it helps you escape in dire situations, just when your movement speed alone isn't enough

Teleport because your presence is always needed.

DO not get Smite because I said so, and I am a genius. As undeniable proof of my bold claims, I have undertaken the following IQ examinations below, and have ascertained an average score of an IQ 183.

Test For Genius - Revisions 2004 or 2010
The Nemesis Test
Test of the Beheaded Man
The Sargasso Test
Cooijmans Intelligence Test (English or Netherlandic)
Associative LIMIT Test
The Marathon Test
A Paranoiac's Torture: Intelligence Test Utilizing Diabolic Exactitude
Narcissus' last stand
Reflections In Peroxide (subtest of Narcissus' last stand)
Cartoons of Shock
Psychometrically Activated Grids Acerbate Neuroticism
Labyrinthine LIMIT
The Hammer Of Test-Hungry
Reason Behind Multiple-Choice
Isis Test
Female Intelligence Test (supervised)
IGNIT - Individuele Gesuperviseerde Nederlandstalige Intelligentietest
LAT - Laaglandse Aanlegtest (gesuperviseerd)
The Final Test (subtest of The Hammer Of Test-Hungry)
De Laatste Test
The Test To End All Tests (subtest of Narcissus' last stand)
Genius Association Test (Subtest of Associative LIMIT Test)
LIMIT - Lieshout International Mesospheric Intelligence Test (subtest of Associative LIMIT Test and of Labyrinthine LIMIT)
De Golfstroomtest
De Roskam
<COLT> - Two-barreled version (subtest of The Hammer Of Test-Hungry)
Reason - Revision 2008 (subtest of Reason Behind Multiple-Choice - Revision 2008)
Qoymans Multiple-Choice #5 (subtest of Reason Behind Multiple-Choice - Revision 2008)
Combined Numerical and Spatial sections of Test For Genius - Revision 2010
Verbal section of Test For Genius - Revision 2004
Integrity Must Prevail Above Loathsome Evil (Numerical section of Test For Genius - Revision 2010)
Space, Time and Hyperspace (Spatial section of Test For Genius - Revision 2004 and Revision 2010)
GliaWeb Raadselachtige Associatie- en Analogieëntest
Verbal section of LAT - Laaglandse Aanlegtest (gesuperviseerd)
Magma Test (Edward Vanhove) - 37 raw
916 Test (Laurent Dubois)
Strict Logic Spatial Examination 48 (Jonathan Wai) - 38 raw
Test for extrasensory perception (Cooijmans) - 3 raw

Did I mention I did all of this while having a railroad spike driven through my head?

So I have proven without a doubt that I am a super genius. Please do not get Smite. Thank you!

Guide Top

Masteries + Items

Masteries and Items are self explanatory. No need in creating a lengthy section here. Just buy the items displayed in the graphics above because I am a genius. Also, I am the best Anivia player of all time.

Guide Top

Skill Sequence + Farming

I always choose Blood Boil first because when combined with Boots of Speed, I will have a movement speed of >405. Movement speed is important early game because you want to keep up with your mid-carry.

I always cast Blood Boil on myself and a caster minion, and never an ally champion because they don't need it. Caster minions have low attack speeds, so casting Blood Boil on them should compensate for it. They are also called 'Caster' minions for a reason, because you are meant to 'cast' your spells to assist them.

Consume is the next skill I spend points in. Two points in consume should be enough to 1 hit kill the minions of early to mid game. You want to kill as many minions as possible while you have your mid-carry around. If he's not near you, then either it means he died or you're doing something wrong. If he died, warp back to base and wait for him there. At level 6, I begin to use Absolute Zero to ulti the minion waves.

Although a lot of the time, the mid-carry will begin cussing at you, for duo-laning with him at mid, and start calling you a noob, f*cktard etc. Ignore his insults and simply tell him that you are a PRO, since you are following illb90's Nunu guide. Also tell him that I am a mega-ultra-super genius and the best Tryndamere player and a handsome man. And that I smell good as well. That should stop him from calling you names and questioning your skills as a Nunu player.

By then he should have acknowledged you as the superior player, and that you exactly know what you're doing. If he still persists to curse at you, continue to follow him around but ignore his cries for help, because at the end of the day, You are the Better Player.

Do not forget to report him after the match.

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Team Work

As mentioned previously I begin the game by heading to mid with the team's mid-carry. No matter what, do not let him out of your sight. Follow him around persistently. When the other team chooses to attack, cast Blood Boil on yourself and a minion to ensure your get away. That is the only acceptable time when you would let your mid-carry out of your sight.

Play Nunu defensively. Try to get as many minion kills as possible and never attack the enemy laner, even if he attacks your mid-carry. The enemy laner must know you are unwilling to assist your mid-carry. This gives him more confidence as a solo laner, and you will find that he will tend to overextend in an effort to kill your mid-carry. Let him.

Usually this ends up as a fight between the mid-carry and enemy laner. The enemy laner will most likely kill the mid-carry because of the distinct level advantage. There are two of you in the lane and only one of him, so at all times both of you will be out-levelled.

However, after the enemy laner kills your mid-carry, you will find that he is either near-death or perfectly healthy. If he is near-death, finish him off. If he is perfectly healthy, vacate to another lane because obviously he has become fed, and your mid-carry failed at his job. Report your mid-carry after the match for 'feeding/assisting the enemy team'. 'Unskilled player' will also work.

The mid-carry may threaten to report you in return but no matter. By now, your minion kills and KD will have far exceeded his own. Also, you have better items and a bunch of assists to prove you have been a team player.

Usually before I run from the fight, I cast Ice Blast on as many enemies possible to ensure that I receive assists. However, I would not do this at any chance I get, as Ice Blast is a mana-hungry skill. So only cast Ice Blast if you know the enemy is guaranteed to die. Also try your best to last hit with it.

You should have no trouble last hitting with Ice Blast as this guide aims to maximise your killing potential.

Prepare the Nunu slaughterhouse!

Guide Top

A special message from the author:

I have read through the comments below and must I say, I am sincerely disappointed in its reception, save for the gentleman who posted at the bottommost of page 1. I thank you for your honesty, Mastajdog. If only the rest of the Mobafire community were as admirable and as truthful as you.

I guess it’s just too bad that it had to be the other way around…

I have actually been forced into categorising my work as 'humorous' due to hardly anyone taking it seriously. Now I know how Nikola Tesla had felt during his War of Currents against Thomas Edison, as well as all other super geniuses before me.

Though greatly discouraged, I shall continue to contribute more of my marvellous guides to the Mobafire community. If a great deal of the community remains unappreciative of my work, I will still put pen to paper for the select few of those who truly understand it, and are thereby worthy of obtaining my arcane knowledge.



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