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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unsactioned

Pantheon: Beasting It Up

Unsactioned Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pantheon is a Spartan which means he is meant for beasting it up. You cant stop a Spartan. The main purpose of this build is to unleash Pantheon's beastliness. This is my fourth build and I'm still perfecting the art of build making so don't judge me to hard.

The second build is if you need more mana to be more aggressive.

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I have given you a lot of rune choices. I will explain what each rune is for and why you could want to use it.

Greater Mark of Desolation- Greater Mark of Desolation bestows upon you 1.66 Armor Penetration. This rune is useful because of its armor penetration. Having armor penetration allows you to deal more damage directly to your enemy rather than having it sucked up in the enemy's armor. This rune is good for any DPS.

- Greater Mark of Resilience bestows upon you 0.91 Armor. The reason I get this is because of how squishy Pantheon is. His base armor is so low it makes him an easy target early game. Having this rune increases your survivability through out the entire game.

- Greater Mark of Strength bestows upon you 0.95 Attack Damage. This rune is very helpful because your scaling on Spear Shot is 100% of your damage at the start of the game. By having these runes your base 8.55. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but that extra 8.55 damage could be the damage that gets you a kill.
I use a 6:3 ration (Strength to Desolation) only if I don't use quints of desolation. If you use Quints go full 9 strength marks.

- Greater Seal of Resilience bestows upon you 1.41 Armor. The Reasons behind this rune are the same as the reasons behind Greater Mark of Resilience. If you are going to use these get 9 Marks of Strength or Desolation.

- Greater Seal of Warding bestows upon you 0.74 Magic Resistance. The reason you get this is again because Pantheon is squishy making him an easy target early game. Almost every team you go up against will have a AP user that's why you get these so you will take less damage from that AP user. I use a 5:4 ratio (Warding to Resilience).

- Greater Seal of Strength bestows upon you 0.43 Attack Damage. This increases your base attack damage by 3.97. If you combine these with Greater Mark of Strength then your base damage will be increased by 12.42. And because Spear Shot scales so well with AD this is great for the entire game. I use a 5:4 ratio (Resilience to Strength).

- Greater Glyph of Resilience bestows upon you 0.7 Armor. The reasons for this are once again because of Pantheons squishiness. If you use Greater Seal of Resilience you don't need to use these you'll already have enough defense.

- Greater Glyph of Warding bestows upon you 1.49 Magic Resistance. You need these because of Pantheons low Magic Resist. If you use these you don't need to use Greater Seal of Warding.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation- Greater Quintessence of Desolation bestows upon you 3.33 Armor Penetration. Explanation is the same as Desolation Mark. If you use these you don't need to use Greater Mark of Desolation.

- Greater Quintessence of bestows upon you 2.25 Attack Damage. This is what I use in combination with my 6:3 ratio on Marks and 5:4 ratio on Seals to give me a total of 14.6 extra AD.

- Greater Quintessence of Resilience bestows upon you 4.29 Armor. Using this would allow you to lower your use of Resilience runes and use more Strength or Warding runes in there place. This is always a good choice.

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The reason I put my Mastery Points in offense is simple: More Attack Damage. The reason for the Defensive points are because of Pantheon's squishiness. This explanation of my masteries was kinda pointless lol.

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This is the part I hate most about making builds.

- Doran's Blade gives you 100 health 10 Attack Damage and 8% life steal. The health and life steal you give from this helps you live longer and stay in lane longer while the extra attack damage helps you get kills faster.

- Sword of The Occult gives you Attack Damage that stacks up to 100 and 15% increased move speed. This item was meant for Pantheon. The attack damage at full stacks makes his Spear Shot do so much damage. It's ridiculous. If you cant get stacks on buy another Infinity Edge.

- Mercury's Treads gives you move speed and magic resistance. It also reduce the time of impairments such as taunts and stuns. But mostly the reason I get these is for the magic resistance.

- Warmog's Armor gives you stacking Health. This is another item that seems meant for Pantheon. The health at full stacks gives you great survivability allowing you to stay in a team fight to get more kill and it helps you to escape.

- Infinity Edge gives you Attack Damage and Critical Chance. The attack damage on this is 75 making it great in combination with a fully stacked Sword of The Occult.

- Frozen Mallet gives you a small amount of Attack Damage, a large amount of Health, and the chance to slow you enemy. The health increases your survivability while the slow and attack damage help you secure kills.

- The Bloodthirster gives you stacking Attack Damage and Life Steal. At full stacks this, like the Sword of The Occult, gives you 100 Attack damage. If you cant get stacks with this buy another Infinity Edge instead.

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Skill Squence

First use your Ult to get to your enemies then go for the squishiest or lowest healthed enemy. Stun them with Aegis of Zeonia after the are stunned use Heartseeker Strike which I affectionately refer to as "***** Spray". After that combo they should be at low health so use use Spear Shot if they live through that chase them down using a combo of Aegis of Zeonia and Spear Shot

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Summoner Spells

- I use this because if Pantheon gets stunned he dies very quickly. It also helps if you are trying to get away and someone cast exhaust on you.

There are two reasons I use this. Escaping and chasing down enemies.

- Flash is always a good choice. It helps you escape, chase down enemies, and dodge attacks like Ashe's and Ezrea's ults.

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Pantheon makes a great farmer. If you need to farm, which you probably will to buy an Infinity Edge, go to an empty lane where there is a large wave of enemy minions. Use your "***** Spray" on the minions to kill this fast and get a lot of money.

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Mana Problems

If you are having mana problems buy a Manamune this will give you a lot of mana and covert 2% of your maximum mana into Attack Damage. Giveing you 56.44 Attack Damage. Buy this instead of the Frozen Mallet. Or you could go get Blue Buff both options work well

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This build took a lot of time and work. I put a lot of thought into this build. I hope you like it and enjoy using it. Please check out my other build, Ashe is still a work in progress, and vote.
Thank you,