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Pantheon Build Guide by Ragels

Assassin Pantheon, Terror of the Twisted Treeline.

Assassin Pantheon, Terror of the Twisted Treeline.

Updated on September 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragels Build Guide By Ragels 15,898 Views 0 Comments
15,898 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragels Pantheon Build Guide By Ragels Updated on September 21, 2013
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Hello, my name is Ragels and this is how I play Pantheon on TT. I typically play him solo top, but he does very good with an aggressive partner bottom.
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Pros / Cons

- Very high burst all game.
- Can 1v1 nearly any champion.
- Good farming skills.
- Ultimate is effectively global on TT.

- Can be shut down by CC heavy teams.
- Can become lackluster if shut down or not farmed.
- Vulnerable to very tanky champions with high damage output (Swain, Singed, etc.)
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I can not stress enough how important farming is on Panth. Yes, you are a very potent early fighter but what allows you to dominate games is completing your core as soon as possible. Last hitting is very easy with your high damage and Q, you should rarely miss CS. Farming well early is what makes the difference between being an absolute nightmare to the enemy team or a mild nuisance.

To sum it up, don't miss last hits in lane! Grab any creep you might miss with your Q, and once your Heartseeker is level 3 it becomes effective in clearing waves.
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A pretty standard rune page. The armor and scaling MR cover your early game defenses and the flat damage makes your Q very potent from level 1, allowing for very easy first bloods assuming your team has some sort of lockdown.
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Again, very standard. Not a whole lot to explain. I like to put my three filler points in Fury (attack speed) over Havoc because Havoc sucks.
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I really like the Boots Doran's start. You can skip the Doran's and pick up a Longsword and 2 Potions, but the Doran's can give you that little bit of extra health that makes the difference in early fights.

Once you have your CD boots and Brutalizer you're ready to blow people up. Assuming you farmed it in a timely matter you should be able to 1v1 nearly any target that hasn't built health and armor, and you can often at least get a kill in a 2v1 situation before dying.

There are two ways to build Panth from here. The carry build gives you staying power needed to last through a teamfight and continue through the game in a more active role. I prefer this because it's a safer build and keeps you relevant throughout a teamfight from early on. Follow it up with a Triforce, IE and Ghostblade if the game goes long enough and you're damn near the strongest champ in the game. You can opt to finish Ghostblade before the IE if you're getting kited too much.

The assassin build, skipping the Sanguine to go straight for Triforce (Sheen first, then Phage) has a few disadvantages, the biggest one being it is an expensive build up without providing many useful stats until complete. You have a sort of strange falloff in terms of damage output between finishing your core and finishing Triforce. However, once it is completed you can start getting kills in a single combo assuming you use the proc effectively (Stun, Attack, Q, Attack, E, Attack.) Look to farm kills whenever possible as once you complete IE you can easily kill people before your stun even wears off. Finishing it off with Ghostblade and Phantom Dancer gives you a very high crit chance and the mobility needed to get on top of your target and escape.
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Skill Sequence

Your Q is one of the best level 1 nukes in the game and has a very short CD, it should always be taken first. Once you get your stun at level 2 you can start looking for solo kills if you've harassed your opposing lane down a bit with Q. At level 3 with 2/1/0/0 I personally believe Panth is the single best champ on TT and you should be looking to get a kill on your lane or rotate bottom and look for a double.

Heartseeker does very poor damage at level 1, so getting it up to 3 before maxing Q gives you a considerable increase in damage.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragels
Ragels Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon, Terror of the Twisted Treeline.

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