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Pantheon Build Guide by Amtris

AD Offtank Pantheon: Deny, Harrass, Kill, Dominate.

AD Offtank Pantheon: Deny, Harrass, Kill, Dominate.

Updated on May 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amtris Build Guide By Amtris 5,496 Views 4 Comments
5,496 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Amtris Pantheon Build Guide By Amtris Updated on May 24, 2014
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Flash and Ignite are what I find to be the most useful combination. Exhaust also seems to work well on Pantheon, and I used that for a long long time, but ultimately flash seems to outdo it. Flash will save your life, or get you a kill, when the cut comes to the chase. Exhaust is like a watered down version of flash. Exhaust won't get you over a wall, won't get you close enough to an opponent that is out of range to stun/ spear/ last hit them. Exhaust won't get you away from the middle of an enemy gank with low hp. Exhaust needs a buff, and even then I'm not sure if it would quite match flash.
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This guide is very basic. I'm not going to fill it with colourful images and text, illustrations, so on and so forth - those things may be nice on the eyes, but they won't win you a game. I don't have the time for them, may very well add them in the future. I will assume you are a seasoned or experienced Pantheon player, you know how he works, how his skill works... This is just a build, and some general advice. I play Pantheon all of the time (Over 90% of the games I play) so I figured I would write a little about my experiences. It isn't written in stone, obviously you would make changes to your tactics/ item build/ perhaps even your skill order, if the build of the enemy team made it wise to do so. This build focuses particularly (and you should) on Pantheons laning power, his harrass, farming/CS, his power to gank and get kills for the team and ultimately to help win the game. This build works for me.
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Laning, general tips

Harrass the hell out of your opponents using your spear. Play aggressively unless you are playing against healers/ tanks or some combination which would dictate it unwise to play aggressively. Use your R to get kills mid/ bot if you can afford to leave the lane. Push hard when your lane opponent/s let their guard down. Depending on the situation (jungler?) it may be wise to buy wards. Farm, farm, and farm more, and spear harrass your enemy constantly. I normally buy some mana and health potions earlier in the game - a couple of them each recall, but I find their effectiveness decreases later in the game.
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Mid-Late game

Continue farming in your lane whenever it is pushed in your direction. Push minions into an enemy tower when it's safe to do so, as this denies the opponents the farm. You can strategically choose -not- to destroy a tower if you believe the value it provides denying the enemy wave of minion kills is higher than the gold and strategic value of that tower being killed.

When you begin roaming, it's mostly team dependent. If there's 4 of your team mates trying to push a lane then make sure to be nearby to help them or in ult range in the event of a fight. If the enemy are heavily fed, I don't recommend fights so try to discourage your team from doing so, instead try to catch enemies making mistakes and wandering alone - ward their jungle and its entrance points in the river.

Always focus whoever is doing the most damage and is the least tanky, by having a glance at their builds (tab), often this is the champion with the most kills on the enemy team.
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Late game

Don't over-extend, back if the enemy are all missing on the map, otherwise farm & push aggressively if they've left a lane unguarded, but be there for team fights too and never leave your team to 4vs5. I can't recommend a split push on Pantheon, as he's too easy to kill compared to a champion like Yi with better attack speed (for quicker turret destruction) and speedy escape abilities. I'd sooner join 4 team mates for a 5-person push mid than go push another lane.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amtris
Amtris Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon: Deny, Harrass, Kill, Dominate.

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