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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akareki

Offtank Blitzcrank Manatank

Akareki Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome dear reader. I wrote this build after playing Blitzcrank for at least three month, so I think I know him quite well. For a long period of time I played him dps/crits and thought it was quite good. Then I realised he was almost useless, for he died in no time. Blitz is a special champ, so he needs a special build: the main ingredient is mana stacking. Why? Because of his passive, Manamune and Strength of Spirit. So here we go!

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Why? Why not?

Why should I take Blitz?
-You can grab people so your team or a turret destroy them.
-You are very fast with Overdrive.
-You can farm quite well with Power Fist (see farming section).
-People tend to forget you have a shield, they may take risks to kill you if you are low health (towerdiving Eve,...)
-Your Ulti has a passive and a 30- cooldown!
-Great on a duo lane.

Why shouldn't I take Blitz?
-He is NOT a tank, you may drop very fast in a fight.
-His shield won't pop if you take huge damage at once (Garen's Ulti,¦).
-Need a good team with a tank.

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Ability Details

Innate: Mana Barrier: The reason why we stack mana. It will save your life countless times, grant you kills if the ennemy is too reckless. It pop every 60 seconds when your life is under 20%. However, if an ability can drop you from 20%+ health to 0, it won't pop. Beware of Garen!

Q skill: Rocket Grab: For many people, this skill IS Blitzcrank. It fires a fist with a quite good range, which brings back the first target it encounters (it may be a minion). When you manage to bring back the ennemy ranged carry in the middle of your team, they die and you win the teamfight (under normal circumstances, not guaranteed). What's more, it passes through walls! Spam it! Make them fear to get near you! Make feints! It is great for Zoning.
(Tip: You can use this to scoot jungle. If you bring someone they will be all surprised.)

W skill: OverdriveOverdrive:A skill to move and hit faster, with a pretty low cooldown. Use it to run in and out of a fight, to flee, to drop turrets, to get in range for a grab... Very useful.

E skill: Power Fist: Does nice damage with a low cooldown, and it's cheap. Use it to farm, to stop someone chasing a teammate, to keep someone in range of a turret... Leveling this skill only grants a lower cooldown, so we max it last, but you need it at level 2.

Ulti: Static Field: A passive to help you farming, an instant AoE damage and silence to interrupt channeling spells (Nunu, Fiddlesticks,...), a 20- seconds cooldown late game. Do you want something more?

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I take MRes, Mp5, Mana and Pv. So you are almost harass-proof early game with Doran's Shield, your shield is strong and you can reasonably spam your grab. Late game it won't be that noticeable.

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Strength of Spirit is your friend: with ~3000 mana late game, it adds 30 Hp5. Nice, isn't it?
Points in utility help you with more mana and cooldown reduction.

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Core build: Doran's Shield, Manamune, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Glacial Shroud.
Take this items in the order displayed at the top of this build.

Why Manamune and not Archangel's Staff?
First these objects work very well with your fist because you use it every 4 seconds. But Blitz is slightly better AD than AP.Why? You have only two AP scaling abilities, and Archangel's will bring you only 120 AP late game. Manamune is cheaper and will bring you 80 AD late game, which with your fist and Overdrive should deal nice damage. In my opinion, AP Blitz's only use is his Ulti. When I see one, all he does is jumping in the middle of the fight, throwing his Ulti and leaving.

From now on, it depends on the ennemy team and on how good you're doing:
-Against a balanced team, or AP team take Banshee's Veil. It grants mana, Mres and a nice passive.
-Against a heavy AD team, make your Glacial Shroud into a Frozen Heart.
-If you don't have any problems surviving, take Sheen. With your fist, it hurts.

Then if the team is balanced, or AD take Guardian Angel, if it is AP heavy take Force of Nature. If you're dominating, take Trinity Force.

You can take all of these items and become invicible! (may be not...)

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Use your Power Fist to farm! It's cheap. What's more, it reinitialises autoattack: as soon as you use it you can attack.
Your job will also be to protect turrets: If there is a huge wave of minions coming near it, go in the middle of it and use your Ulti. Jackpot! And with the low cooldown it has, it's not even wasting. (That's where Teleport can be useful)
However, don't use it evrytime it recasts: its passive is also great to farm.

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Team Work

Your job is to initiate with your Rocket Grab. A few things:
-Never ever bring their tank (especially if it is Amumu). You'll lose the teamfight.
-Try and grab a squishy champs, so it is dead by the time the other ennemies come.
-Keep your ulti for when a champ tries to use a channeling ability, or use it at the end to finish them off.
-If your shield pops, take care and try to get out of the fight.
-After the fight, chase the survivors with Overdrive and grab them.

With this build you can soak enough damage, and still be a threat so they don't ignore you and focus the rest of your team.

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Xin Zhao

Have you met Xin Zhao? The guy who can kill you in no time at lvl 1 and that you know if he gets fed he won't be stopped. Well, Xin Zhao has some great synergy with our Blitz. If you are laning with him, grab every time you can. With your fist and his Three Talon Strike, the ennemy will learn how to fly, and eventually die from it.
If you play with a Xin, try to make him take Three Talon Strike at least at lvl 2. You both won't regret it.

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Fancy things with flash and grab

The reason why I take Flash is mainly to flee and save your life. However, you can use it to do some pretty things:
-If an ennemy is chasing you near your turret, flash to it and grab them. With the element of surprise and your Power Fist you will kill them if they don't have Flash themselves.
-If an ennemy protects themselves by staying out of range, flash and grab. It works!

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Some people like it, so, here come the stats:

Yes, I'm french...

The KDR may not seem that good in some games, but remember, you are an initiator!

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If you didn't read it all, remember this:

-NEVER grab the tank if he is full health.
-Go in duo lane, solo if you have to, never mid Oo
-Farm with your fist.
-Use your Ulti to stop channeling.
-Practice his Grab.