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Orianna Build Guide by Dangerfield

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangerfield

Orianna The Perfect Weapon

Dangerfield Last updated on June 11, 2011
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First off I just want to say that this is my first Guide, and that Orianna is an amazing utility champion. I've been toying around with her a lot since her release. She definitely brought some new life into the game for me, because I usually tank with Alistar or Garen. So playing a squishy AP champ was a pretty new concept for me. She's what I like to call the perfect weapon. Her team or solo speed boost/slow, her Ult CC's, excellent harass with her Q>W/>AA. The only thing she can't do is heal. I hope you enjoy the guide!

This isn't a very Orianna beginner friendly build. So if this is your first time playing her I suggest starting with a :Sapphire crystal: or :Meki Pendant:.

*EDIT* I realize there isn't alot of detail in this guide, but I'm slowly adding things as I figure our the functionality of mobafire. Please bare with me and screenshots and a more detailed version will be out.

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Standard Runes for me

Marks = Insight
Seal = Clarity
Glyph = Force
Quint = Swiftness

I choose Swiftness for my Quint's because Orianna is a really slow champ. I sometimes feel like even with those she's still a bit on the slow side. I'm working on a build where I get boots of mobility and Nashor's Tooth for CDR instead of the Boots of Lucidity. That build should be up in a week or so. Anyway on to the masteries!

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Summoner Spells

I chooseand. Clarity is mostly for early game and you don't really need it much late game, but I have had games where we pushed into the base and everyone was pretty low on mana so i popped clarity to keep the party going. Flash is pretty basic. I use it to escape bad situations.

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Standard 9/0/21 mastery build for Orianna here.

Not really much to say here. If you've watched the Orianna spotlight by Riot on youtube that pretty much explains everything. Next are the Items.

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Now here is where my build differs from every other build out there(not knocking them). Most people either want the maki pendant, dorans ring, or the sapphire and some pots from the start. I used to play this way, but I feel like you don't get enough benefit from any of these items to justify buying them. So I just get 2 life potions and 2 mana potions.

I use Clarity and Flash as my spells so this allows me to lane until I can get 1300 or more gold. Then Once I feel safe enough to return I get the Needlessly Large Rod and this allows me lane extremely well early in the game. You can now wipe out minions with your Q>W combo allowing you to push for towers.

Next I get my Tear and Boots. After that I finish my Archangel staff and either get RoA or finish the deathcap. 8 times out of 10 its better to get the RoA, but if you are racking up kills go for the deathcap to keep the pressure on. Also its sometimes better to go for the deathcap on a tank heavy team.

Next is the hextech revolver to boost your AP and get some spell vamp allowing you to stay in fights longer or if you take some damage clear a lane and regain some HP.

Now is where things get really good for this build and where most of the other builds fall off. You go for the void staff and now you are doing tons of damage to squishes AND tanks. Making them think twice about pushing any lane you are in.

Lastly I upgrade my hextech revolver to the Will of the Ancients, then I get either a Nashor's Tooth or RoA. Getting RoA last isn't really a good idea, because you are getting any benefits from it late game. So, its better to get it as your 3rd or 4th item.

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If you haven't played Orianna yet, she requires alot of farming to be effective. This build allows for her to farm extremely well extremely early At about level 6 or so you should have enough gold to buy the. From this moment on you are now able to Q>W minions in one shot and push lanes extremely well.

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Skill Sequence

1. Q>W
2. Q>W>E
3. E>W(i.e putting your ball on someone in front of you and boosting them so that you catch the boost too)
4. Q>R>W.E standard ult combo.
5. R>Flash out of group then Q>W this ones a bit risky, but it can pay off because the other team will be trying to chase you down after your flash allowing your team to focus them down.

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The proof is in the pudding.