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Ashe Build Guide by Freezinghot98

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freezinghot98

On hit Ashe TOP

Freezinghot98 Last updated on September 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Ashe with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Heimerdinger Try to just farm, I believe your AA range is longer than his turret range, so get rid of them first if you want to fight.
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Hi! My name is Freezinghot98 and I'm a unranked player who enjoys testing out new things and sharing them with other people. This guide is about Top Sated Devourer Ashe. I hope you enjoy and leave constructive criticism.

So why would this work, and why would you not play her in the jungle if your getting Devourer? Well it's based of the Item Runaan's Hurricane, a 2500 gold item that give 70% attack speed and fires two additional bolts off at enemies near your target. These bolts apply all on-hit effects as well as dealing about 50% of your AD. But why would Ashe be any better than another Ranged champion then? Well, Ashe's new q fires a bunch of arrows when activated with 5 stacks. The thing is, Each arrow fire, activates Runaan's, which means you would fire off about 6 bolts at two enemies near your target each auto attack. Coupled with On-hit effects, you would be melting not one, but up to 3 people at a time! You want to play this top because Ashe is squishy, and has no sustain. Her ganks would be good but clearing the jungle camps would be harder. If you really want to jungle with her, run lifesteal runes. Your clear won't be that bad after getting Runaan's.

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I don't really know what masteries are the best; most are self explanatory but I'll explain some of the more important ones;

Expose Weakness; You are hitting 3 people at a time, this will make your team do more damage to those 3 people, it also helps after you've engaged with your ult or used your w.

Frenzy: This synergizes extremely well with Ashe because she critically strikes every auto attack after she's hit the target once. It let's you chase and kite well coupled with the slowing part of her passive.

Devastating Strikes: Just increases your damage is general, important because you aren't buying any penetration in-game.

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Here are some Items Explanations

Skirmishers Sabre: Increases your damage, dueling potential, and helps you not get murdered up top lane against people that like to combo you. Also there really is no other option, Stalker's Blade is useless on Ashe, Ranger's Trailblazer helps junglers clear, and no one buys Poacher's knife anyways.

Blade Of the Ruined King: I honestly don't know if Runaan's Hurricane proccs it's passive, but if it does, it's really strong, and if it doesn't it's a fantastic itme anyways.

Runaan's: I already explained why this item works well on Ashe. It's the centrepeice of this entire build.

Wit's end; Gives you Magic resist, 42 magic damage on-hit, and attack speed. Plus it leeches MR from your target every auto attack. Why would it be bad?

Blood Thirster: Life steal and AD, plus the shield it gives are always good.

Guardian Angel: Being able to come back to life, plus becoming a bit more tanky are good things to have.

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Smite: Other wise you cannot get Sated, and you will have a harder time dueling.

Flash: A good spell on almost every champion (But Shaco) Helps you dodge cc, steal objectives (You have smite!) Or get away from sticky situations.

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Pros / Cons

As with every champion, there are pros and cons. Especially with off meta picks, who likely have more cons than pros, or else why does no one play them?

> Good engage with ult
> Perma slow
> Can check objectives with E
> Deal's massive amount of Damage to multiple targets with q activated.
> A second "Carry"
> Long Range

> Bad early Game
> Once people start to see you aren't just trolling, they will focus you like an ADC, thus you need good positioning. You can't kill stuff when you're already dead.
> It will be hard to actually play this champ. I mean this in two ways a.) Ashe isn't the easiest champ to play, and b.) People will simply not let you play this pick. Top Ashe is strange enough. Top Ashe with smite? People will rage at you a lot.
> Immobile
> Not tanky, your jungler needs to be tanky-ish or your entire team is as easy to melt as the others.

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Team Work

Your goal is to Initiate with your ult, and destroy you enemies from a distance. People won't realize it because no one know the power of this build, but you utterly destroy grouped up champions. Get 5 stacks of your Q from shooting the nearest enemy champion, then pop your Q and melt their team (Each bolt of the Runaan's stacks your Q) Your only purpose playing this build is to team fight. You are an okay duelist with Skirmisher's Sabre, but what you want is to stay in one place melting people/

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Unique Skills

You really need to get good at aiming your ult. It's what let's you 3 v 1 in the enemies jungle. You don't not want to know how many point blank ults I've missed.

Unique things to think about, please tell me if it works
> Do Runaan's bolts proc the twice hit of Sated
> Do runaan's bolt sproc Bork passive?

If it proccs both your second auto attack on a target with full build would do at max about 80% of their health just from the bork passive, and 1452 damage from the bolts. This is the damage from one auto attack. You may actually do more damage to the secondary targets than the primary target. All I know is that if you attack one champion, the two champions around it will die equally as fast. Runaan's also proccs your slow.

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I know this guide was long and boring, but I hope the games you guys play with this build will be short and fun! :P Anyways, thanks for reading and I wish you luck in your matches. If you had fun melting people's faces off, share this build with your friends, family and pet hamster. And if it becomes popular, report me for unleashing this horror. After all pretty much everyone can easily get Ashe. I'm scaring myself o_0

~ Have Fun! Rensaiyo
Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015

Updates Coming soon!