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Olaf Build Guide by ShadoweR3

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadoweR3

Olaf jungle

ShadoweR3 Last updated on December 13, 2012
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Hello everyone. I'm ShadoweR3 and this is my guide about jungle olaf, hope you like it.
As Olaf try to max your Undertow first and use it as much as you can by throwing it just in front of you and refreshing its cooldown. Take a point of his Vicious Strikes on level 2 but only max it last. Now, his Reckeless Swing deals true damage whick will help you to kill your enemies faster for sure. But it can also be very usefull if you go counter jungling. Ragnarok, his ultimate, makes him one of the most difficult champions to kill as it makes you immune to disables and grants him some extra armor and magic resist but also grants him some armor penetration passively.

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Jungle route

1st: Start wolves and ask a teammate to help you. Then go blue and after you have finished blue you have 2 choises, you can either go for a level 2 gank on mid or top if someone is pushing too hard or you can continue jungling by doing wraiths and then red but save your smite for the golems.

2nd: Try to counter jungle the enemy jungler by starting at your blue, BUT ask your teammates to help you with a really good pull and saving your smite. Then go in the enemy's jungle with your smite on and steal his red. then you can either gank top lane or mid but you can also camp in his jungle and wait for him.

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Marks : Attack Speed
Seals : Armor
Glyphs: Magic Resist per level
Quints: Movement Speed

Alternatives: On your marks you can get attack damage or armor penetration. You can't replace your armor seals as the most important for the junglers. Magic Resist/lvl is also quite usefull but you can use some armor or maybe health as it will grant you even more attack damage on your Vicious Strikes

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I go 1/21/8. I take improved ghost and smite. On the defense I take 3 points at the armor, 4 points at health/lvl, take the 30 health, the 2 reduced damage, returned damage to minions, movement speed when above 70% health, 2 points at cds/lvl and the 1 point on Juggernaut. On the utility, take reduced time spent dead, reduced recall cast time and finally, the bonus movement speed.

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My Standard Build: Cloth Armor+5 Health Pots, Boots Of Speed, Vampiric Scepter, Madred's Razors, Wriggle's Lantern, Heart Of Gold, Ninja Tabi, Giant's Belt, Warmong's Armor, Force Of Nature, Thornmail, Randuin's Omen.

Counter Jungle: If you want to counter jungle your enemy jungler, then start with boots instead of the cloth armor and follow the second jungle route.

Also Great Items Are : Ionian Boots Of Lucidity, Beserker Grieves, Maw of Malmortius, Frozen Mallet, Frozen Heart, Atmaa's Impaler, Guardian Angel, Spirit Visage

What You Shouldnt Buy:Quicksilver Sash, he has ult, he is just olaf, he doesnt need it
Last Whisper, he has armor penetration on his own, doesnt need it
Yomuus Ghostblade, same

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Here is a game I found YouTube made by Dyrus. I do not own this video.

Here you can see that they went for the invade on the enemy blue but the had Blitz, HELL YEAH.
Taking first blood and then his blue. Of course, you can change the build according to the enemy team combination.

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Summoner Spells

You shold have smite in order to clear the jungle much faster and secure the minion/monster kills. Now, instead of Ghost you can take Flash or Exhaust.

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I know this was a short guide but I hope you enjoyed it and it proved useful to you. If you need to learn anything else about this guide you can comment or pm me. Bye.

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My comments

Please send feedback as I am working on a new guide about jungle shen and I really want it to be awesome. So, please help me with your feedback. If you liked my guide please hit the like button, if you didnt please feel free to hit the thumbs down button:)
Have fun playing in the Fields Of Justice.



I want to thank everyone for helping me reach the 10000 views and if you want me towrite a guide about another champion please write in the comments your desired champion or pm me. If you like this guide, you might also like my other guides too, so check them out. Now, I am trying to refresh my lee sin guide, so get ready to see the new version oof my guide!
If you liked this guide, please hit tht thimbs up, if you didnt like it feel free to give it thumbs down. Also check my ready Lee Sin guide for top and mid in

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Added some things in the options and an extra chapter about feedback


-Fixed the masteries, added the extended neutral buff duration.
-Fixed the skill sequence, maxing the reckless swing in 13 level.
-Added a video from dyrus.


-Added some words in my comments about my views
-Fixed the dyrus video