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Pantheon Build Guide by SilvrCoconut

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilvrCoconut

Pantheon, Destroyer of HP Bars Till LVL 18

SilvrCoconut Last updated on August 5, 2014
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Hello My name is silvrcoconut and i really like to play league! I usually play champions who have a lot of burst, or marksmans. Even though i have low elo, please try out the

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Pros vs Cons

Exellent early damage | Horrible Late Game Damage
Good Lane Harasser | Can get focused in team fights
Exellent ganking ability (ultimate) | Ultimate hard to Hit

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Brutalizer: I take the brutalizer because i feel it gives him ideal armor pen for most champs (im looking at you shyvana with your sunfire) and the cdr helps him
Ravenous Hydra: I take this cause it synergies with his q's good poke, and gives him a free extra auto attack, plus adds damage to his e
Mercury Treads: I take these cause the tenacity is nice, and you wont have any other way to prevent that amumu ulti from giving them an ace
Blood Thirster: Generally more ad for your q and e, plus some nice life steal and shield
Black Cleaver: ONE OF THE BEST ITEMS ON PANTH! His e will shred their whole teams armor
Last Whisper: More ad Plus more armor pen
Lucidity Boots: If you really want the cdr and they dont have a lot of cc

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I max my q first because its your harass. Then i go for e since it gives panth good mid game damage. I always get my ultimate when ever i can

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I take a 21/9/0 Setup, Taking everything for someone whos ad, but getting cdr instead of attack speed. Then i go down the basic 9 point defense tree

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Honestly the only runes that really matter are the cdr ones if your not gonna grab lucidity boots, other wise i wouldnt worry about runes

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Pantheon wins on most matchups, but you should be wary of some. Especially riven, she will try to lvl 2 kill you. All you have to do is w and walk away (like a boss) and you should be fine.

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Ganking/Getting Ganked

When your ganking, you want to optimally play your ultimate so that you can can your ultimate damage (it really matters).

If their lee sin tries to gank you when your only lvl 2, you want to w (thats why u get it lvl 2) and just walk away

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Your combos are pretty basic. If you want some harass you just w e q. If you see them at half hp, do your harass combo but q ignite w e q instead of w e q. Since you q'd and ignited first, your q should be up again to secure the kill. If your using ur ultimate to gank, you want to do r q w e and just do your normal combos after that.

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Pantheon has a amazing early game with a guaranteed kill at early levels, and easy snowballing, that falls off hard late game. Late game all your really gonna do is possibly kill their adc before your peeled, unless your team has them cc'd.