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Lulu Build Guide by Mayo Is Amayozing

Top Pew Pew Lulu (On-Hit)

Top Pew Pew Lulu (On-Hit)

Updated on September 5, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mayo Is Amayozing Build Guide By Mayo Is Amayozing 12 0 14,798 Views 8 Comments
12 0 14,798 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mayo Is Amayozing Lulu Build Guide By Mayo Is Amayozing Updated on September 5, 2021
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Sovereign Kitten (71) | July 10, 2021 12:20pm
Hello MAYO IS AMAYOZING! I was notified that I had received a request! I can definitely be of assistance, everyone has a desire to battle the competition with guides to do better with the content that they can provide. I can help with this.

These are going to be the things that we are going to be looking through ideally with this review.

STRUCTURE: This is basically how you code, place and use code from a tidy and neat viewpoint.

CONSISTENCY: Basically how often you switch things up. Some parts might be a mess and others great.

INCLUDINGS: These are things that could be added like Runes, Items, Matchups or entire sections.

MY CONCERNS: Things that I find not really interesting to apply to a guide or just filler.

This part of the guide is meant to be as straight forward and to the point as possible. So very little to overwhelm the reader and also a very tidy layout so it is easy to read / gleam instead of having to examine it thoroughly.

I would like to voice my concerns, for while I do not play Lulu I know a lot of people who do play her at a competitive level even as a meme normally take Lethal Tempo > Hail of Blades.

I believe that Press the Attack would be detrimental to the damage and harass you can do in early game.

Far be it from me to voice this type of opinion, but I would consider dropping PTA for Lethal, on the grounds of just general knowledge on what most people play. I know a lot of other guides for on-hit say PTA, but it's not better.


I don't think this is the best option. Lulu's damage is primarily AP. So... Just like Teemo the biggest spike for your early game would be Nashor's Tooth then into boots, into more on-hit items or Kraken Slayer because this item doesn't really work too well in the early game. It would be like taking a Doran's Shield over Doran's Ring.

This might not seem like much, but it's a huge difference when you think about it logically. Your early game is better off for CSing and dealing a ton of damage while you scale into the other spike items. Since it's mostly AD.

There are more than 45 possible Top lane champions, it would be nice to see some well... diversity, because I do see a lot of champions here that are just not seen as much as someone like Sett, Viego, I understand it's a "casual" guide, but that shouldn't really excuse the lack of detail here you to only doing a handful of champions.

A guide in the most ideal sense is something someone uses to improve, so if the guide is super casual to the point where you don't put in the bare minimum, people won't really bother sticking around.

I'm going to be quite blunt and honest with you. Your structure is a mess. Everything is all over the place in terms of sizes, code and imagery. I would highly recommend you properly code things to be aligned with images / text.


[columns][center][nextcol width=200] [icon=conditioning size=70] [color=#00ff00]+[/color] Example. [color=#00ff00]+[/color] Example. [color=#00ff00]+[/color] Example. [color=#00ff00]+[/color] Example. [nextcol width=400] [icon=Pool Party Lulu size=250] [nextcol width=250] [icon=Cheap Shot size=70] [color=red]-[/color] Example. [color=red]-[/color] Example. [color=red]-[/color] Example. [color=red]-[/color] Example. [/columns][/center]

This is just a very rough example.

I want to point out that at each stage of your guide, it's all inconsistent with the rest. Basically the use of [Column] code and then the lack of [Column] code and the multiple uses of [Size=#] for your text and then some parts without.

It's a very bare bones guide, that right off the bat tells people to not take it seriously. Which is completely fine, but most people once again will be looking for guides to climb in rank or the very least improve themselves with it's assistance.

More detail can definitely be put into the guide for sure. But for now I would highly recommend just tidying up the code making everything consistent and then looking to see what you want your future guide to look like. ~Cat
Mayo Is Amayozing | July 17, 2021 6:13am
First off, thank you for your review and sorry for the lag. To address the lack of match-ups, I am currently working on that because I haven't played into a lot of different ones yet so I don't have much personal experience. I’ve looked at other guides for some help but the ones I looked into didn’t have many either. Anyways, it’s a work in progress.

I added in Lethal Tempo, which I tried in practice tool vs Press the Attack on the same build and my dps was only slightly higher early (1st item and below) with Lethal Tempo but lower at full build. When using Lethal Tempo there was also hardly any difference in dps on or off cooldown, so I’m unsure how much better it could really be.

As for consistency issues, I only used a different sized text in the one spot I thought it worked better due to issues with layout when I sized up (the PROS and CONS titles not being horizontal to each other when I made the paragraphs into the larger text). I’ve never coded so I’ve taken all of my coding from guides so it’s harder to change it to fit what I want because it gets all messed up, and in most sections I prefer not to use imagery anyway. I cleaned up my notes and icon sizes, the same size in code for icons is not the same across the board though? It’s odd, I measured them.

I’ve found Kraken Slayer early actually works quite well into someone like Nasus, as before I buy it I start to fall off compared to him but then I go right back to destroying him after buying it, and I don’t think Nashor's Tooth would give me the shred I need. I have changed up the item order and replacement in favor of Nashor's Tooth though. I also tested getting Nashor's Tooth first vs Kraken Slayer in practice tool on both runes and Kraken Slayer did about a quarter more dps.

My guide is one of the only updated on-hit Lulu guides I’ve found and compared to the rest has a lot more to offer in terms of content. I wasn’t even planning on hitting the in-depth mark but I ended up having much more to say and I think it’s pretty solid at the moment, but I have now added a bit, edited, and will be adding more.
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