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Viego Build Guide by Waxronek

Jungle [Patch 13.16] Viego build Full Crit only 1V9 One shot!!!

Jungle [Patch 13.16] Viego build Full Crit only 1V9 One shot!!!

Updated on August 29, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Waxronek Build Guide By Waxronek 37 5 81,672 Views 0 Comments
37 5 81,672 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Waxronek Viego Build Guide By Waxronek Updated on August 29, 2023
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Mosstomper Smite

Mosstomper Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[Patch 13.16] Viego build Full Crit only 1V9 One shot!!!

By Waxronek
overview of skills

Vi's Phantom Blade passively deals bonus damage for a percentage of his current health on hit and hits enemies who were recently hit by his abilities twice, stealing their health. Viego can use this ability to thrust his sword forward, piercing enemies in front of him.


Viego stacks the fog, then dashes and releases a ball of concentrated Black Fog that stuns the first enemy hit.


Viego orders Black Mist to visit and surround part of the area. Viego can hide as a wraith in Fog to gain camouflage, movement speed, and attack speed.


Viego teleports to a nearby location and attacks the enemy hero on arrival, piercing his heart and causing a devastating shockwave around his target that knocks back other enemies.


The enemies who are defeated by Viego will become wraiths. By attacking the wraith, Viego takes control of the enemy's dead body, healing himself for a percentage of the target's max health and gaining access to the target's basic skills and items. Convert an enemy's ultimate to a free use of yours.
Under ap Viego
In my opinion, the ap is completely nonsensical because you only hit some damage and it is not really an op if you have some broken characters such as nocturne or rammus on the enemy.
The Runes Which Are Op
Bruiser Conqueror Build
1.Insane Healing
2.Basically unkillable in teamfights
why this particular champion?
Viego is one of the most unique champs in league and it makes alot fun to play him. He hase a very unusual playstyle and provides even with a on paper simple kit many different mechanics. Another thing that makes him different from many other champs is that he can be played on every role (some more sucessful than others but overall playable everywhere).
JG Clear
Playing TeamFight
Playing him in teamfights is the hardest part about him. The way i recommend you playing him is like you would play a kha´zix you wait until the teamfight starts and not go in before 2 or more guys of your team are in the fight because that way they use the key spells on them and the enemys get low life and you only need to finish them off. I to often try to stay in that time frame in my shroud (e) and sometimes even run around the jungle just to get a new position. Always try not to get foccused and if you get hard focus and you can´t finish someone off just back out with w/flash or ult.
Pros And Cos

-Potential to carry entry teamfights
-Many different builds possible denpending on your playstyle
-Unique Kit
-Every game feels different because of the possesion mechanic
-Big outplay potential
-Easy to play hard to master
-Always usefull no matter what
-Insane sustain
- It's fun to clean up the jungle


-Hard to learn teamfighting
-The need of basic knowledge from champions
-Depends on his team
-Easy to mess up plays by getting to greedy
-Lee sin syndrom (more to that in the tipps)
Late tactics
Talking about lane tactics, first I need to talk about some basic strategies when playing on top.

Let's dive in: Something you need to have in your mind when playing in top is wave-management, this is the key to success is every match-up, no exceptions. Having a good wave-management gives the opportunity to make good plays and be consistent in the game by having an overall presence and helping your teammates.

When playing toplane you have to ask to yourself the following questions: When do I need to freeze the wave? When should I push the wave? And when should I let the enemy push the wave?

You have specific answers for these three questions, now, let's answer the first one: You should freeze the wave when the enemy toplaner is stronger than you, is a lane bully, he can win you in a 1v1, etc. By doing this, you are assuring a safer way to get more minions and keep scaling constantly in the game, also you're giving an opportunity to your jungler to gank your lane, and burning some summoner spells or getting a kill.

When should I push the wave?

You should push the wave depending on several factors: Your jungler's position, Botlane status and enemy the enemy jungler position (if you know where he is).

If your jungler is in the upper half of the jungle, in the river near herald or anywhere nearby your lane, push your wave. By doing this you're opening a window of opportunity to invade the enemy's jungle, this is thanks to the fact that the enemy toplaner is going to be a little bit busy trying to clear the wave to not to lose XP and gold and to prevent the wave crashing to the tower. You can get three things by doing this: You can kill the enemy jungler if he's there, steal the blue buff gromp and wolves (essentially crippling the junglers gold and XP income) and make the enemy toplaner to lose some gold and XP.

Have in mind that if the enemy jungler is fed or is an early-game champ, dont try invading unless you or your jungler has any kind of lead or you know you can win a 2v1, 1v1 or 2v2. In these cases, is mandatory to know where's the enemy jungler, thus you can invade while he's far away from you and your jungler.

The botlane status, one of the most important things after the 14 minutes mark. Since the changes to Teleport, you shouldn't bother too much about your botlane before the 14 minutes. But when the 14 minutes mark has passed, ask your botlane to put a ward in a bush nearby their lane.

So, if you see your botlane below tower, and the enemy botlane is crashing the wave against your botlane's wave, then Teleport to said ward in a nearby bush, it's better if that ward is behind the enemy, so you can flank them and get double kill or an assistance. You should only do this if you are pushing the wave and you're below or near the enemy's tower, if not, then pray for your tower's heatlh.

If you have a good lead or you're fed, then push the wave as much as you can, this is going to let your teammates to do more objectives like the dragon or the herald. Make shure to have your Teleport if your team needs your assistance while fighting for those objectives. And since Viego has a kit with overall mobility, you can escape a gank pretty easily.

And finally, When should I let the enemy push the wave? Pretty simple, really, you should let the enemy push the wave if you lost a fight against the opponent, when you know that the enemy jungler is going to be nearby your lane alot, your jungler is far away from you or your botlane or midlaner has any kind of lead/lane pressure. This gives your midlaner and jungler the opportunity to help you in the lane, via a roam from the midlaner or a gank from your jungler.
Kraken Slayer
The Kraken Slayer Build & Power-Spike :

With upcoming changes, I'll be updating this build. Sorry if I take too long to update.
Blade Of The Ruined King
Blade of the Ruined King is one of those items that if you really wanted to, you could build it every game. It is Viego's highest damage first item powerspike and fits into many different builds. However there are some weaknesses to this item. First off the build path for Blade of the Ruined King is not ideal especially when compared to Noonquiver from Immortal Shieldbow or Kraken Slayer. Additionally building this item will delay your 60% critical strike chance power spike with Infinity Edge. Lastly while it provides insane damage value it does not provide any survivability value like Immortal Shieldbow does. I would build this item if you are up against a particularly tanky team or if you are able to get fed early game and want to snowball. You can also build Blade of the Ruined King second after you build your crit mythic.
Death Dance
I tend to build Death's Dance when the enemy team has 2 or more AD assassins or basically any team with 3 or more AD threats. Similarly to Wit's End you will suffer a damage loss by purchasing this item, but in the games where Death's Dance is good it is REALLY good.
A quick jungle clear to gank top or mid

This will be your standard Bot Side start full clear. In games where I decide to do a full clear I make sure that I take a 2nd point into my Q Blade of the Ruined King. This will increase Viego's clear speed a pretty significant amount leading to a relatively fast full clear. If I am going to go for a full clear I prefer to start Bot Lane. A two person leash is much better for starting off the full clear with good tempo. Starting Red Buff with a Bot Lane leash is the most ideal full clear start.
Inmortal Shieldbow
Up until patch 12.1 Immortal Shieldbow was pretty much the best mythic in all cases. There were some situations where you could get away with going full damage with Kraken Slayer, but for the most part there was no reason NOT to go Immortal Shieldbow. However now that the item is nerfed you will not be building it every game. Immortal Shieldbow is now a worse first item powerspike than before because the loss of 5 AD will be felt most in the early game. Additionally you will be losing around 50 HP of shielding if you were to build Immortal Shieldbow first. This means that the build path of Blade of the Ruined King into Immortal Shieldbow second might be the better option. Another thing to consider is the existence of Serpent's Fang. Due to the fact that you now recieve less shielding from Immortal Shieldbow than before, if the enemy builds Serpent's Fang the item loses so much of its value. What this means is that we will need to be more aware of champions that build Serpent's Fang and consider alternative mythic options if said champions are on the enemy team. Here is the checklist for when I would build Immortal Shieldbow:
Do not build Immortal Shieldbow if the enemy has AD Assassins that are looking to itemize Serpent's Fang (there is a better mythic to take for this scenario)
Build Immortal Shieldbow vs high damage burst comps (comps that have multiple burst mages or high damage fighters such as Yone or Irelia)
Build Immortal Shieldbow if you are falling behind early game and need an immediate defensive item
When Should I NOT Take a Possession?
In pre 6 fights it is very hit or miss whether taking a possession is a good idea. Always take a possession if you are 100% about to die if you don't, that way you can survive a little longer and hopefully get some additional damage off. Other than that unless the person you are possessing is an insane early game champion such as Olaf or Lee Sin be careful about possessing pre 6.

In post 6 fights it is almost always a good idea to take a possession with a few exceptions. The main reason it is a good idea to take every possession is because in most fights the enemy team won't be in position to one shot you even if you possess a squishy target. Getting a free usage of your ultimate in a teamfight as well as additional spells has the capacity to solo win you teamfights. However you still have to be very mindful of who you are possessing. If you dive the ADC and you possess them in front of the enemy team there is a good chance the enemy team turns around and kills you.

This will take some experience and discipline to understand when it is a good idea to take a possession and when it's not, but remember to LIMIT TEST. Viego is a champion who has a near endless skill ceiling due to his possession mechanic, so it is imperative that you test your limits as much as possible when learning him.
As Viego you have a very average clear speed, followed by average early skirmishing power and average ganking ability. In the early game Viego isn't necessarily weak, but he doesn't do anything particularly special. This makes it incredibly important for you to choose the easiest path to you gaining some sort of advantage in the early game. When you start on one side of the map you are pathing TOWARDS the lane on the other side of the map ie. The lane that you are pathing TOWARDS is the lane you believe has the best chance of succeeding if you gank them. So how do you determine which lane you want to path towards? Here are some checklist items you want to ask yourself before camps spawn:
How much CC/Set-up does my laner have? (Can they lock down the enemy champion during the gank?)
How easily can the enemy escape a gank? (How much mobility does the enemy champion have?)
Is my laner in a good 1v1 or 2v2 matchup? (You will want to gank for your teammates that are in a favorable matchup)
Where is the enemy jungler most likely to gank? (Can I safely counter gank them if I am there?)
Will the lane that I am pathing away from be safe without early jungle help? (Am I screwing over my lanes by not helping them?)

These are all important questions that you want to be asking yourself not only as a Viego player, but a jungler as a whole. Remember that the ability to read an early game properly is a skill that will develop over time. The more you play Viego the more you will learn his limits and early game patterns. Do your best to analyze where you want to start while loading into the game and trust your gut when deciding where to path. After some practice you will easily get your pathing down!
Simply put your goal on Viego is to get as fed as possible. Like I have mentioned before Viego is a true 1v9 carry champion which means the more of a lead you put onto yourself, the more likely you are to win. Viego struggles with playing from behind especially in bad matchups so it's extremely important to go for plays with a high % chance of succeeding. The key mistakes you want to avoid making are these:
Don't overforce ganks, if you miss your W stun the gank is unlikely to succeed
Don't force early skirmishes with the enemy jungler unless you can easily beat them
Don't afk farm, Viego wants to get a lead ASAP and doesn't have a very fast clear speed
Be careful where you use your E Harrowed Path in the early game because it can reveal your location when you don't want it to
Don't avoid objectives, Viego can do objectives pretty quickly especially after you get Noonquiver
Last Notes
Well, that's it! I hope you like my builds, and if you find something else, a better item, a better sinergy, a worse counter, better runes, or you want to share your overall opinion, I encourage you to do it! I would really aprecciate any feeback.

In the future, I'm going to add more details, strategies, new build options and more.

And one last thing: sorry for the broken english, it's not my mother language.
And other last thing: I recently starter university activites + I got job, so, some updates may take too long to face the light of the day.

Anything else you want out of the guide? Comment and let me know! Make sure to vote on the guide if you liked it!
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