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Pantheon General Guide by Mr. Juggernub

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr. Juggernub

Pantheon - The baker of the finest cakes

Mr. Juggernub Last updated on February 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, my ingame name is ElitePwnisher and this is my first Mobafire guide. Please do not "downrate" this just so your guide looks better or as our friend Athene would say, "your a scrub". Please feel free to give me comments and feedback weather it be positive or negative. I currently do not play ranked and do not plan to do so until my team and I have had more practice. I solo top for team NHD (Nerd Herd Deluxe) and main the following champions:
1) Pantheon the Mantheon
2) Kha'zix
3) Jarvan IV
Most of you may call me a noob, but I stun and burst these comments like I do ingame. Pantheon is a great solo top as his early game is quite decent as my friend gentlemen Cho'Gath would say after I squash him like the bug he is and the way I build Pantheon it's all about the late game. Let's begin... *wipes chogath juices off boot of Pantheon*


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For runes I run with nine seals of armor (yellows), three quints of movement speed, nine gylphs of scaling magic resist making you "pwn" those squishies like you should be. You may ask why I dont take armor penetration for my marks, thats what items are for and it's a personal choice for me to take nine greater marks of attack damage to give that basic attack and some skills that extra slap to the face.

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As for masteries I run a pretty standard 21/9/0 I suggest putting your points into the offensive line first before finishing up those defensive masteries if you're under level 30.

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Alright here's the good stuff:
You will start with a Mana Manipulator and two health pots
This gives you more chances to poke but you should play a bit more passive as you only have two pots. Farm that **** up until you can get yourself either two Long Sword or grab a philosopher's stone if you want the gold per second instead, but always make the Long Sword a priority, use the rest of that gold for those health pot.
Now for a bit of starting damage: get that The Brutalizer, the cooldown reduction and armor pen help a lot towards building into the next item: The Black Cleaver you can buy the Ruby Crystal as well to build toward The Black Cleaver.

Your next item will be to rush that damn Warmog's Armor, this allows you to ult in and create hell and still likely survive. Plus that health regen is OP right now so just know you have it. My item following this is an Ravenous Hydra your team should have gotten dragon by now since you're owning them so hard right now. Rush that hydra and use the active and life steal to your advantage to farm those minions as farming is crucial on a good Pantheon. The item following this is a good 'ol pair of those Boots of Mobility, you can get this before the hydra but I reccomend getting it afterwards. Getting to the right place at the right time to use your ult is amazingly awesome when you play pantheon. You can sell that philo. stone and mana manipulator now because you should ask your team for blue or smack the other team in the face by taking theirs. Now to make your passive more useful. Get that Zephyr. Your cooldown reduction with a blue should be quite effective now and that passive will scare those scrubs moreso than ever before because it keeps coming back. Plus that tenacity is epic to help you juke the team and get a kill or two before acing the team or dying with honor. Your final item is up to you really but I usually get a guardian angel, so once they 5v1 you cause you're so fed, you get back up and grab that penta you've always wanted. Now they're really screwed.

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Team Work

Mainly, if your team hasn't already begun to slowly shift downwards towards dragon around 15:00 then lead them. If your team is beginning to lose, remind them you're Pantheon and ping all lanes utilizing your caps lock saying SPLIT PUSH! Farm your lane, don't lose the lane, use your ult to force the enemy team away or into your team and your turrets, or if you think you're really good... steal that baron.

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You might fall a bit behind in farming when compared to other top laners but with your late game build provided, you should be able to catch up like I always do and end with approx. 150-150 cs by the end of your winning game.

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Pros / Cons

Look at the MANTHEON guide that you probably looked at first for funnier pro and cons.

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Hes Pantheon and this is how I play him so I hoped you liked reading my first guide and you might become inspired to start top laning because Pantheon is so awesome.

Thanks again,


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