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Shaco Build Guide by GimmeKill

Jungle Patch 11.12 Shaco jungle guide.

Jungle Patch 11.12 Shaco jungle guide.

Updated on June 15, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GimmeKill Build Guide By GimmeKill 358 Views 0 Comments
358 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GimmeKill Shaco Build Guide By GimmeKill Updated on June 15, 2021
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Champion Build Guide

Patch 11.12 Shaco jungle guide.

By GimmeKill
The first clear
You start W and put 3 boxes on the buff the enemy started on. For example, you are on the blue side and you know the enemy starts on blue buff. Sooooo you start on blue buff. Kill the buff take Q and jump over the wall into the enemy jungle. Kill the enemy buff and depending on what side you are on take gromp (and wolfs if you can) if you are on red kill red and krugs. Then the enemy pops up and you kill him with ignite and enjoy your first blood. (When you are doing the buff please a ward over the wall) also PLEASE don't invade a 3 camp clear champ like elise.
You are not a jungle clearing god so you have to gank especially now with the new +15 sec camp timers. Go to the practice tool and try to jump over walls no one would expect. A lot of people don't realize that you have enough time to place a cheeky box that cuts off escapes. And remember to use your E-*** an execute.
Mid game
You are a 1V1 machine and I usually use that as an excuse to live in the enemy jungle (When I'm ahead) And in objective fights, you are the boogeyman for ADC-s. As you melt them like butter in the oven. If you are behind a little you can peel a lot for your carries. You are really good at taking objectives like dragon and herald if you use your R.
Late game
If you are behind ff. If you are doing fine you don't want to be right next to your team but around them to make the enemies scared by where you are. By catching a carry or jungle off guard you can get free dragons/barons. The most important thing on shaco is balancing ganking with farming. He is very op and in the right hands and 10min of practice tool practice, he is free elo.
League of Legends Build Guide Author GimmeKill
GimmeKill Shaco Guide
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Patch 11.12 Shaco jungle guide.

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