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Pantheon Build Guide by SardaukarCRO

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SardaukarCRO

Pantheon build

SardaukarCRO Last updated on January 26, 2013
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I've been playing Pantheon for several months now, and I would like to get some feedback on the build I was using. I've been reading all kinds of build and tried to play by them. The problem is that not all of us play Pantheon the same - some play defensively, some offensively. I would like to present to you my Pantheon build that is based on offensive early - mid game (buying mostly damage items) and balancing him in late game with items for armor / health.

So, Pantheon is an AD champion with health problems. You have to understand that health problem means that you can't initiate team fights. You can easily kill one (or maybe two) champions in single skirmishes, but you don't stand a chance in team fights if everyone targets you. So, let your tank initiate a fight, and then get into the fight killing the squishiest champions. Get kills easily and earn money.

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So, runes are pretty straightforward for an AD champion.

Use Quintessence for some bonus attack damage.
Use Marks to neutralize opponent's armor.
Use Seals for your own protection (armor).
Use Glyphs for magic resist (again defense).

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Most of the points are used in offense mastery tree because we want as much damage as we can get from the beginning. When you fill the offensive tree, get some points in defense tree - for health regeneration, armor and magic resist (to improve your bonuses that you already have from runes).

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So, items. As I already said, Pantheon is an AD champion. It's better to improve in the area in which he is the best in the early - mid game.

So, buy Doran's blade first. It offers some health (enough for the first phase), some attack damage and some health regeneration which could be useful since you don't have any potions. You don't have to buy Boots of Speed because you can't chase champions very far because towers will stop you. Also, if you get in the situations to chase someone, then use your flash ability (+ leap) for a kill.

Buy two long swords and get "The Brutalizer" for damage, cooldown effect and some armor penetration. Then Ruby Crystal and then "The Black Cleaver". Black Cleaver is great because it offers plenty damage (+50), health (+250) and also cooldown effects and armor penetration from Brutalizer.

Then you have enough damage to start killing champions. If you can't get in the situation for a kill, try to farm as much as you can to get money for BF Sword. It offers plenty damage which would be enough for mid game.

After BF Sword, buy Boots of Speed to help chase down running enemies.

After that, buy The Bloodthirster and stack it up for another extra damage and some life steal.

Then you have to resolve your health problem because enemy champions will try to shut you down. So, get first Giant's Belt and Phage after that for Frozen Mallet. It offers plenty health (+700), some attack damage (+30), but his passive is most important because it slows enemies down for easy kills.

Then get Ninja Tabi (or Mercury's Treads if opposing team has more AP champions) for extra movement speed and armor. Then Chain Vest for more armor and Guardian Angel.

Finish with Infinity Edge if you have the time and the money.

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Skill Sequence

For Skill Sequence, i would prioritize maxing Q ability - spear shot because it does very nice damage and you can also spam it because of it's cooldown time of about 3.5s.

After that, max E ability to get damage.

W is just important as a mini-teleport and for stun.

R ability - most of players knows how to avoid it so use it primarily as a teleport (teleport behind running champions) or when your tower is being attacked to scare opponents from destroying it.

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My spell combo is flash + ignite.

Flash of course as a defensive and offensive spell.
Ignite used to finish off faster champions with little HP (max 410 damage).

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So, this is my Pantheon build. It requires lots of farming and intelligent play. Don't be the first one to start a teamfight, let your tank get that job done. Focus on the most squishiest champions for easy kills. Harass champions on your lane with Q ability. Use Heartseeker strike to kill minions to farm faster.

If you don't like Doran's blade first, start with Long sword + 2x Health potions.