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Vladimir General Guide by OverdoseNinja

AP Offtank OverdoseVladimir-Carry through blood by OverdoseNinja

AP Offtank OverdoseVladimir-Carry through blood by OverdoseNinja

Updated on November 20, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author OverdoseNinja Build Guide By OverdoseNinja 1,483 Views 0 Comments
1,483 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author OverdoseNinja Vladimir Build Guide By OverdoseNinja Updated on November 20, 2014
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Hey i am OverdoseNinja and this is my guide for VLADIMIR!
Vladimir:the late game Beast
Vlad is a unique champion,he is the only ap ranged with so much health(because of his passive),great sustain,escape abilities and so big damage.Also his E and his ulti do AoE damage so it's super easy to carry with him at late game.
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9 Magic Penetration Marks because they increase so much your damage!
9 Armor per lvl Seals because with his passive plus armor he has really tanky stats.
9 Scaling Ability Power Glyphs because some extra ap at vlad means extra health so it's really good.
3 Move Speed Quintessences because Vlad don't have great mobility so with some movement speed he is able to do more damage and escaping easier.
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I use 21/9
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I like starting with boots because of the mobility and the 4 pots.At start you really want to have as much farm you can.
Boots :Usually i am buy cd reduction boots but in case enemy team has too much magic resist i totally prefer magic pen boots
The must item on vlad is Hextech Revolver because it gives you the spell vamp you need so you don't loose health while casting your abilities.But after that i upgrade it to WotA at the end of the game because i think Zhonyas is really important.With zhonyas and your W you are almost unkillable so you want to rush it.Like every ap in tha game you really need Rabadon's because it increase your ap and with Vladimir it increase your health too which is great!Then Rylai's os great item due his passive,it gives health plus ap.As last item you can buy Abyssal or Void depending what you need more mr or magic pen.Late game you should have Oracle's Lens.
After every time you go back you should buy wards and especially at your first back you should buy a vision ward so you can help your jungler to gank you and at late game you should have elixirs because they are so helpfull.
Banshee's is a great option if you need mr.
Randuin's gives you armor and hp so you should buy it vs a full ad team.
Mercury's is another option for boots vs an ap team with crowd control.
You need Void if your opponents have too much mr.
Warmog's is a really fun item because of your passive,you take health plus ap.
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Skill Sequence

Your passive is what does Vlad unique,you can buy Health or ap and gain both of them.

This is your main skill that's why you max it first.It gives you sustain and pretty good damage.

This skill makes you a great escape artist,you can avoid all skillshots!But make sure YOU NEVER USE IT TO FARM!You want earn anything,it doesn't deal damage and with his long cooldown is really risk.

This one has great dmg but you need 4 stacks so you can use even if noone is near you so you keep up 4 stacks.

Your ulti is a high damage skill with AoE damage,really helpfull late game but it has pretty small range.
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Ignite is definetly your 1st option with vlad.Also you can choose teleport in case you have a dificult lane and you want to focus on farming.Also if you play vs full ad assasins you could pick barrier or exhaust.
I prefer playing vlad with flash and that's not really normal because everyone is using ghost.I think flash is better choice even with bigger cooldown because you can escape so much better and with your W you are totally fine
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Just don't play vs Darius,he grab you and kill you.
Irelia is so good vs vlad and you should try to poke and farm.Just play defensivly.
Jayce is pretty dificult because he will go aggresive and he has tons of damage so you need to keep farming.
Just try to avoid his poke because if he jumps on you you are dead TT.
Lee is a good counter to vlad if he max W.When lee max his W he has really good shield vs eraly poke of vlad of be carefull of him.
You are both farmers but you can poke him and he can't kill you so it's a win for you
Riven can hurt you so you have to keep a distance from her.
Vlad is a great counter for singed cause you can poke him and he can never catch you
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Your game

Early Game
At early game you should try to farm.Vlad is a farmer so you really need early cs for your zhonyas.

Mid Game
At mid game you have to be in teamfigts and not split pushing beaucse of your AoE ulti.

Late Game
Late game you are a beast!You have tons of health and AP and you can survive teamfights.You have to follow your team and do what you can do best,KILL EM ALL

You to play then then activate zhonyas and again and after that and then you should win teamfight or be the only alive of your team.
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I hope i helped you guys to learn better Vladimir so i would like to hear your opinions.If you liked my guide you could check my stream too i would love your support!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author OverdoseNinja
OverdoseNinja Vladimir Guide
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OverdoseVladimir-Carry through blood by OverdoseNinja

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